Famous Extraterrestrials

This section is somewhat misleading, as there is no such thing as ‘famous’ extraterrestrials. Our higher dimensional brothers and sisters are not connected to the lower ego (referring to lower personality traits) as we are. They are not interested in fame and self-promotion. They accept and understand that they are an active part of the whole, and that by letting the divine inner light shine forth through them they can give the best contribution to the cosmos. Once we recognize the reality of oneness in all practical aspects of life, the idea of clinging to lower ego (personality preferences) and petty selfishness becomes completely meaningless and unfounded.

Having said that, it is now time for humanity to recognize the influence of extraterrestrial masters of great light amongst our planetary culture. There are several extraterrestrial masters that have influenced our culture, but we would like to mention only three recent masters and even then very briefly. By ‘recent’ in this context we are talking about a time frame of thousands of years, which is indeed recent in cosmic scale, compared to the initial Venusian impulse received by Earth almost 19 million years ago. They are:

  1. The master known as Jesus
  2. The master known as Buddha
  3. The master known as Krishna

These three great cosmic masters (incarnated avatars) have done a lot of good for our planet. Their works illustrate quite clearly the spiritual attributes that come from the higher dimensional planets, and how they actually live their lives in the higher dimensions.

Even though it may not look like at first glance, their teachings are completely consistent. Apparent differences and contradictions are a by product of limited human interpretation and context and time in which they were given, bearing in mind that each master came to enlighten people on a different type of cultural background, and hence had a different approach.

Where is the evidence?

In Jesus’ case his extraterrestrial origin is rather obvious. There are several references to spacecraft monitoring the rather unusual karmic manipulation required for his birth (e.g. the so-called star of Bethlehem in the bible). Many thinkers have drawn the links, and there is substantial literature available.

In the case of Buddha and Krishna we have much less evidence, if any, in the conventional records.

The matter has received considerable light in recent times from the yogic master George King, one of the best and most accurate trance mediums who has ever lived. This man sacrificed his entire life to receive over 600 transmissions from cosmic Masters from our neighboring planets while in deep (positive) shamadhic trance, with the kundaline fire fully lodged into the crown. These transmissions clearly state that the three aforementioned masters have citizenship within different planets of our solar system. We at WHERE THE LIGHT COMES have logical and metaphysical reasons to believe this is correct, including the fact that Alex Light the founder has met this great man, and one of the Masters who gave the transmissions, in a projected state.

Planetary citizenship

Note that planetary citizenship on a given higher dimensional planet doesn’t necessarily imply that the master is originally from that planet. As per established under the Nine Freedoms, it is possible for an Earth master to continue his/her evolution and become a citizen of a higher dimensional planet. This means that from a cosmic perspective it is sort of irrelevant to ask the question “where are you from?” We have all come from the source, and we are all experiencing different levels of mastership through service. Consequently we will all have (sooner or later) different citizenship experiences throughout the higher dimensional globes.

Religious implications

Certain sectors of society worry about the implications that the truth will have for the status quo of the traditional religious establishment when it finally dawns.

We here at WHERE THE LIGHT COMES believe that truth and simplicity are the keys. We believe that the only religion is truth, and that when this concept is finally adopted science and religion will merge as seen in the higher dimensions.

Every establishment and organization will have to adapt to the new age, and the process has already started. It is good to start a new phase with full cosmic support, replacing beliefs that don’t serve a higher purpose any longer with greater truths. Scientific thought has always evolved this way, and the current shift of paradigm is no different except that the change in planetary awareness at this time is more profound and widespread because it also involves a dimensional/vibrational/frequency shift that will re-establish the validation of inner knowing (i.e. gnosis, yoga).

God or Master

Our ancient planetary records are full of mystery and secrecy. Teachings received thousands of years ago are very difficult to interpret and put in context. Slowly reason and cosmic logic start to prevail, and humanity starts to learn that the God of the cosmic masters (from the sacred texts) is the God-Within every and each one of us which is a spark of the ABSOLUTE. It will still take some time for this truth to permeate the mind belt of the race, but immense progress has already been made in the right direction.

When the God-Within is finally understood, a new humanity will dawn: A humanity that is empowered and all knowing – A humanity that will take full responsibility individually and collectively for all its actions, as well as for the Earth and for all forms of life within our planet. When this day comes all forms of discrepancies between different religions and between religion and science will fall – they will be transmuted by the fire of cosmic logic, cosmic truth and inner realization of the sacred temple within.

Our role as planetary citizens

We at WHERE THE LIGHT COMES are here to support this process via promoting truth and collaboration as the primary path out of ignorance, which is the only true possible darkness.

See New Age Infographic for further details on the importance and urgency of collaboration for the greater good amongst all society sectors at this time.