The whole site is constantly updated to ensure that the most relevant information is available as we receive further contacts (see Cosmic Contacts Timeline) and world events occur.

Of relevance is the section Questions and Answers from the readers, in which we have the chance to try to respond to enquiries we receive from readers, friends and collaborators. This section is the main part in which we will continue to interact with the community as people come up with questions and new lines of thought arising with the increasing global awareness.

Additionally, the section Projects and Disclosure are also periodically updated as we develop new ideas and ways in which we can contribute to increase the planetary awareness which will finally lead to full disclosure.

Chronology of recent updates (from 15th July 2015 onwards)

2015, July 15
2015, July 24
2015, August 3
  • About us: New paragraph added for Alex Light’s biography
  • Projects: ‘How you can help’ updated for project 3
  • Q&A from readers 36
2015, October 4
2016, January 7
2016, March 31
  • Q&A from readers 39, 40 and 41
2016, May 7
2016, May 22
  • Q&A from readers 45
  • Projects section updated with new project XI
2016, October 9
  • References section updated with new references 13, 33, 45, 57, 54 and 60.
2016, October 21
2016, October 27
2017, April 19
2017, September 7