About This Website

Updated 29 Jan 2021

The main objective of this website is to facilitate the understanding of key aspects of intelligent extraterrestrial life in regard to disclosure from a scientific (see Q&A 27), educated and informed perspective based on personal experience of direct telepathic rapport with several extraterrestrial intelligences. We have no agenda other than to convey truth within the limits of our experience and understanding, hoping that this will benefit humanity (and the Earth) in these very chaotic, highly unstable and rapidly changing times. For a spiritual interpretation of the Coronavirus pandemic, please refer to the 2020 onwards section.

Our aim is not to try to prove or disprove anything. Others have specialized in that aspect, and there is plenty of information available in the literature. A very significant documentary was released to the public by members of the US navy in May 2019. This documentary has been viewed over a million times in only a few days after release (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRgoisHRmUE). Unfortunately, later on it became evident that their real intentions was to manipulate the population to see ETs as a threat, as correctly predicted by Dr. Steven Greer. We strongly recommend the CE5 documentary released on 7 April 2020 for accurate information on this regards.

Some facts regarding material proof of the extraterrestrial message are given at the end of the website, with a brief case study of the Washington UFO ‘buzz’ of July 1952. For unequivocal proof of the UFO phenomenon, we also suggest the movie Unacknowledged by Dr. Steven Greer, the book “UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record” by Leslie Kean, and the documentary The Phenomenon by James Fox released late in 2020. For concrete evidence of at least one case of a UFO coming from the future (likely from the Earth itself), see our section “Visitors from the Future”. The older documentary UFO Farewell, good brothers is also a very good resource to understand the early contactees. Finally, we recommend the audio recording of some lectures by early contactee Richard Miller, who was an insider in the US Air Force in the late 1940s, and who knew most of the contactees in the 1950s (Part1, part 2, part 3). An extremely relevant presentation by researcher Wendelle Stevens is also available, where a description of life in our solar system by the members of the galactic confederation is given.

A fantastic resource of audio communications transmitted by the galactic confederation between the mid 1950s and the mid 1970s has fortunately been preserved. This is well worth studying, for those who want a better grasp of what Solar and Galactic administration might entail (Richard Miller’s UFO contacts). These transmissions agree with, and complement, the material received by the Aetherius Society, further illustrating the great unified working relationship between our neighboring planets. This includes the regional seat of the planetary confederation on one of the moons of Jupiter, the supreme tribunal of our system upon Saturn, and the profound interconnectedness with people from Alpha Centauri with various bases in our system, and people from various solar systems representing the confederation in our galactic sector. Many of these galactic people are of human appearance very similar to us, and are working in full concert with the angelic (etheric) realm which oversees the spiritual affairs of our galaxy and solar system.

Amongst the various resources available, the 2020 movie The Phenomenon mentioned earlier may arguably be one of the best ever produced UFO documentaries to date, both in terms of neutrality based on facts, and also with the most logical interpretation of the actual facts for the general public. At the end of the documentary, a 1994 Zimbabwe mass contact between dozens of school children and the occupants of a landed UFO is widely explored for the first time, with evidence given by the testimony of the children back then and currently as adults. This case, no doubt one of the most important cases of direct mass contact of modern times, had remained largely suppressed from the public up to now.

We also recommend the reading of the section “they want a sign from us“, which helps clarify why our brothers from space haven’t landed openly as yet. Yes, you guessed it – they’re waiting for a sign of good will from us. That includes a sign from our scientists, with an assurance that their multidimensional technology is not going to be misused for warfare purposes!

Questions of interest from readers are constantly answered, and the Cosmic Contacts Timeline of the author is frequently updated. For those who want to help and don’t know how, a few suggestions are given at the end of each project.

Questions from readers so far include a range of topics such as the desirability of spiritually evolving, ascension, the evolutionary process of extraterrestrials, climate change, solar activity and cosmic rays, geo-engineering, people who are working for disclosure from a material proof perspective, beings living inside the Earth, crop circles, the Secret Doctrine of Madame Blavatsky, some apparent contradictions in esoteric teachings, the end of Kali Yuga (‘dark age’), the meaning of the 12:12 code, how to fight terrorism, how to become an initiate, Ashtar and atomic bombs, the possibility of a hoax “alien” attack and others.

As a working method, we only focus on higher dimensional extraterrestrials (inside and outside the Solar System), discussing some of the energy frequencies that are required to establish contact with them. Amongst other things, we hope to be able to show that:

  1. These highly developed intelligences inhabit our neighboring planets, and come in peace always respecting our free will. They have a great love for us and wish to help us;
  2. They wish to instruct us that cosmic brotherhood is scientifically demonstrable; that we all come from the same source and share energy in all senses spiritually and materially;
  3. They wish to point out that looking inside ourselves for answers, as taught by the true Yogic and metaphysical traditions, is the recommended path towards consciously taking responsibility for our evolution; that higher dimensional disclosure in the “outside” world will be possible only after we have done the required inner work to prepare ourselves.

