1. The next Avatar
  2. Spiritual Push
  3. Ashtar Sheran
  4. Science and spirituality
  5. Religion and spirituality
  6. Yoga and the new age
  7. Inner peace and world peace
  8. Discernment power
  9. Nuclear free world
  10. Philosophy and the new age
  11. Transmutation of Cancer
Special Projects
  • Climate Change: This project is a major combined effort of the Galactic, Solar and Earth spiritual hierarchies, and a separate section of the website has been dedicated to it.
  • Disclosure: This project uses a media-release style of communication in order to increase awareness for how politicians and religious leaders are slowly testing the waters towards extraterrestrial disclosure.
  • New Age Infographic: This project reminds us that collaboration is absolutely essential in order to create the necessary conditions for global enlightenment (and lasting peace). The Cosmic Masters are specialists in different areas and always work in collaboration. If we have courage to follow their example and unselfishly collaborate for the greater good we will also be directly helping the Masters to gain further karmic permission to increase their level of spiritual assistance. Unfortunately lack of trust and collaboration is widespread on Earth, permeating all sectors of society like a dark cancer. The new age infographic illustrates how to transmute this condition in very simple terms. The sooner we do it, the sooner the dark forces will lose their grip, and the sooner we will be permitted the greater bliss of more direct contact with our higher dimensional neighbors. The Master Morya (Earth’s spiritual hierarchy) has made it clear to Alex Light that ‘climate change is being used by the cosmic hierarchy to help achieve the aim of unselfish global collaboration’. The cosmic masters from other planets are waiting for us to sort out the mess in our own homes, lives, and planet. The environmental degradation and the mistrust between people, and between people and institutions, have reached a very critical level. We don’t have a lot of time and we must change. Collaboration is not simply about doing your job the best you can surrounded by the ones you like – it is much greater than that, and will also involve making significant sacrifices for the greater good of the planet and of all people on Earth. Are you ready for it? Time to let go of petty selfishness and learn to trust. Collaboration is the only way forward.

Intuitively we know that a lot needs to be done in order to better prepare ourselves (as a global society) to take our rightful place next to our galactic brothers and sisters from the higher dimensions. There is still a lot of fear, hatred, ignorance and war in our world. In many regions people do not have basic human rights, and poverty and pollution are widespread.

We cannot, after honest analysis, expect that this can be put right overnight.

Whether the global economic system is going to collapse entirely is an open question, but surely the materialistic trend based on aggressive competition, pollution and widespread consumerism is not sustainable.

Notwithstanding all of the above, the spiritual renaissance cannot be delayed much further. The reason is simple: this renaissance obeys galactic laws and is triggered by cosmic rays emanating from the center of the Milky Way. These rays are transmuting our lower natures, “pushing” us to look inwards and to spiritually evolve.

Of course this evolution is not enforced. Many will refuse to respond to it, until their vibration will no longer be compatible with the new vibration of the Earth. In our opinion, our main job in these times is to live our lives as truthfully as we possibly can, cultivating a state of Love and compassion in our thoughts and actions even when dealing with very difficult problems.

The cultivation of good thoughts in the mental spectrum is equally as important as our actions, although extremely difficult to achieve. The control of the mind spectrum is a powerful tool to guide humanity in times of difficulty.

In order to gain control of our thoughts it is fundamental that, as a first step, we learn stillness of body and mind. This is inner education – this is the “turning the eyes inside out” given by a compassionate Venusian female who chose these exact words to explain to Alex Light that there is no fundamental difference between humanity of Earth and humanity of Venus other than our levels of awareness (see Q&A section, question 76).

When you examine the world, it stands out that people are getting very tired of lies and mass manipulation. This is a strong sign that the planetary consciousness is gradually shifting into a higher level of awareness. The Cosmic Masters have said that with the energy of the 5th dimension manipulation of the masses will no longer be permitted.

Life on Earth will change quite dramatically in the next few hundreds of years, probably as it has never ever before. The Cosmic Masters said that the future generations will hardly believe how backwards we were. But they will also look at us with great admiration, because it is NOW that everything starts to change.

In order to be active co-creators of this reality we offer this website, with great respect for humanity and the Earth. If the ideas here discussed are able to help towards the spiritual renaissance even if only by a very small degree, then the time and energy spent were more than worth it.

It is not up to us to try to impose any views: we have already stated in About this Website that our aim is not to try to prove or disprove anything. However, if our material resonates with your experience and you would like to help, probably the best thing you can do is to remain well informed and prepared to think truthfully and speak truthfully with compassionate Love-Wisdom. There are so many projects that people with very little resources have successfully implemented, with enormous benefits to communities and their well being and spiritual education. These people are indeed great warriors of light, setting an example to be followed.

