The Next Avatar

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This is a very important topic. Much of the spiritual wisdom existing on Earth today is a collection of teachings given by Avatars who incarnated to show in very practical ways how to live in brotherhood and spiritual service according to cosmic law. Perhaps the most well known Avatars are the Master Jesus and the Lord Buddha, but there have been many others.

Unfortunately, much of the world has failed to grasp the original teachings, which ended up being withheld or distorted so that certain organized religions could become an instrument of power. As a result, wars and hatred still occur to this day in the name of the Avatars. This is very sad.

Virtually all religions and spiritual traditions of the Earth state that there will be a next coming of their Master. This prophecy is also in the sacred books and ancient Sanskrit works. One aspect of it is the coming via an increased cosmic consciousness, i.e., an inner realization or a coming inside ourselves. This is already happening with the emerging 5th dimension.

However, the higher dimensional extraterrestrials of our Solar System have stated that the physical coming is also correct, adding one very important bit to it. According to them, the next Avatar will not be born on Earth and die amongst us as in the past. On the contrary, such being would arrive from space with full higher dimensional power (which the metaphysical literature refers to as full aspect). This will make this being have ‘superhuman’ abilities for our standards. Such Avatar would not be able to be killed or imprisoned, for instance, by anyone (see ‘The Day the Gods came’ and ‘Contacts with the Gods from Space’ cited in References).

This is a very important revelation, as such an event like this would change the history of Earth forever. The Avatar will not come down to interfere with our affairs, but to fulfill galactic law which requires a spiritual renaissance with the separation of the “wheat from the chaff”.

We have stated that Alex Light is in touch with cosmic beings who are representatives of the central spiritual Sun of the galaxy. It would be appropriate, then, to ask whether we have any concrete evidence that corroborates such prophecy, and if we have any hints of when such happening will take place.

Our answer is this: yes, we have independent evidence that the prophecies are correct. On 12th August 2013 (see Cosmic Contacts Timeline) Ashtar Sheran informed us that they will ‘come down’. A date was not given, and we believe that it never will. We believe that nobody on Earth knows or will ever know the exact date until the event happens. We intuitively think this is going to happen in the present generation, but we could be wrong.

The information received from Ashtar Sheran does not necessarily imply that he will be the next Avatar. It is possible that they will come down to introduce the next Master. One could argue that the Avatar would likely be someone from inside the Solar System, or that this being could also be from Sirius or Pleiades, which have been very active in the unfolding of our planetary awareness over the last decades, particularly after Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey gave us the Secret Doctrine of the Theosophical Society.

This website is designed to support the coming of the cosmic Avatar, helping prepare people for this event based on concrete metaphysical knowledge and evidence.

One could correctly question how we could possibly make any difference in this cosmic event. The answer is simple: the coming will be, as with anything else, in accordance to Karmic law. Hence, such coming, although inevitable, can be brought forward in time (or delayed) according to our actions. The event requires that a certain percentage of humanity has reached a certain degree of spiritual preparedness and openness towards such event.

It is our greatest hope that this day will arrive as soon as possible, and we are doing what we can to help. Refer to the Projects section to find out some of the ways in which we can all personally contribute towards this common goal. Everything that we do counts, no matter how small!