The 5th Dimension

In this work we use the expression ‘5th Dimension’ loosely as an attempt to describe a state of consciousness which is slowly emerging, but for the most part is still latent. This state would be beyond linear time as we normally perceive events and connections in our life. The enhanced awareness will open a whole new spectrum of opportunities in all sectors of life, including the discovery of new physical laws which could introduce space travel at speeds much beyond the speed of light, altering how we perceive motion in space (and time), and the relationship between energy and matter.

Probably needless to say, this state of consciousness will also put us in touch with the initial aspects of higher dimensional extra-terrestrial life discussed in this work, as we would be reaching the bottom of a higher and more diverse cosmic class (in the Solar System) so to speak. We would then need to learn the new laws, and to negotiate our way through the many types of more advanced intelligences that we will find. Up to now, our planetary awareness has been equivalent to a pre-school level, in which we haven’t yet taken full responsibility for ourselves, for the planet as a living being and for our respective vibratory contributions to the Solar System and the Galaxy.

With time being the fourth dimension, it is perhaps not too difficult to think loosely of the ‘5th dimension’ in terms of the concepts described above, yet the terminology is only approximate and does not necessarily refer to a new physical dimension in a strict sense of the word.

‘Consciousness’ is literally a form of light, and refers to the soul, or the aspect that is neither dense matter nor pure spiritual energy. In some metaphysical texts this principle is expressed as solar fire, and is related to the cosmic energy that builds all forms subjectively. For example, our own bodies and the Earth are made of dense matter with a certain atomic cohesion which provides their forms. Yet, the real energy that builds and sustains the matrix of different shapes and forms is the ‘soul impulse’ described above. This energy is similar to a gravitational impulse, and is linked to the energy known as love in its highest cosmic sense. We still know very little about the higher aspects of this tremendous energy called Love. Without this impulse, it is obvious that all forms would collapse. This is why the Cosmic Masters said that without Love the whole universe would immediately collapse (i.e., the forms would be dissolved).

Naturally, the subjective aspect of all forms, or their original blue print as some people put it, is more subtle than the gross physical that we are accustomed to, and can only be seen through the psychic eyes (commonly referred to as the third eye). This subjective aspect of matter has been known for a long time in the metaphysical literature as The Ether, where many subtle gradations of form are found.

The fifth dimension that we describe in this work is primarily a state of consciousness in which the Earth and all her inhabitants would not only recognize this Ether, but also atomically vibrate at a higher rate which will be associated with a less dense type of matter. It is the process of “ascending” into a new octave of existence, and making the respective conscious contact with many intelligent hierarchies that inhabit this reality. We say that this dimension is emerging because, amongst other factors, the process relies on humanity learning to look inwards in order to perceive the universe beyond the five senses of the dense physical world.

As mentioned above, the word ‘dimension’ is only employed loosely, as the term 5th dimension has become a “jargon” that is promptly understood, one way or another, by those who are working with and tuning into these frequencies. From the current scientific view we know of course that the first three dimensions refer to the coordinates of space (length, width and height), whereas the 4th dimension is time. There are then a number of theories in Quantum physics attempting to describe in a unified fashion the behavior of sub-atomic particles as well as the macrocosmic gravitational fields through the existence of several other dimensions occurring in a curved space/time continuum. It will be interesting to see how those theories will develop, and if they will eventually lead to the official discovery of etheric matter and the consequent understanding of the portion of the universe which is not visible to us at this stage in our evolution

Regardless what diverse meanings we attribute to the concept of dimensions, we know from metaphysical texts that Cosmic Will, Cosmic Mind and Cosmic Motion are very important aspects of everything that is manifested in the universe. The energy called Cosmic Mind, for instance, is an all pervasive energy which is present in all forms, including a piece of rock. What changes is the level of awareness, i.e., the consciousness intrinsic to a certain individualized unit. In ‘A Treatise on cosmic fire’ (see references), for example, we find a quite detailed explanation on how Cosmic Motion operates on the plane of Cosmic Mind (perceived as an ocean of cosmic potential).

The Cosmic Masters from the Solar System have also given instructions that corroborate with this ancient metaphysical notion, conveying additional information regarding the basic cosmic dimensions. The seven basic dimensions, as per received by contactee George King (1919-1997) from Masters of the Solar System (see references for several of his publications), are given below. As discussed elsewhere (see Q&A number 53), George King had amazing psychic abilities and a very advanced spiritual awareness, and for this reason he remains so far the only ever lived ‘primary mental channel’ (in modern history) for contacts with the Cosmic Masters from the higher planes of the Solar System.

The 7 basic dimensions

7. Cosmic Will
6. Cosmic Mind
5. Cosmic Motion
4. Time
3. Height
2. Width
1. Length

From this framework the 5th dimension would be Cosmic Motion, which is behind time itself, i.e., it makes it possible to measure time. We would then have Cosmic Mind as the dimension behind Cosmic Motion (i.e., all Motion cosmically understood is necessarily generated by Mind, remembering that metaphysically speaking Mind is an all-pervasive concept), and finally Cosmic Will (or Divine Will) as the primary dimension that controls Mind and all other dimensions (this being the spiritual aspect of energy).

We leave it to the reader to study the concepts briefly touched upon in this section, and to reflect upon the different ways of defining dimensions, always keeping in mind our concept of the emerging ‘5th dimension’ primarily as a state of consciousness which will also have very definite physical implications. The reader may refer to Q&A number 70-72 for further details on some of the known properties of this emerging new awareness. We hope that people will work out in their hearts how to best apply these concepts as the planetary consciousness evolves and new opportunities for cosmic service emerge.