4 March 2021

On the higher spiritual planets, the field of medicine (and healing) is very different to the current understanding we have on Earth.

Our space brothers from the galactic confederation require virtually no outside medical assistance for their own healing. They are naturally healthy, as a result of living in harmony with nature, their own planets, and in harmony with cosmic laws of spiritual living. Their field of consciousness, highly advanced and harmoniously perfected, is their natural solution against diseases and imbalances of all forms.

On Earth we have a very different situation. Instead of investing in health, we inadvertently invest in further disease by perpetuating the cycle of dependence on some external cure. We think that health is something we can receive from an external source in a totally passive way, completely separately from our own field of consciousness. We also think that Gaia, and the natural world, are always trying to attack us. And so, we see healing as the perpetual struggle of fighting an endless invisible enemy.  

Has it ever occurred to us to take a big breath, let go of fear, and look inside ourselves for our own healing? Has it ever occurred to us to have great humility to ask Gaia, our own planet, what she is actually trying to tell us when we get collectively sick? A so-called planetary fever of ascension perhaps?

Just imagine for a moment if virtually unlimited resources were invested to collectively strengthen our immune systems in natural ways, as a conscious planetary race who takes full responsibility for its own healing and evolution, as guardians of our own planet. To allow ourselves to consciously heal as a species without fear, in concert with the natural world, and no-longer seeing nature as our perpetual enemy. No longer seeing ourselves as separate to the environment, as separate from the trees and as separate from the micro-organisms that thrive on our planet. And needless to say, just imagine for a moment if unlimited resources were also directed to restore the great forests and other natural ecosystems of our planet, and remove all pollution from the air, water, soil, and the chemicals from our food which are all making us weak, sick, and dependent on pharmaceutical drugs.  Is this really so hard to see, or even contemplate?

A healthy relationship with Gaia as a whole is deeply missing. We can no-longer afford to stay in the old frequency-pattern of fear and addiction to external healing for much longer. True and lasting peace and health won’t be found, until such a relationship is consciously developed. We need to break free from the old ways. This task is now required from all of us, if we are to conquer our freedoms as a mature planetary race who will qualify for galactic citizenship.

To give a contribution to the planetary moment, we offer two tools from the galactic confederation.

The first one is a transmission from Mon-ka, a being of great light and wisdom from Mars, received back in 1958 through early contactee Richard Miller. We felt that this transmission is extremely appropriate for the planetary moment, and gives us a clue to make our own healing decisions and navigate these strange times of revelation.

Go here for the full, near 300 pages of transmissions from the brothers of the Solar Cross from different planets of the galactic confederation, a cosmic treatise in its own right and which speaks for itself.

The second tool is a recent advice received from the Pleiadians (2021), who are members of the galactic confederation and are working to help with the evolution of our consciousness field of light.

Our many thanks to Christine Day and her team!

Whatever we choose at this powerful time of healing and awakening, we must honor our own choices, and the choices of our brothers, with deep compassion.  And remember. No matter what chemicals we may put into our bodies, it is our divine heritage and privilege that we can consciously retain only that which is good, and reject that which is harmful, by the power of consciousness alone. We, the sovereign spiritual beings, give the orders – and our biological bodies obey. And so it is.

Let true healing be given upon Earth through the hearts of all men and women, and through the compassion that all human beings are capable of. Let cosmic wisdom prevail on Earth.

Alex Light

Founder, Where The Light Comes

Note: The reader might wish to refer to this Harvard study for links between pandemics in general (including Covid-19), our poor health and compromised immune systems due to environmental pollution, and the disastrous destruction that our so-called modern civilization has caused to the natural ecosystems of our planet.