Below we offer a short description of some of the projects that we are currently undertaking in order to support the spiritual renaissance of the Earth. The list will be updated as new events and greater awareness unfold.

Please note that these projects come about primarily via an inner transmutation work, without the need to condemn, judge or attack the outside world. We refer to the greatest expression of taking the respective responsibility for our actions, and for our evolution, from an inner knowledge perspective in its best sense. When sufficient people have changed inside themselves then the outside world will automatically be adjusted as an unavoidable and lasting consequence.

Finally, these are not “our” projects. They are projects for all of humanity to be working on. If we all work together we can make these projects a reality. A few suggestions of how people can help are given at the end of each project.

I) The Next Avatar

As discussed in The Next Avatar, we have direct evidence that this event will happen. We also know that the planetary awareness must reach a certain threshold in order to activate this galactic gift. Hence, we believe that it may be possible to allow this to happen in the present generation if we succeed in educating a significant number of people.

This website is one such a way in which we can help educate without having to force people to talk about these things if they are not interested. We believe that those who are ready will be drawn to this energy. This project will reach the right people, producing some positive karmic effects that may facilitate the coming of the next Avatar.

If you are also working in spiritual ways, please remember that everything that you do counts in the cosmic scheme of things, no matter how small! We are all inter-connected by a galactic web of informed Love-Wisdom, or sub-atomic Love as binding energy.

We can do a lot of good spiritual work while at the same time co-existing with those who have chosen different paths, and who may still be well immersed into materialistic forms of thought. These times are incredibly challenging, but the key is that we can achieve a lot of results without having to preach or force anything into others. People are already very tired of centuries of religious mental slavery base on meaningless dogma and false morality. Now time has come that well informed awareness will start to be intelligently used in many projects of global cooperation for the well being of the whole planet!

How you can help

  • Learn about the ancient esoteric traditions and the meaning of the Avatars;
  • Learn about what the previous avatars have taught the world, and live your life in accordance to those teachings;
  • Avoid people who are retarding your spiritual growth;
  • Be selective of your friendships, and of how you use your time;
  • Prepare yourself through meditation and unselfish work;
  • Believe in this coming and desire it with your heart for the wellbeing of the whole of humanity;
  • Share what you know with others.

II) Spiritual Push

Early contactee George King (1919-1997) has received the information that a spacecraft from Mars called Satellite Number Three orbits the Earth during four prescribed times every year in order to irradiate an amplification of spiritual energies from the Solar Logos. The orbiting periods of this satellite are referred by the Cosmic Masters as Spiritual Push (or Magnetization periods). The name “number three” refers to the fact that the space people have two additional satellites in orbit of the Earth mostly for the purpose of study, to allow them to gain the right information in order to assist where they are allowed to provide help.

During these times, all spiritual practices are highly potentized because of the nature of the cosmic rays that the Cosmic Masters operating this etheric spacecraft are providing. Naturally, this satellite is undetectable by any physical instruments.

With our yogic practices we mentally tune into the energies of this spacecraft as much as we can during the prescribed orbiting times, offering our respective contribution to the Cosmic Masters.

If this path is something that interests you, please refer to “Contact with a Lord of Karma – 1989” (see References) and additional information provided by the Aetherius Society for further details. No special metaphysical knowledge or ability is needed, other than the ability to achieve concentration of brain waves (channeled into the heart chakra) through unselfish desire to help others. For some people this state may occur through prayer or via the use of mantras, but the simple act of concentrating on whatever unselfish projects one may have is sufficient to benefit from the radiations sent from the satellite.

We also note, for the records, that we have been directly contacted by one of the extraterrestrials from Venus who has facilitated this information to early contactee George King (see Q&A section, question number 75), hence we are comfortable to bear testimony that we believe this information is correct.

Satellite number 3’s magnetization orbit periods (valid for the next a thousand years, when the 5th dimension is expected to have completely emerged and this service will no longer be required)

  • April 18th to May 23rd
  • July 5th to August 5th
  • September 3rd to October 9th
  • November 4th to December 10th

The Cosmic Masters have informed that the main governments of the Earth have been well aware of these three satellites, and that although these are mainly invisible as they are primarily in etheric matter, they can be identified by radar in the right circumstances.

How you can help

  • Enhance your spiritual practice during the orbiting times of satellite number 3;
  • Understand the meaning and implications of this spiritual help freely offered by our neighbors from the Solar System;
  • Learn the metaphysical principles of how this energy can be employed;
  • Join and support the work of the Aetherius Society (

III) Clarifying Ashtar Sheran’s identity and aims, and learning to identify true cosmic work

Another important project that we are taking responsibility for relates to help with the presentation of this Cosmic Master to the Earth. He certainly will introduce himself when he is permitted to appear openly, but as Alex Light has been granted the great privilege of a direct experience with this intelligence we feel that it is our duty to bear testimony of this fact. The sections Ashtar Sheran and Q&A (see questions 62 to 68) contain a summary of our understanding arising from our personal contact with this intelligence.

