Sacred Mountains

People may wish to ask why mountains are sacred. Of course everything in nature is holy, being a reflection of the cosmic will within the mind of the Absolute. But there is something quite unique about mountains that has attracted the practice of spirituality for eons – probably for as long as humans have been on Earth.

Metaphysics tells us that sharp rising formations in the Earth’s crust are a result of an etheric energy vortex that has developed in the area, as the physical manifestation always responds to the subtle etheric energy impulse. Even though there may be some apparent randomness in the movement of tectonic plates in the geological formation of the continents, ultimately the physical mountains we see today are a result of an energy pattern that best suits the needs of the Earth and her evolution.

The powerful energy vortices seen around large mountains are also amplified by their geometrical shape. The energy interactions with the surroundings and the mountain’s height are also important. These vibrations will interact with the auric field of all those who are around the area. Importantly, if the correct resonance is activated within the mind and heart of a pilgrim who is conscious of these effects, the resulting alignment will be all the more powerful – and the consequent feeling of spiritual bliss!

Climbing a mountain with all its difficulties can also be a physical plane reflection of the inner spiritual struggle of the pilgrim. Here we are not referring to the distorted practice of climbing for selfish reasons. Those who are climbing dangerous mountains at all costs, putting many lives in danger and disrespecting local spiritual traditions are not benefiting from the surrounding spiritual radiations, and are not acting as correct channels for spiritual energy to flow through them.

In addition to the properties of the terrain itself, high elevation places also receive a greater load of cosmic rays from space, offering the pilgrim a “spiritual relief” from the dense atmosphere. We must recall that on Earth the dense atmosphere has traditionally acted as a barrier, both protecting us but also making the access to the higher spiritual planes more difficult. This condition (related to our ionosphere) was put in place by the Masters eons ago as a result of negative karmic conditions that created such necessity. Hence, the environmental conditions on top of mountains are very conducive to spiritual practices for several reasons.

Websites around the world will offer an extensive list of sacred mountains. Here we refer the reader only to those mountains specifically charged with spiritual energies by Cosmic Masters from our neighboring planets through western yogic master George King acting as channel ( The purpose of this metaphysical operation by the cosmic masters (with cooperation of an incarnated person acting as channel) was to provide each mountain vortex with an additional and inextinguishable source of spiritual energy in a karmically lawful way, to be used by pilgrims who would climb them with a clean spiritual intention and a pure heart. The energy has been charged in such a way that it is then re-irradiated into the rest of the world through the pilgrims themselves acting as channels.

Alex Light has joined this effort and recently climbed Mt Wakefield in New Zealand, which was charged by the Master Jesus through yogic master George King in 1960 (

“The experience was absolutely astounding. With the little clairvoyance I have I could feel the Master’s energy deeply lodged in my heart and flowing outwards. After I finished doing some cosmic manipulations and a karmic petition on behalf of humanity, which were the main reason for the climbing, I was overwhelmed by the energy flow and could hardly move for about a day or so with a profound feeling of detachment and inner Peace”

“The energy that I experienced on the charged rock has changed and charged my own auric field and heart chakra in a very definite way. I strongly recommend the experience to all seekers of truth who want to help the planet in times of dire need, and who wish to experience this bliss for themselves and prove via gnosis (i.e., inner knowledge and practical experience) that the charging of the mountain by the great master of Love is a matter of fact.”

For a list of all world mountains charged by cosmic masters from our neighboring planets the reader is referred to the Aetherius Society: (

Alex Light preparing to climb Mt Wakefield on 7 Jan 2017.

The sole purpose of this visit was to perform a karmic manipulation on behalf of humanity in times of dire need, which thanks to the generosity of the cosmic system was successfully accomplished. “The climbing was quite difficult and at first I could not find the charged spot. After a lot of searching around I was forced to accept my defeat and gave up, starting to climb back. Much to my surprise the apparent defeat was actually a cosmic test I had to go through in order to ascertain if I would have sufficient humility to turn around and go back when the weather and all cosmic signs were telling me I had to do so. So you can imagine the enormous bliss when I actually found the charged spot on the way back right in front of me like magic, after I stopped to rest for a minute without realizing that I had stopped exactly at the charged spot. It is hard to understand how I could possibly have missed it on the way up, but obviously I had to go through this spiritual test before I was allowed to perform the karmic petition. While meditating on the rock I could also feel a presence around. I heard loud footsteps towards me which forced me to interrupt my practice and get ready to greet another climber, just to find out that I was actually alone – or was I!”.

A very tired Alex Light, but filled by indescribable spiritual bliss, after finding the exact spot charged by the great Master of Love, through George King, in December 1960.
The charged rock before the actual summit of Mt Wakefield in the South Island of beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand. Alex has noted the GPS coordinates as 43.716S, 170.128E, 1554m+-32m above the mean sea level. Please note that the area is of difficult access with extremely changeable weather, and we don’t recommend anyone to attempt it without talking to the Aetherius Society first as they can offer significant logistical help.
Original guest book entry of December 1960 from the Hermitage in Mt Cook Village showing the signature of George King and his companion Keith Robertson, who climbed Mt Wakefield together on Christmas eve under telepathic directions received by the cosmic masters.
Alex Light’s own entry on the Hermitage guest book on 7 January 2017, after successfully completing his karmic manipulation in times of dire need for the planet, and in anticipation for the crucial and final phase of “the battle for light” that the planet has just entered as of 2017.


Alex Light would like to express his most profound and unconditional gratitude to:

  1. The great Master of love from Venus, for what he has done for us
  2. The great George King, for sacrificing his entire life in service as a channel
  3. Richard Medway from the Aetherius Society, for acting as channel so that the Masters could tell me about the urgency of this climb
  4. Julian Rosser from the Aetherius Society, for all logistical support prior to the climb and via phone on the day, allowing Alex to reach the goal safely.