The references below are offered as suggestions for further reading for those who are interested in a deeper understanding of the spiritual connections associated with extraterrestrial life in higher dimensions, as covered on this website.

Some of the works are quite advanced metaphysical and yogic treatises, while others are modest contributions of truth. While each work is constrained by the individual consciousness of the respective authors as well as the planetary consciousness at the time of publication (which includes the thoughts that govern the present website), the search for truth and its greatest revelations are beyond time constraints. Naturally, these works have contributed to increase the overall awareness that made this website possible, as well as the planetary consciousness as a whole, and as such we are profusely grateful to the authors for their courage, their teachings and hard work, and their expression of truth.

It is important to remember that humans are not perfect, and as such no work can possibly be entirely flawless, even amongst the treatises given by high initiates. It is our option whether to focus on the “flaws” or to concentrate on the core spiritual messages and how they advance the planetary consciousness. Please refer to project VIII (“Achieving the capacity to eliminate biases, and to validate teachings through actual experience”) for further details.

Ask a materialistic scientist to judge the caliber of metaphysical works and they will find something apparently wrong and will say “you see, I found an error, hence this is all rubbish”. Of course this is so! They have neither the enlightenment nor the required personal experience (through inner education) to validate the truths for themselves. Ask a real Master and they will say: “Go and read everything you can about such topics. After the most diligent and open-minded research step into practical action and investigate the matter through an inner knowledge perspective. Then, and only then, you will know the truth”.

Some references can be hard to obtain, but overall most of the works should be available from various sources either in print or in electronic form.

As this website seeks to convey, the most direct way to have a personal realization of the higher planes is through all forms of inner work which invoke a transmutation of the lower natures of the mind and gross emotional and physical bodies into a higher octave of vibration in which an enhanced illumination and perception can be achieved.

Bearing the above in mind, we have also included some classical yogic treatises that deal with many different ways to calm the mind and body and tune into the higher frequencies of the cosmos which exist inside ourselves in a latent state as Kundaline-potential, or potential of consciousness or creative energy, at the base chakra.

To those who often ask “how can Mr. and Mrs. everybody make contact with higher dimensional extraterrestrials, and the many Planetary and Solar/Galactic hierarchies”, we wish to clearly point out that the answer lies in unlocking the inner knowledge of our own faculties as per laid out in the aforementioned yogic treatises (for instance, the works by Swami Vivekananda and Swami Sivananda Saraswati, their gurus and disciples, and many other schools).

The path of inner knowledge leading to enlightenment (freedom from ignorance, and peace within) is not easy, yet it is a very rewarding and everlasting bliss. Our civilization will only experience true peace when people have become enlightened, as inner peace is a fundamental requirement for an outward peaceful manifestation.

To those who ask “why the cosmic beings don’t land openly to sort out the matter once and for all”, we recommend a thorough reading of Cosmic Voice Volumes 1 and 2 (1956 and 1957, published by the Aetherius Society). In short, their approach as covered on this website is the one permitted by cosmic law, and is the most beneficial for our own enlightenment in as much as we need to learn to remove the veil by our own efforts.

I sincerely hope you will find this short list useful, and that this will motivate further reading and research.

Best wishes,
Alex Light

References Ordered by Year of Publication

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