We also feel that this project is important because there is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding regarding Ashtar Sheran even amongst the metaphysical community. Unfortunately, there are beings in the lower Astral realms who are imposters claiming to be this great Cosmic Master. We know this as a matter of fact because Alex Light was psychically attacked by one of those entities many years ago, where it became clear that their intention was to try to divert us from our true spiritual connections.

Instead of attempting to point out who is right and who is wrong as far as Internet posts are concerned, we prefer to leave our testimony and well informed analysis of metaphysics and the relevant literature so that people can make their own informed judgment.

With this spirit in mind, below we offer a few points of consideration as a tentative guide to help in the recognition of true cosmic works. We hope that these few points might help discern genuine cosmic work inspired by the higher dimensions from other types of contributions, including those that may be fabrications.

  1. The cosmic Masters will approach people only when required and permitted by karmic law and only in order to achieve a pre-determined metaphysical result which will always attend the collective good of all of humanity. They do not receive consultation for personal questions and answers, and even less so from any people whatsoever who are charging money or profiting in any way for such contacts;
  2. Cosmic Masters will never give any information of a personal nature or involving personality aspects, political aspects or any elements of personal bias and delusion in obvious contradiction to metaphysical laws;
  3. At this stage of our evolution, Cosmic Masters will not normally recommend or promote association with groups of extraterrestrials who do not work unselfishly for the collective good and spiritual evolution of the Earth and the galaxy (for instance, races working in secrecy with Earth governments and astral entities for selfish materialistic purposes);
  4. True cosmic messages will never contain elements of fear or any elements disempowering people; If the vibration felt in the heart decreases after reading a text, or after being in contact with a teacher, then the source is not cosmic;
  5. True cosmic messages will never tell people what to do; they will only convey a cosmic view, and point out the pros and cons of certain paths of action in relation to cosmic law and the collective welfare;
  6. True cosmic messages will always be simple and direct, obeying well established metaphysical laws and the inner realization in the works of our accomplished yogis and avatars; true spiritual work has always been and will always be demonstrated by simplicity;
  7. True cosmic messages will never make predictions of exact dates of future cosmic events;
  8. True cosmic messages could still contain unavoidable biases (and usually do) intrinsic to the human channel. The more advanced the worker the harder they will try to eliminate the influence of any personal biases or personality traits, concentrating on a global perspective. They will always attempt to serve the needs of the collective good by letting the Cosmos work through them. This is often done in great sacrifice which may include career, family and friends, as many true messengers will face terrible discrimination, loneliness and hardship in the material plane in order to accomplish their works.

Once true cosmic work is indentified, it is also necessary to learn to be critical and remove biases, eventually only accepting the teachings that intelligently resonate in our hearts via direct inner realization. See Project VIII for a few suggestions on how to identify and eliminate personal biases in metaphysical teachings, with concrete examples in connection to renowned metaphysical thinkers of the past.

How you can help

  • Tell people that Ashtar is not “new age garbage”;
  • Teach people how to discern between new age garbage and ancient metaphysical principles;
  • Mention that you know a scientist who claims to have been contacted by this intelligence;
  • Explain that additionally to his scientific background, Alex Light is trained in yoga and has direct telepathic contact with Ashtar on an energy level, i.e., not lower astral channeling;
  • Mention that people trained in kundaline yoga can tell the difference between a discarnate entity from the lower astral and a real cosmic master;
  • Explain that George King, founder of the Aetherius Society, was a very advanced yogic master who was given independent confirmation (from a Master from Venus called Aetherius) that Ashtar is from a higher dimensional planet, and comes to assist the spiritual hierarchy of the Solar System and the Earth;
  • Mention that the name “Ashtar” is cited in the secret doctrine of Madame Blavatsky as being available in the ancient Hindu literature, possibly dating back from the times of Atlantis in connection to the highest form of etheric energy;
  • Print out our cards (see cards and logo) and give it to people who are ready or curious about it;
  • Write to your local politicians and demand that the truth about extraterrestrials is given to the public;
  • Help people lose their fear of extraterrestrials, and correct the false notion that they might want to invade us;
  • Explain to your friends, neighbors and family that the fear propaganda in the media is a deliberate strategy to prevent people from evolving;
  • When people ask why the extraterrestrials don’t land openly, tell them that they are waiting for us to do our homework and take responsibility for our own evolution;
  • Tell people that the extraterrestrials are waiting for us to invite them with our hearts not as saviors, but as older brothers, and that this is required by karmic law;
  • Share our website and what the Aetherius Society knows about extraterrestrials (

IV) Unifying science and spirituality

Science and spirituality were never meant to be separated. If we are spiritual beings, and if the universe is made of intelligent energy organized by Cosmic Will (or purpose), and condensed into dark and visible matter, it should be obvious that the study of the natural laws that science investigates should be all inclusive.

