We have attempted to demonstrate in our work that the best way to verify the knowledge and experience of the higher dimensions that we have been sharing is through actual inner experience. As discussed under spirituality and metaphysics, this comes about via gnosis, which means that you have the inner irrefutable proof of actual experience. You live it within, so you know it to be true!

There may be an infinite number of ways to achieve this informed inner state of true meditation, but we are told that in the present stage of our evolution it is unselfish service to others (which in itself is a form of yoga and purification) that works best. In other words, we live in times in which a more active path is highly recommended, differently to the days in which the seeker would go away from society in order to gain enlightenment. This is why we have emphasized true yoga (as a divine practice of purification and active selfless service) as the recommended path on our website. Every avatar, saint or adept who have ever lived on Earth have promoted the path of inner realization by direct life example.

The movie Samadhi by Daniel Schmidt released in March 2017 beautifully discusses these concepts, making them accessible to people who may be unfamiliar with these things through concrete examples of the chaotic world of illusions (i.e., the “matrix”) we live in.

We strongly recommend the movie as a gift to all humanity in times of almost unbearable chaos and suffering, reminding the readers that although the tide of cosmic energies is now ready for our evolution, humanity needs to awaken and get out of its present dilemma by own effort and merit.

Full Samadhi is a very difficult state to achieve, but if a sufficient number of people did at least some basic efforts in educating themselves with inner education the masters would then be allowed to help us further. We know this to be true beyond any doubt, as this is the very foundation of a cosmic system that was designed to support the spiritual evolution of people.

Alex Light would like to thank Daniel for his wondrous selfless service for humanity, and for giving us permission to post a link to his movie on our website. You can watch the movie Samadhi for free from the link:

For information about Daniel’s work and spiritual retreat in Canada, go here:

Brief list of yogis, saints and avatars who have achieved full Samadhi while living in the flesh:

  1. Cosmic master known as Krishna
  2. Cosmic master known as Jesus
  3. Cosmic master known as Buddha
  4. Lao Zi
  5. Confucius
  6. Yogic master Patanjali
  7. Count Saint Germain
  8. Madame Blavatsky
  9. Swami Vivekananda
  10. Swami Sivananda Saraswati
  11. Yogic master George King
  12. Yogic Master Yogananda

There are countless others, known and unknown. Anyone who is doing significant service for the race with full detachment from personal gratification has likely achieved some form of Samadhi, even if still latent and unrecognized by the person.

The recommendations made by any of the masters above, which were fully demonstrated by their actual life examples, will offer a guaranteed pathway to enlightenment to anyone who cares to diligently follow their instructions.

Is it that hard to stop blaming others for the state of the world and start making progress in our own inner education? Why are we waiting for some form of outside disclosure from governments, if in reality all we need is inner disclosure of what reality actually is?

The inner path is the only way out of the present chaos. The choice is ours, and the masters are waiting for humanity to act!