2020 onwards

10 April 2020

A brief cosmic commentary on a new dawning for humanity


Extra-terrestrial visitors to our planet have been documented since time immemorial, and are a very important part of the bible. They come in all shapes and forms, have interacted and tried to educate humans and have interfered with the course of our ancient history at exceptional times only when strictly necessary.  Since the recent world wars, and more openly since the first atomic bomb tests, the world has been once again widely introduced to what has been known as the UFO phenomenon. During biblical times, the tendency was to attribute the actions and presence of space people as the acts of angels, or even a personal visit of God directly. The actions of space people were in many cases conveniently misinterpreted as being a sign that God was taking sides, and joining certain peoples in wars against others. One way or another, the deep psychotic tribalism, dualistic thinking and neurotic behaviour of our many civilizations throughout history have always been the keynote of how we perceive, think and act.


When the space people started to make themselves noticed again in the 1940s, the situation was very different in comparison to biblical times. Now we have a civilization equally as savage and as prone to petty tribalism as in biblical times, but with atomic capabilities in our hands.  This unfortunate condition, coupled with the moon landings and our slow advancement towards space in the decades that followed, is a great threat to the other planets and spiritual planes around us. The threat of weaponizing space posed by the human race could not be permitted to go unchecked by the space people, the galactic confederation and the organised spiritual hierarchy of the Solar System.

Space people came down under very challenging conditions and at great sacrifice for them, much more so at this time compared to biblical times. On one hand they have to face the risks posed by our rapidly developing weaponized technology, and combined military hostility towards them. But they also face great difficulty to break through the prevailing materialistic obstinacy of our society, with the accompanying fear and spiritual ignorance. And finally, space people are also attacked by discarnate forces of the lower astral realm, who wish to continue to feed on human bloodshed without interference. We can only imagine the amount of logistics, energy and sacrifice that dealing with these dark factors requires.

Many ‘celestial meetings’ were held between space people and the spiritual/angelic realms early last century. It was decided, jointly with the female intelligence known as Gaia (namely our planetary Logos), that under no circumstance an atomic war would be allowed to progress unchecked. It was also decided that space people would not land openly. If they did so, they would then be forced to take control of the situation with potentially unforeseen circumstances, and humanity would still remain ignorant of the underlying spiritual issues which are the root of the problem. As in biblical times, we would be deceived and tempted by technologies and appearances, and make little real spiritual advancement. Therefore, the main decision was to mitigate the atomic problem and attempt to spiritually educate the human race at the same time.

Missed opportunity

Governments and religious leaders were directly contacted by space people and their representatives of the galactic confederation. They were given plenty of opportunity to approach the population at large and make the conscious effort to prepare for contact, aiming for a peaceful co-existence and brotherhood. The offer was met with the same fear and tribal behaviour that has always plagued our many civilizations from biblical times, and therefore rejected point blank. That point of rejection happened from the 1940s to mid-1950s, at a time when the space people still hoped that some of our leaders might have allowed reason to prevail. As it turned it, reason did not prevail. The UFO phenomenon was ridiculed at all costs until the world population was sufficiently brainwashed, effectively inaugurating the post-truth era which we know today.

Specially trained spiritual Masters, ‘contactees’ and so-called ‘starseeds’ and so on have been and continue to receive spiritual teachings, information and guidance to prepare the world for the changes ahead. Thanks to this combined effort, the space people were able to warn us that their presence is not just to stop or mitigate the threat of nuclear war. They are also here to both witness and support our transition into the Age of Aquarius, supporting the forces of light on our planet to experience a consciousness shift into a completely new paradigm. This shift is promoted by cosmic events related to the area of space in which our solar system and our galaxy are now travelling. It refers to very long cosmic cycles that we have very little understanding of, even though our ancient civilizations knew about it and had foreseen it. Our current carbon-based structure is shifting into a crystalline structure along with our DNAs. This means that literally our bodies, and every atom within the planet, are experiencing a tremendous shift in consciousness and vibration (which are one and the same).

The keynote of the unfolding cycle is to leave behind the tribal survival mentality based on fear and competition, and embrace the experience of interconnectedness with our home Gaia, and the cosmos, at a level of cosmic consciousness.


What many people don’t realise in regards to 2012, is that the Maya prophecies were perfectly accurate. Our interpretation is what was wrong.  Indeed the end of 2012 marked a dramatic end of a cosmic cycle for us, and the beginning of a new cycle, the so-called Age of Aquarius. Now we understand why the world went ‘downhill’ so quickly from 2013 onwards. The energy acceleration reached the necessary amplitude by the end of 2012, and as a result from that point onwards the darkness had to be exposed. Certain centers of evil in the spiritual planes (mainly the lower astral) were then forced to manifest in the physical plane in order to be fought and transmuted, out in the open.