The emerging disclosure of extraterrestrial life will contribute a great deal to enlighten this topic, because people will seriously ask what was wrong with science that regardless of all technology it has failed to recognize the fact that our neighboring planets are very well inhabited.

A committee will be established to address how we can make science more useful for humanity. There are, of course, the government mandates that this finding is to remain hidden from the public at all costs, but even then one could argue that a truly robust science should have been able to bypass this limitation.

A group of people with great humility and wisdom will suggest that perhaps it would be a good idea to consult our cosmic neighbors, who are many millions of years more advanced than us, about their own sciences. Recommendations will be made, and people will realize that the unification of science and true spirituality is one of the pillars that have allowed our neighbors to develop themselves as much as they did.

It is through this synergy that science can be used in its best sense, allowing us to grasp the greater laws of the cosmos and to apply them correctly for the unselfish benefit of all humanity.

Science without spirituality is very dangerous. We should never forget that we have a great karmic debt to our galactic neighbors who came to help us during the nuclear race that almost destroyed the world. The very fact that these extremely advanced beings, who could have easily destroyed us, came unselfishly to help us realize the stupidity of our own actions while respecting our free will should point out that the cosmos is unselfishly organized in a collaborative sense.

These wonderful people have approached the Earth governments offering help, and were met with fear, pride and rejection. In the emerging new age people will apologize for this poor action which left our world spiritually stranded and the population in the dark.

It will then become evident to the new science that the cosmos promotes a lawful interaction between more advanced and less advanced intelligences, instead of being a savage universe where the stronger are out there to conquer the weaker.

The reason for this lawful interaction will become obvious after it is scientifically proved that the ancient saying “as above so below” is more than wishful thinking philosophy – that it indeed hints that we are cellular structures in the macro-cosmic body with a harmonious function to perform. From this inner realization comes humility, with an understanding of the connections between mind, energy, and matter, and WHY the cosmos operates in a lawful manner. At present this can only be grasped through religious intuition, but on the higher planets this study of the law has become an advanced science (see next project).

Importantly, new age science will study the law of karma and reincarnation through a diligent, informed approach backed up by irrefutable evidence. This knowledge will inform the actions of a transformed, more adult human race in which we will take responsibility for our actions. Wars and hatred will stop making sense, because it will become obvious that even our “worst enemy” is part of ourselves. This is an expression of a mature humanity that knows their functioning within a web of advanced intelligences everywhere. This new science, merged with true spirituality, will serve the needs of the human spirit in their highest sense.

How you can help

  • Learn about metaphysics, and discover for yourself that science and spirituality have a lot in common;
  • Learn and teach others about reincarnation and karmic law, and how these can be scientifically understood as the principles of cause and effect;
  • Learn to separate spirituality from organized religion.

V) Transmuting religion into inner spirituality

True religion arises from a natural human desire to know that we are not alone in the cosmos, and that there is purpose behind our existence. This intuitive urge, combined with the teachings of many great Avatars, have initiated all forms of organized religion.

On the higher planets, this search for meaning has become their highest form of science, because the people of those dimensions have exactly learned the functioning of the laws that control the balance between cause and effect (karma), birth, reincarnation and different degrees of limitation and freedom inherent to the different planetary cycles from a spiritual approach.

This knowledge was gained primarily through inner education techniques, following the advice received from Galactic Masters many millions of years ago, and knowledge gained through space travel. They do not know everything, but they know enough to understand WHY the laws are important for the functioning of the whole, and why egotism is a disease which is comparable to our cancer. They have learned true humility, which is almost an inevitable consequence of a true appreciation of the natural laws.

Unfortunately, organized religion on Earth has devolved into a distorted mechanism of fear, manipulation and limitation. A lot of good has been done and is still being done, but overall the inevitable negative effects of the misuse of information, and the hiding of fundamental truths in order to maintain people addicted and dependent upon a system, under the heavy grip of power control, has been preponderant.

Under the acceleration of the cosmic energies that we are experiencing, the younger generations have progressively become aware of this manipulation, and little by little religion is losing space, and trying to adapt.

How to best address this issue? In our opinion, this matter will take care of itself naturally, as a result of the evolutionary process of the human consciousness. On a planetary scale, on average, there seems to be a cycle of transmutation that might be roughly described as follows:

  1. Blind devotion to religious leaders;
  2. Informed, partial devotion to religious leaders;
  3. Break up from religion;
  4. Dive into materialistic frustration;
  5. Attempt to connect with inner spirituality;
  6. Eventual engagement with yoga or any “other” methods of metaphysical practice involving inner transmutation;
  7. Build up of true spirituality.