It is our hope that this knowledge will facilitate an eventual widespread contact with these very friendly and highly developed intelligences. These beings are many millions of years ahead of us in the inner evolutionary scale. They are willing to act as cosmic teachers, without interfering in our internal affairs, if we make a concerted effort to welcome them in this capacity with our hearts.

A summary of the core message from the higher dimensional extraterrestrials is presented, to the best of our abilities, in the format of 21 concise points. This compilation can be used as a quick guide for those who wish to immediately grasp the fundamentals of the content discussed without having to read the rest of the website.

A profound takeaway message, telepathically given to Alex Light by a female from planet Venus in answer to one of his questions is presented at the end of the Q&A section (Question 76). This takeaway message contains a great wisdom which can probably enlighten more than the whole content of the website combined. As posed at the end of Question 76, “This Truth is so SIMPLE! Why is it that humanity feels the need to develop so many complications in life, as to only divert us further from the path?”

The term ‘higher dimensional’ is here loosely employed to impart a higher state of inner consciousness, which is often accompanied by a refined perception of the cosmic frequencies that are normally invisible to the five physical senses. This is a vital point because this is the missing link to understand why widespread contact has not happened as yet, and to scientifically understand why conventional physical instruments are very limited when trying to find proof that other planets in the Solar System are inhabited.

In the Spirituality and Metaphysics section we give hints of how metaphysical knowledge can be correctly used in order to evoke higher states of consciousness and a better understanding of the aforementioned concepts, including the principle of etheric substance, or matter which is of a higher vibratory nature, manifesting into a higher plane of existence which is normally invisible to the physical senses. See section The 5th Dimension for further details on potential definitions of higher dimensions and a brief discussion of how this emerging awareness will improve life conditions on Earth.

The cosmic beings will appear for everybody to see only after we have done sufficient work as to deserve it, and nobody knows exactly when this will happen. But we know as fact that we have to have adequately prepared ourselves, as this is a necessity of karmic law, i.e., the important principle of balanced action and reaction. Our apparent isolation from the higher dimensions derives precisely from our selfish behavior, lacking a concerted effort to acquire the inner realization of cosmic brotherhood, failing to make the Earth a planet of love and abundance for all.

The launching of this website attends this call, so that we stay in “stand-by”, ready to start a more advanced phase of this operation when time is right. For the time being, we believe that the most efficient way that we can help is through cultivating a state of love and absolute truth in every second of our existences. This ideal is not some vague concept that only a saint could achieve. This task becomes even more important when one considers that the Earth has also been under the influence of certain extraterrestrial forces which are not spiritually enlightened, which were attracted by our own gross vibrations.

We feel that this project is a real privilege and a great responsibility, and that eventually it may grow in an unexpected way due to the presence of the cosmic beings, feedback received from people and unexpected world events. As extraterrestrial life disclosure is unavoidable, this project also aims to help people via acting as a “cosmic compass”. Our work is intentionally written in the simplest possible way.

With our role as fortunate receivers of direct communication from representatives of the galaxy, and with Alex Light’s position as a scientist, we will be prepared to communicate with the media and authorities to help educate the population when and if we are approached in this regards, as world events unfold. In this day and age the time of gurus is over. It is best when people do their own research first, so that they can knock on the door when they are ready. Hints to help discern true spiritual works from personal biases and “new age garbage” are offered in projects III (see the part ‘Leaning to indentify true cosmic work’) and VIII (‘Achieving the capacity to eliminate biases, and to validate teachings through actual experience’).

The initial contacts between individuals and the higher dimensions have been an act of sacrifice by people who have withstood great pain over the last several decades trying to tell the world about this reality. As a result of the Cosmic Master’s compassionate actions (see short glossary of spiritual terms in the Spirituality and Metaphysics section) while in touch with people around the world, you now have this website as a small token of repayment. Please also note that we are not presenting anything new, but simply reinforcing what is already known by many, with the benefit of our own cosmic contacts.

The name ‘where the light comes’ is a yogic reference to the fourth energy center, formed as a vortex of etheric energy close to the physical heart. This energy center, which is known as heart chakra, is an occult energy which acts as a ‘cosmic glue’, i.e., an important seat of consciousness binding all dimensions of life together. This binding happens literally both in the sub-atomic level and in the large macrocosmic scale, as for instance within the gravitational pull that holds a galaxy.

It is hoped that, as the moment demands, people will increasingly learn to use this powerful energy to communicate with love on a daily basis, promoting a new level of existence on Earth. We encourage people to use this principle so that they can find the answers to their daily problems inside their own hearts in times of world chaos.

