The Post-Truth Era

  1. Preliminary remarks
  2. Metaphysical introduction for understanding the extraterrestrial facts
  3. Facts that prevent the truth becoming known
  4. Background to the case study and our approach
  5. Washington, July 1952, the biggest UFO “buzz” in modern history
  6. The events in chronological order
  7. What do the facts prove?
  8. Interpretation and follow up
  9. The Aetherius Society
  10. An inconvenient Truth
  11. Major Donald Keyhoe
  12. Extraterrestrial satellites and moon bases
  13. The Post-Truth era
  14. Giant Rock the Movie
  15. Final points
  16. Is this religion?
  17. Nuclear War


Preliminary remarks

People seem to believe in a lot of different things these days thanks to the Internet, often without realizing that beliefs alone mean very little, and that information doesn’t imply knowledge. We refer to beliefs without the appropriate gnostic assimilation of inner experience, or the required experience and study as advocated in our work.

Based on this gnostic principle, we launched Where The Light Comes in September 2013 in order to offer a spiritual contribution to the world during this transition time. Since then the world has become more chaotic, and both human society and the environment are closer to a tipping point than ever before (see World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice published on 13 November 2017).

This apparent collapse has been predicted by all spiritual traditions. As explained in the Armageddon section, the current planetary chaos is a direct consequence of an increased polarization of the mental plane.

This polarization is only a temporary manifestation of the spiritual energy acceleration that the Earth is experiencing, and will settle into a less polarized state in due time. The advent of the Internet itself is part of the mental acceleration process, and helps explain the increased polarization.

Currently the mental polarity is so high that it’s almost as if the world could be split into two contrasting groups, one for change and one for maintaining the status quo. This very painful and difficult process of temporary “separation” of people is necessary in order to bring to light ways of living and thought patterns that are incompatible with the new vibration, and need to change.

We have shown throughout this website that the extraterrestrial message adds a crucial understanding to this process of temporary polarization and change. It is a spiritual message based on cosmic logic and easily verifiable by experimentation, not dissimilar to the advice already given by our own avatars such as Jesus, Buddha or Krishna.

The extraterrestrial message also contains a concrete offer to help a collapsing world of old paradigms to transition into a society that will be much less polarized, and of higher spiritual quality. The offer is conditional, however, upon humanity wanting to embrace change by free will.

This section is offered as the final part of Where The Light Comes, in the highly polarized age of “alternative facts” and of “post-truth”, hoping that it might be beneficial for those who are baffled by the increasing chaotic state of society, and are looking for answers. People might be surprised to find that the space people have already given us the answers, and that this is proved by facts.

Unfortunately, humanity has failed to listen to the early warnings, and now we are starting to pay the ultimate price. One might ask: when did the “post-truth” era really start, and what was the main precursor that has led to such degeneration?

The case study presented in this section attempts to answer these questions.


Metaphysical introduction for understanding the extraterrestrial facts

Regarding actual facts about UFOs and extraterrestrial presence on Earth that could be measured or quantified with our limited three-dimensional (3D) technology, at the introduction of Where The Light Comes we said that we had no intention of proving or disproving anything.

Essentially, we are dealing with a phenomenon that is beyond our dimension, and which is as much spiritual as it is physical. Only a combined, and unified approach can penetrate its multiple layers of secrecy and apparent contradictions.

It’s important to understand that the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon primarily manifests on a type of subtle matter akin to a gaseous form from our perspective, but solid from their perspective.

The distance between the atomic nucleus and the orbiting electrons in this finer material structure is larger than in the chemical elements that we know on Earth. This means that our physical atoms can go through their ‘etheric’ atoms without colliding.

For instance, if one of our aircrafts were to collide with one of their higher dimensional craft, it would go straight through the spacecraft unharmed. This has happened many times while Air Force jets were chasing UFOs. There is proof in the UFO records.

This type of fine or ‘etheric’ matter has been well known to metaphysics for thousands of years. This knowledge is found in the hermetic teachings of ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, and many other metaphysical traditions of the past.

But the process of going through matter would only occur as long as the extraterrestrials didn’t lower the vibrational aspect too much. We know that they can change the vibrational frequency of both their spaceships and their bodies quite easily.

They do so in order to become visible (and physically solid) to us when they want to be seen. They have done it, at times, in order to invite people physically (as understood by us) to their craft. Such was the case of George Adamski and George Van Tassel, who were prominent early “contactees”. Others were invited into their craft in a projected state (out of body experiences, OBE).

The process of “dematerialization” explains why the physical evidence is so difficult to ascertain and may seem contradictory at times, oscillating between encounters perceived as physical or as OBE. Out of body experiences can leave an extremely intense impression in the conscious mind. In cases of contacts with people without yogic training, the “contactee” may easily mistake the experience as having occurred in the gross physical.