The order of the transmutation cycle above is, naturally, from 1 to 7. On average, the more developed western countries seem to be predominantly at the stage 4, with a remarkable split of a large group of people into stage 5 which will supersede the number of people in stage 4 shortly.

It is important to stress that the extraterrestrial disclosure will not “kill” religion (as some people in power fear), but rather help transmute it into true inner spirituality as laid out above (which will finally inform the sciences). In this cycle people will realize their inner potential metaphysically speaking, and will start using the available energies in order to gain enlightenment. With this knowledge, comes the responsibility of helping others through unselfish service for the collective good in the best planetary sense.

How you can help

  • Help people break free from organized religion (if such practice is narrowing their minds) by teaching them that everything that they need is already inside themselves;
  • Learn to separate spirituality from organized religion;
  • When people say that they reject spirituality altogether because of all the lies and manipulation of the churches, gently remind them that true spirituality is an inner experience that doesn’t require any church or priests.

VI) Using Yoga as a bridge into the New Age

Yoga is the science that unifies the lower, more animalistic nature of the human being with the higher cosmic potential that lies within each person.

There is no right or wrong way of doing yoga, as the supreme aim of gaining cosmic consciousness must be realized through actual experience. The overall paths have been first laid out in the east thousands of years ago, and only recently the more advanced aspects of this science have started to become available to the western world.

Yoga is a science because the many methodologies laid out by the Avatars are based on the technical principles of how the etheric energy centers communicate and inform the physical body. Naturally, this is a metaphysical science, as it deals with frequencies beyond those perceived by the gross physical senses.

There are many different paths and traditions, but the most important methodologies given by the Masters of all traditions will involve, in one way or another, some of the following steps:

  1. Body and mind are brought under control and purified through physical and mental exercises;
  2. The flux of prana (vitality) is controlled and mastered primarily through breath control;
  3. Concentration/Contemplation/Meditation starts to be achieved with the help of many additional techniques (e.g., mantras and visualization);
  4. A rise of consciousness is finally experienced as the kundaline starts to rise in a natural fashion, excited by the latent internal fires brought under strict control of the will power, and dosed by a genuine altruistic desire to serve and assist with the planetary evolution;
  5. Enlightenment (freedom from ignorance) is gained, and inner peace is achieved;
  6. The person becomes an adept: a great light is emanated from the aura, and love and light (consciousness) dispel fear and ignorance wherever the person goes. All available energies are used in the best sense, for the benefit of the collective and the reduction of global suffering;
  7. Cosmic Consciousness is attained. Freedom from limitation is experienced through different stages of Samadhi. This is the supreme pinnacle of any yoga. The few who have worked hard enough to karmically deserve to experience this bliss are moved by great compassion, becoming the ultimate teachers of light on Earth and eventually ascending beyond our globe, into higher realms of more advanced learning and service.

Needless to say, this transmutation is not easy and will only be possible when there is a profound sense of respect for a divine source cosmically shared by everyone and everything. Nevertheless, this is the recommended path that will surely decrease the gap between us and the more developed extraterrestrials who inhabit our very neighborhood with an inner technology and capabilities that we can’t even dream of at present.

Such yoga will allow us to have sufficient wisdom as to karmically deserve to be contacted by these beings openly, and to be invited to become active members of the supreme Councils that represent the Earth and the Solar System in the Galaxy.

Dear friends: Is it not worth the effort?

How you can help

  • Learn about the ancient yogic traditions, and practice it yourself;
  • Prepare yourself and purify yourself so that eventually you can start having direct experiences with the invisible world;
  • Learn to control your mind and emotions;
  • Learn detachment;
  • Learn that the current model of consumerism is a designed trap to over gratify the senses and prevent people from evolving – learn how to raise yourself above it and break free from it.

VII) Demonstrating that world peace can only be achieved through inner peace, and that inner peace can only be achieved through enlightenment

The original and undistorted yogic science principles discussed in the topics above demonstrate in a general sense what needs to be done in order to achieve enlightenment. We hope that a diligent research of the references provided will lead to the realization that this is a real science in its best sense, not new age garbage. Importantly, the higher dimensional extraterrestrials have clearly indicated both personally to us as well as to the contactees of the last century that lasting world peace will only be possible when people have become enlightened.

By careful analysis of this assertion, one doesn’t have to be highly intelligent to immediately conclude that the yogic path would be able to take humanity in the right direction towards global peace. When inner peace is achieved, the outer manifestation (i.e., the interaction between people in the physical plane) will also become peaceful.

Given the lack of global enlightenment, when violence inevitably strikes, one must also remember that fire cannot be put off with further fire. This is important!

Ashtar Sheran has indicated that this process towards lasting peace on Earth will slowly unfold through practical needs, in that people will progressively learn to train themselves to accept each other’s differences until compassion is finally mastered. This will arise out of practical scientific demonstration that unless this is done the continuity of modern, globalized society would become unviable.