It is no wonder, then, why we have so many of the so-called global rulers (let’s not call them leaders) manifesting the worst of the lower astral centers of evil through their petty, tribalistic, and materialistic thoughts and actions. This process of apparent take-over by the dark forces has happened very quickly on a global scale, and apparently under full democratic support in certain countries, much to the horror and disbelief of the lightworker community. When we understand the underlying spiritual reason for this post-2012 paradox, we can perceive the higher plan behind our current world condition.  

As ongoing advice, we can only quote the words of the galactic confederation itself, as received in 1977:

The new age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race, but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that can overshadow their judgement”.

(go here, for details)


We have attempted to highlight the underlying spiritual reasons for the current situation and paradigm that the world is facing. The emerging 5th dimension is gradually being felt, and so the dark structures of the old order must now be completely exposed, in order to be correctly arrested and transmuted.  The origin and triggers of the coronavirus itself are of no real spiritual importance. The virus is just a karmic agent to provide the world with the lessons it needs to learn. The event was fully foreseen by the spiritual hierarchy (as noted on point 1 below), and so they are fully prepared for it, and for what must come into manifestation after the storm. The question is, are we?

Many scientists are starting to say that the coronavirus is a consequence of the climate imbalance and extreme ecological degradation that we have caused on Gaia. Even the current Pope, who has his heart in the right place, said the same thing (we assume the Pope knows that his church is one of the groups who were directly approached by space people in the 1950s, and rejected their offer in order to keep the status quo. We also assume the Pope knows that his church has purposely hidden the correct knowledge about reincarnation and the law of karma, and that this alone has caused humanity to plunge into an unbelievable spiritual backwardness that eventually brought us into the obstinate materialism of present day, effectively opening the way for the development of atomic bombs).

These views are actually pointing back to the common root of all our crises combined, be it pandemics or environmental and climate degradation, namely our lack of spirituality and deviation from cosmic laws (go here for some examples). We have mentioned many times that climate change and the ecological crisis have been chosen by the spiritual hierarchy as carriers of the fundamental scientific understanding that will overthrow the old order, and bring the new age into manifestation consciously. And so it is!

At this stage, we would offer a few additional observations from our end, based on our contacts and direct experience with cosmic Masters and the spiritual hierarchy. One can use them as metaphysical guidance, ignoring what doesn’t resonate with their higher inner truth.

  1.  The 2020 event was foreseen with absolute certainty. It was already deemed unavoidable at least from mid-2012. How do we know this? We were approached directly by lady Mary, a member of the spiritual hierarchy known as the “mother” of Jesus, on 30 July 2012. She told us to “prepare for a coming catastrophe”. It is not our place to spread fear and divulge news of catastrophes, so at the time a decision was made to not make this public. However, the entry contact with Lady Mary in 2012 is seen in our cosmic contacts timeline (go here).
  2. The mundane aspect of who/what triggered the coronavirus spread (specifically) will be dealt with by especially trained adepts, who have incarnated to provide disclosure of this information when the world is ready for truth. But this doesn’t change our response in the least, and doesn’t change the interpretation that the event is a direct consequence of the law of karma for a humanity who has sunk into spiritual darkness. Once the true root of the problem is addressed, namely our lack of spirituality, things will naturally start to return to equilibrium. For emphasis, it is our united response based on kindness, love and unity, and the realisation that we must heal ourselves along with Gaia that really matters. Gaia, the living spirit of our planet, is our spiritual sponsor. She is our temporary home and our Mother. Gaia is our Logos, and should be honoured and treasured as such.
  3. About one to one and a half years ago, we experienced a series of prophetic revelations in regards to this event. Our interpretation and understanding of these revelations is that the Supreme Tribunal of the Solar System has already authorised the galactic confederation to show themselves openly, once the darkest part of the greater event is over. This is not to say that they have authorisation to land, but that a new phase of contact can shortly be initiated. May we use this as divine inspiration that a bright timeline is immediately ahead of us if we pass the current tests with humility and spiritual fortitude. Let’s unite in a wave of compassionate true global thinking, recognise and sink our selfish pettiness, and accept that our relationship with Gaia, our environment, and each other, must permanently change in the light of true spirituality.
  4. The cosmic intelligence known as Ashtar Sheran has been in touch with our planet since July 1952, when he first introduced his credentials and intentions in an open (emergency) letter to the US government (go here for details). He is the appointed commander in chief of the entire galactic confederation fleet at this time. As such, he will be responsible for making the final decision on how and when they will introduce themselves. Ashtar and the galactic confederation are pledged to always abide to the directives of the spiritual/angelic realm, as conveyed through the Supreme Tribunal of the Solar System, with headquarters within planet Saturn. We have seen in our prophetic dreams that the big change and arrest of the dark event is imminent and will be quick and swift. We are not talking about centuries ahead, but the present generation. Lightworkers should have immediate procedures in place to peacefully receive and welcome the galactic confederation in our plane of existence, and be ready to fight side by side.
  5. The Supreme Tribunal’s decision regarding explicit contact mentioned above was also foreseen by others, and is tied up to the fact that a final deadline of 50 years since we have first been to the moon has now expired. As far as we understand, there is only one medium on the planet who was given correct dates and information pertaining to this decision, of which the Master Jesus was deeply involved with. Go here (for the full documentary go here) to learn about the Brazilian medium Francisco Candido Xavier’s predictions for the current event, and his extremely important work acting as channel for the spiritual and angelic realms.
  6. Our actions are being monitored by the spiritual hierarchy during this dark storm to ascertain if our response will merit certain further actions and different levels of support from their end. Let us honour the immense suffering and sacrifice of all those who are and will be sick during the coronavirus outbreak, and those who are desperately fighting at the battle front of the epidemics. We can do this by both sending them our love and prayers, and by also recognising the painful lessons that need to be learned by all of us. We can do this by ultimately recognising that our own society has created the karmic necessity for this catastrophe, as a direct result of our spiritual darkness and disconnection with Gaia. And finally, we can do this by accepting that we must change, and by making it happen.
  7. We have been told by the spiritual hierarchy that our group will receive many direct revelations when time comes. We can only conclude that some very important world events are imminent, which will trigger the need for instructions to be directly given. We must play our part and share these with the world, if they are forthcoming, and if we are permitted.