Summary of Content

About us: A brief description of our credentials, cosmic contacts inside and outside the Solar System and spiritual experience is given.

Diamond Principle: A summary of the core message from the higher dimensional extraterrestrials in a concise point by point format is given, including an explanation of why they are not allowed to interfere more openly other than speaking to individuals who are receptive to spiritual truths. The readers who wish to have a quick overview of the core message without reading the whole website should study this section first.

Questions & Answers: In here we cover many aspects of extraterrestrial life on the other planets of the Solar System as well as outside the Solar System. We concentrate on the spiritually advanced extraterrestrials that form the Planetary, Solar and Galactic hierarchies, and only touch upon the subject of lesser spiritually evolved beings who have been in touch with Earth governments in secrecy. Hints on the energy qualities of each type of reality are given as to help people better understand what is involved and what options are available, when and even before disclosure officially happens. Importantly, we note that it will be all the people of Earth collectively who must decide which path we will choose after disclosure, completely free from manipulation, lies, and vested interests. The section concludes with Q&A addressing questions of general interest received by the readers of our website.

Climate Change: While some people might be surprised to find a section about climate change on an extraterrestrial disclosure website, this section was designed to show how the different cosmic (spiritual) hierarchies are using the environmental and energy crisis to teach humanity about correct unselfish living and respect for the Mother Earth.

Ashtar Sheran: We describe to the best of our abilities what this being is and what his current function entails. The author Alex Light has had ongoing contact with this intelligence since 20th September 1998, and is able to bear personal testimony and clarify some of the distortions and confusion that exists around this name.

The 5th Dimension: We offer a brief summary of what the higher dimensions may be, and some of the qualities and properties associated with them, noting that the term ‘5th dimension’ has become a jargon which immediately conveys the sense of a higher awareness (or higher octave of existence) to the international community who is studying these emerging frequencies.

Spirituality and Metaphysics: In this section we offer our interpretation of some extremely important spiritual teachings given by Cosmic Masters of the Solar System through early ‘contactees’ who received and documented this information. We also offer some very basic spiritual definitions (or glossary) which may help the comprehension of some of the expressions used throughout the website, such as karmic law, astral plane, etheric matter, etc.

The Next Avatar: We offer a brief appreciation of our own understanding involving this very important topic.

Projects: In this section we explain how we are working to facilitate disclosure, and how Mr. and Ms. everybody can make a difference so that the new age of enlightenment will become a greater reality day by day. No matter how small our actions may be, it is by the little steps taken by the many people of good will that a reunion with the galactic family (i.e., an advanced Yoga, or union of different energy frequencies in its cosmic sense) will eventually be possible, always bearing in mind that such expression in the outside world must be preceded by the required inner education. The projects have also been designed to help people develop the capacity to research, and learn the required metaphysics, which will empower humanity to separate the “wheat” from the “chaff” in a world over stimulated with online information, and in areas where conventional science is still unprepared to give final answers.

Cosmic Contacts Timeline: In this section we offer a short list of the most important cosmic contacts received by Alex Light as per noted in his out of body travel log. The exact date, location and time of the contacts are indicated as accurately as possible when available. We have included only contacts with higher dimensional extraterrestrials or well known spiritual teachers which are most relevant in the context of this website. The list is updated as further contacts occur.

References: A brief list of important works in metaphysics as well as key publications dealing with higher dimensional extraterrestrials.

Visitors from The Future: This section explores the vitally important fact that we now have unequivocal proof that at least one UFO case was related to visitors from the future, likely people from our own future Earth. We discus some metaphysical implications, and include the full transmission by Ashtar Sheran of May 2018 in a response to a question we asked him through our collaborator Paulette Reymond. This information is provided to support the binary code that was downloaded into the mind of the military witness when he touched the spacecraft.

Inner Earth: A brief description of what we know about beings living inside the Earth is given, showing that they are already operating at a higher dimensional framework and will be part of the cosmic disclosure in a broader sense as soon as the veil of materialistic limitation is transmuted.

ET Disclosure: This section was launched in October 2015 as a response to world developments, with short ‘media release’ styled, targeted communications to be progressively released based on international developments in the political, scientific and religious arenas. The ‘media releases’ are offered in PDF format to facilitate distribution amongst the community.

Manuscripts: In this section we offer some older essays that had been written in the past while Alex Light was slowly gaining awareness, and when he first realized that he had to give something back to the planet as a token of ‘repayment’ for everything he and others have experienced. These contributions have been published on the website lightworkers.org, and contain additional material of interest.

New Age Infographic: The lack of trust between people, and between people and institutions, has reached a very dangerous level on Earth. The new age infographic is our response to this condition, helping transmute the darkness of mistrust and petty selfishness into willingness to collaborate for the greater good.