How you can help

  • Teach people that world peace can never be achieved without inner peace;
  • Learn that competition for social or professional status is another manipulation tool used by the forces who want to prevent humanity from evolving – break free from it by raising yourself above it;
  • Return kindness and compassion to people who deliberately hurt you;
  • Avoid any sense of separation. Remember that separation is an illusion, and that the people who hurt you are also part of yourself;
  • Practice inner peace yourself in all your actions and dealings with the outside world, even if you have to withstand abuse;
  • Be a paramount example of the change you want to see in the outside world.

VIII) Achieving the capacity to eliminate biases, and to validate teachings through actual experience

Central to the aforementioned yogic process of inner enlightenment, and the inner working towards peace, is also the progressive elimination of all types of limiting human thoughts and biases regarding many issues including race, religious beliefs, sexuality and so on. Scientific knowledge and practical intuition and experience should be a very useful tool to help humanity overcome all forms of limitation and discrimination against others, until we finally accept that every human being has the same essential goal which is to be loved by themselves and by others. This awareness requires a constant check against our inner biases which only arise because of ignorance, and is a fundamental part of a much needed inner enlightenment required for true global peace.

It is unfortunate that some prominent metaphysical teachers in the past have indulged into biases, error of judgment and discrimination against fundamental aspects of human expression. We can cite a few well known examples such as Madame Blavatsky (founder of the Theosophical Society) being accused of being racist. While this is probably a partial misinterpretation of her writings, the notion remains nonetheless. We also have Alice Bailey (writer of ‘Ageless Wisdom’ metaphysical teachings that followed from Madame Blavatsky), Samael Aun Weor (an early teacher of many Gnostic groups), as well as an early contactee of Ashtar (Herbert Victor Speer, Germany) being extremely homophobic. All of those teachers had had contact with cosmic sources, yet they were only humans, and were not immune to their upbringing and planetary psych of the times they lived in. In all these cases it is imperative to put things in context with the times and environment which influenced their education and understanding of the world.

It is paradoxical that, while some teachings which are mixed with personal biases still stand the scrutiny of time as state of the art metaphysics to this date, we can also clearly observe how the bias/personal prejudice components in such works have damaged the progression of the very world enlightenment that they were seeking to contribute to.

This error in judgment in early teachers is a call for all lightworkers of the present day and age to never let go of the need to remove biases and validate the teachings based on actual experience, intelligently combining personal and collective elements of experience within the psych of all humanity. Surely this is not an easy task, especially when we consider that in 100 years from now many of the things we regard as normal in today’s society will probably be seen as absurd and out of place.

Blind dogmatic belief in early teachers (or any teachers for that matter), regardless of their ability to bring advanced material during their lives, and regardless of their contact with cosmic sources, is dangerous and undesirable. We must recall that because of the law of non-interference the very advanced cosmic Avatars (e.g., Jesus, Buddha and others) have not been allowed to leave anything in writing, at least not in a direct way. Hence the saying “the Gods don’t write anything”.

Indirectly, however, their works are felt through channels that have purified their personalities and energies enough in order to become more or less accurate transmitters of cosmic wisdom (see for instance the modern metaphysical teachings given through yogic Master George King as an example of what can be achieved when the channel is purified enough). It is up to us to study the writings (both ancient and modern) that have become available to us throughout the centuries, deciding whether their claimed cosmic source is authentic, and whether they have practical application and validity based on direct metaphysical experience, diligent research, intuition and cosmic logic.

The texts are written by humans, and humans are not perfect. Our direct contact with cosmic intelligences and the study of the other true teachers that have channeled them makes it unequivocal that our advanced brothers and sisters from the higher dimensions cannot and will not interfere in our own discovery of what it is to be human. Such a requirement is very important because it is the only way that we can really learn what it is to be human, and how to take responsibility for ourselves and for the Earth.

Unequivocally this process involves our ability to remove personal biases and prejudices wherever they are found. To use the biases to promote disharmony in our society under the false pretense of arguing that everything comes from a higher source is very dangerous, and detrimental to true world enlightenment and peace.

How you can help

  • Learn to discern your own truth without promoting separation;
  • Validate any teachings based on actual experience;
  • Learn to use your intuition;
  • Learn critical thinking;
  • Try to see the bigger picture of the world situation, and understand how competition and separation are used as a weapon to make people weaker.

IX) Promoting a nuclear free world

With the emerging new dimensional awareness, we envisage a society in which little by little people will become enlightened, and enlightenment will be promoted and given the chance to take its rightful place of expression. After extraterrestrial disclosure occurs, several committees will be formed and people will discuss aspects of our sciences with our new found cosmic neighbors. A productive exchange of wisdom and scientific information will take place when sufficient unselfishness and sufficient enlightenment are achieved.