The immediate future

Now that the cat is out of the bag we can confidently say that the world as we know it is over. It will never come back, and we can say thank God for that. The Earth, in its green perfection, has been raped, stripped bare of its forests, and treated as garbage bin for far too long. Gaia, who has an immense love for us, is in great suffering. She is no longer willing to accept us unless we change. We have an immense opportunity ahead, but we must understand that going back to business as usual is not an option.

More than ever, spiritual collaboration is key. More than ever, meditation is key. More than ever, the appreciation for the interconnectedness of all life, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial, is key. More than ever, the psychotic tribalism and warfare ingrained in our old DNA structure must change. More than ever, we must address the true root of the climate and ecological imbalance.

The galactic confederation and the spiritual hierarchy are keenly observing how we’re dealing with the crisis, and how we’ll attempt to re-structure society once things start to return to “normality”. If we fail the test and attempt to go back to the old order, and continue to recklessly pollute and destroy our planet and ourselves, we can then guarantee that a far darker event than coronavirus will be triggered at a very short time ahead.

To conclude

An etheric storm has formed as a result of a fierce clash of forces colliding in the spiritual planes. This battle is the final stages of the main spiritual cleansing known as Armageddon, namely the ultimate battle that will overthrow the old order, and bring the new age of Aquarius into manifestation (go here for more information, and the warning we had sent out in 2017). The battle is now transferring to the physical plane, where it can be arrested and dealt with, out in the open. The storm has created a severe disruption between the planes, and opened portals for certain events in the immediate future. This is only possible because of the current energy acceleration initiated in 1964 (go here for more, and to learn about the work of Primary Mental Channel for the space people), which finally reached sufficient amplitude at the end of 2012.

Timelines are now open for realization. We have different, co-existing future possibilities in our hands to co-create. But no matter what we do, the big cleansing is here to stay, and returning to business as usual of reckless abuse of power is not an option. The galactic confederation has given us a message of hope. They fully recognise that it is not possible for the human race to break free from the grip of the dark forces, which oppose the divine cosmic plan, without help. But they have also stated that all we need to do is to give them a sign that we are ready, and at least try to conquer our spiritual freedom by own effort. When we do so, further external help will be forthcoming, and quite swift.

With profound gratitude to the Cosmos

Cosmic blessings to all beings of light

May the Supreme Love and Truth of the Cosmos Prevail on Earth

Alex Light

Synchronous service and meditation

All over the world, lightworkers are starting to meditate together in synchronicity, in order to join forces. This has started with the astronomical conjunction of 4-5 April 2020. In our view, this process has a tremendous potential to act as a karmic manipulation, giving the spiritual hierarchy the sign they need from us that we’re ready to fight side by side with them, sinking our petty differences and different views and personalities for the greater good. Two of us had joined a certain metaphysical society for this effort on that weekend, and later received a message from them that they were ‘happy’ that 150 people joined online at the same time. While this is great, our view is that a very minimum of 144,000 people rendering service or meditating simultaneously, in synchronicity, would be required to give a powerful sign to the spiritual hierarchy at this time. If this is done correctly, we have a tremendous potential to bring about a timeline of swift cosmic support, as seen in our prophetic dreams. Let this dream inspire the lightworker community. Let the leaders of our metaphysical societies and religious organisations have will power and humility to make the necessary changes and arrangements to create a greater wave of connectivity, under the key note of one heart, one view, and many different traditions and techniques together for the greater good. For an example of potential synchronicity of this event with the Schumann frequency, go here.

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For calling the occupants of interplanetary craft, go here. And then, after you are sufficiently inspired, make sure you watch the CE5 documentary released on 7 April 2020. Welcome to the future indeed. Disclosure has already happened. It is now up to us to bring the pieces of the puzzle together from all the different traditions and contributions, and realise our divine heritage.