Over the decades, people will also further scrutinize all the previous communications from beings from Venus and Mars received in the mid last century during the atomic race. The archives of some metaphysical societies will be open and widely known by the general public.

People will be prepared to discuss the strong advice that we have received against all forms of nuclear experimentation. Links will be made between the manifestation of atomic clouds within the higher octaves of vibratory matter in our atmospheric belt (there are seven octaves, of which our current science can measure only one!), and diseases in the etheric bodies and in the planetary auric field. Many further connections will be made, which will help to explain a lot of the suffering and disease that currently exists in the world.

In parallel to this, the growth of yogic/metaphysical sciences will show how mind can control matter, and space travel both in the etheric body and through technology which is clean and inexhaustible will be discovered.

At that point, society will realize that we already have infinite potential and powerful tools available within, with the realization that the human Kundaline, the coiled serpent power at the base of the etheric spine, actually represents a type of atomic energy. Links between the macro and the micro will be made, and a great sense of respect for the energy of the atom, which is life giving, will be developed.

This sense of respect, coupled with the right advice and the correct interpretation of all the guidance that has been given to our humanity by our cosmic neighbors, will prevent the misuse of these forces.

Their inherent risks will be well pondered upon, and in this discussion people will increasingly refer to the needs of the planet as a living being, as to make a decision that should benefit the needs of all forms of life.

How you can help

  • Talk to people about the dangers of nuclear energy;
  • Support and donate to the organizations that promote a nuclear free world;
  • Write to your local politicians demanding that nuclear energy is discontinued for the sake of the Earth and the future generations;
  • Inform yourself and others about the ongoing radioactive waste after the Fukushima disaster, and see for yourself how much information is suppressed from the public at all costs;
  • Inform yourself about how little we know about nuclear energy, and how unprepared we are to control it;
  • Study the literature and learn what the extraterrestrials have said about this energy;
  • Study what the Aetherius Society knows about it (
  • Study the 1977 alien broadcast

X) Achieving the capacity to apply philosophy to dispel darkness (ignorance), engaging in active service for the highest possible planetary good

The word philosophy means “love of wisdom”. Yoga and metaphysics teach that enlightenment (wisdom) is a pre-requisite to achieving cosmic consciousness, and even higher states of awareness. As we are trying to demonstrate on this website, this enhanced awareness allows us to contact the higher dimensions (see, for instance, The Nine Freedoms and The 5th dimension for specific methodologies that we are advocating). Hence, by logic alone, we can draw the conclusion that applied philosophy via altruistic action/service would give us a very powerful tool to help improve world conditions.

The root of all philosophical knowledge is as ancient as humanity itself, with many points in common with the original hermetic teachings that were the foundation of all ancient schools of mysticism and all metaphysical knowledge on Earth. This wisdom was the source of inspiration in early Egyptian times and beyond (see for instance The way of Hermes by Clement Salaman and others, 2004; The Kybalion, 2010; and The emerald Tablet of Hermes and The kybalion by Dr. Jane Ma’ati Smith C. Hyp. Msc. D., 2008 under references).

Hence, the parallels between philosophy, metaphysics, mysticism and yoga (taken as the conscious union with our divine, or highest potential) have been evident for a very long time.

It was a pleasant surprise, during a trip to Brasilia in Brazil, to have the chance to visit one of the branches of an international philosophical organization (New Acropolis) that is actively using the highest philosophical concepts to empower people, through the appropriate inner education, to become positive agents of change in their respective communities.

As in the true yoga of selfless action, people are being taught that the best way to dispel darkness is to apply the highest possible concepts that they can grasp into direct service to their communities by becoming the best they can possibly be. This is followed by teaching, voluntary community service and ultimately by leading society upwards, setting a trend by example.

This principle fits very well with our logos “Stillness – Learning – Action”, which is the foundation of how we propose to improve the world and facilitate a higher dimensional planetary consciousness.

Such applied philosophy and inner education are particularly important in these times when there is widespread perception of corruption in many government levels, and widespread dissatisfaction with negativity in the media and how many politicians appear to be still stuck in the dark ages, lacking perception to recognize how their actions are damaging their own communities, and causing suffering to people and countries.

Philosophy in action allows people to bypass this limitation and effectively promote change in the world from their local communities ‘upwards’, instead of waiting for the changes to come ‘downwards’ from many convoluted layers of government.

In summary, and quoting some of the work done by the New Acropolis group, “we need more than ever to raise noble and generous people”. I have no doubt that the aforementioned group is contributing towards this goal. See for further information on how you can use philosophy to gain enlightenment, and how you can actively use this awareness to improve the world.

How you can help

  • Learn about philosophy;
  • Join and support the new acropolis or any other organization actively using philosophical principles to help build a better world;
  • Be a volunteer in your community;
  • Promote unity between all races and all religions rather than separation;
  • Promote unity between all esoteric societies of the world by emphasizing what they have in common rather than their differences – apply the notion that the evolution of the Earth demands unity;
  • If you think you suffer, remember that other people are suffering more than you. Use as much of your energy as you possibly can to freely give kindness and compassion through your daily actions;
  • Think less about your own problems, and invest your time in thinking how to help other people;
  • Learn detachment – learn to forget about yourself and let your higher intuition guide your actions in an unselfish and compassionate way;
  • Be yourself the change you want to see in the world.

XI) Transmutation of Cancer

We are told by the cosmic masters that cancer is here to reflect our own behavior as a planetary race. This seems a clear reference to karmic necessity, as a painful way to learn about what happens when a cellular structure decides to act selfishly and outside the range of service to the whole. The analogy is that we, humans, are the equivalent to a cellular structure in a greater cosmic body. In many ways, our more advanced neighbours from the other planets in our Solar System regard us as a type of cancer, as we are destroying our own planet.

Of course, all the chemicals in our food, pesticides and excessive pollution, electromagnetic and nuclear radiation that are regarded as cancer agents are a physical plane reflection of the destructive spiritual principle within the mind belt of the race, helping the disease manifest physically.

It is very rare to talk to anyone who has not had a family member or a friend affected one way or another by this terrible disease. While conventional western medicine continues to try to find a “cure” based on eliminating the physical manifestation of this imbalance, the actual causes remain completely unexplored.

As the planetary awareness continues to shift into 5th dimensional conditions, people will start to understand progressively more about the true lessons that are to be learned through cancer and other obvious spiritual diseases. We believe that when the lessons are collectively learned and we stop being a selfish materialistic race, the karmic necessity will no longer exist and the disease will automatically disappear.

The higher dimensional extraterrestrials would certainly have spiritual capabilities to cure the cancer, as would any avatar (e.g. the Master Jesus), but they would not use this power to heal us as long as we still have a karmic necessity to go through the necessary experiences afforded by the disease. If you heal the physical disease but the lesson hasn’t been learned by the soul the karmic necessity for the manifestation of the disease remains, and the problem is not solved. This is one of the reasons why a pre-requisite for an open contact with our higher dimensional neighbours is a more or less global recognition of the basic laws of karma and rebirth.

The longer we remain ignorant about these laws, the longer our isolation will remain unchanged. If one understands the all-pervasive law of karma, one can appreciate that wrong action and wrong thought combined will inevitably cause the necessity for disease. As noted by western yogic master George King, karma is about applied pressure to bring all lifestreams back to the ONE source of all life, i.e., back to divinity. Before starting to act as primary mental channel for contacts with our neighbours in the Solar System, George King had ongoing research to try to find a cure for cancer. Obviously that course of action was not possible, for the reasons already stated related to the planetary karmic necessity.

It is also possible to have advanced souls who come to Earth volunteering to experience the disease so that a greater insight could be gained by as many people as possible. There is a very interesting documentary (released in 2016) called “Be here now” (!press/xuxtz) that illustrates well how the disease can be correctly transmuted via acceptance, ultimate detachment and service for all humanity.

As the fifth dimensional vibrations continue to increase, people are sensing that fear will no longer have place in human society, and that even the inevitable fear and anger caused by a terrible disease such as cancer can ultimately be transmuted into courage, detachment, unselfish love and service that comes with a sense of empowerment and duty to help others.

It is a sense of “being here now” (and hence accepting the cosmic flow and the inherent karmic necessity with grace) as brilliantly shown in the aforementioned documentary. We here at Where The Light Comes would like to send our greatest thanks and congratulations for all involved in this documentary for their courage and determination, even though they were probably not fully aware that they have achieved an important karmic manipulation that will help humanity to evolve. Interestingly, the Earth, as shown in the film, has also helped their project. This makes perfect metaphysical sense, as the planetary Logos is fully supporting all karmic manipulations to enhance the new octave of vibrational awareness that will lead us into the new age.

How you can help

  • Learn about the law of karma and reincarnation;
  • Manipulate your karma accordingly as to transmute negative karma via service to others;
  • Understand that all diseases have a spiritual and karmic origin, especially cancer. If you are sick, or if people you love are sick, use this opportunity to understand that physical suffering is often here to help shift our attention inwards;
  • Use the opportunity afforded by cancer to transmute fear into bravery, anger into unselfish love (through detachment), selfishness into active service to others, materialistic thoughts (and limitation) into spiritual thoughts;
  • Recognise and understand what the immortality of the soul means in practical terms for day-to-day life;
  • All these points will facilitate the karmic cleansing of the Earth and the eventual open contact with our higher dimensional space neighbours.