This brief metaphysical introduction is not to say that the extraterrestrials don’t want to be known, and might be using dematerialization to deliberately hide from us. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. As we’ll see below, the true forces that have prevented the phenomenon from becoming known and understood by society in general are of a very different nature.


Facts that prevent the truth becoming known

There is a fierce opposition to the appreciation of the nature and meaning of the space message, and the serious warning that comes with it. For the sake of simplicity, we refer to this opposition as coming from hidden dark forces.

The term hidden accounts for the fact that at least some of the driving mental energy for this type of opposition resides within the astral plane of our planet. This is a natural plane of life made of less dense substance (still grosser than etheric), and therefore invisible to our physical senses. The astral plane has many layers, and is generally speaking where people go after death and await the chance to reincarnate.

These hidden forces occupy a small portion of the astral where the energy is very dense, i.e., not the intermediate layers where most people go after death. They have a great desire to keep humanity spiritually stagnated and tied to the incarnation cycle for as long as possible, partially because of the way the astral plane is structured, and governed, in the specific sector where they live.

Unfortunately, the degenerated life forms that live in this sector (note this, not necessarily human) have been specifically conditioned and trained to learn how to extract energy from human ignorance, hatred and war (specifically fear and bloodshed) on our surface. This process is akin to the concept of vampires, yet not quite so explicit.

Some of the leaders of this astral sector are powerful beings who are extremely advanced in metaphysics of the dark path, and have a relentless policy of causing as much damage and interference as they can on the surface. For example, Jesus was murdered under direct interference from these beings, with the ignorant mob being manipulated without knowing the forces that were really controlling the scene. Another example: the ascension of Hitler into power, and the support he had at the time, was also directly related to the gross interference of these powerful forces. Further details require advanced metaphysical understanding, and are beyond the scope here. The reader is referred to the metaphysical literature if interested.

So far, these forces have been successfully stimulating the so-called ridicule policy for about 70 years in order to prevent the consciousness of the human race from evolving.  Of course we’re talking about a mental principle that seeds ideas in our physical plane. The hidden forces gather allies on the surface, who work on their behalf without realizing that they are being used as pawns.

An example is when we know something is wrong and intrinsically evil, but we succumb to the animalistic or selfish impulse and fail to resist the urge to cause harm. In this case the lower astral pull is felt within the base chakras as different variations of a primeval desire to have power over others, often unconsciously.

This initial primeval urge is then further stimulated in the mind, which is an easy area for subjugation and control by the aforementioned entities, who specialize in targeting people in key positions of power on the surface.

These forces are often also called “dark” not as much to convey judgment, but rather as a metaphysically appropriate expression to characterize those who operate to constrain the consciousness and the appreciation of oneness, i.e., that which is opposite to spiritual freedom.

This astral influence is part of the cosmic test for humanity itself to evolve, through the gradual realization that separation is an illusion. It helps explain wars, bloodshed, dictatorship, intentional misguidance, abuse of power and of course, extraterrestrial suppression as discussed above.

The “ridicule policy” is the main practical way that the forces that oppose extraterrestrial disclosure have found for ensuring the perpetuation of secrecy and the disregarding of UFO evidence upon the surface. It is a clever technique to prevent people from appreciating the value of the message brought from space.

Intimidation of witnesses and people who fought the censorship has also been widely and effectively used for decades, but ultimately it is the “ridicule policy” that has caused the most damage.

Its principle is extremely simple but really effective, invoking an element that appeals to the weakest aspect of the already fragile human ego, namely: people have a terrible fear of being ridiculed by others; at the same time, they feel powerful by ridiculing others. As such, most people will follow the path of least resistance in order to adhere to the status quo.

Because of this, an open and intelligent discussion of the vast amount of serious and (under normal circumstances) irrefutable UFO evidence becomes automatically unattainable in any forum supported by society as being credible.

The nature of this dark manipulation is such that it finds its greatest expression in scientific and government circles. Those are strategic sectors that have had responsibility for leading and channeling the thought trends and aspirations of the race.

These society sectors are also where the human ego tends to be naturally exacerbated, because of perceived self-importance. If the official “thinkers” are under control, it is easy to keep the race mentally enslaved.  Therefore it is easy to understand why these sectors were hit the hardest by the “ridicule policy”.

The consequences of this manipulation have been catastrophic. The mental blockage ended up spreading through several generations. The very people who were victims of the manipulation have furthered it unconsciously. And the space warning was never fully appreciated or acknowledged for what it is.

This fact is well known by anyone who studies the topic. In due time the world will probably use this sad example to warn future generations to be more vigilant, and never again become such easy prey of self-imposed mental limitation.


Background to the case study and our approach

We should bear in mind that more than enough physical and spiritual evidence of extraterrestrials has been recorded. This includes their grave warning for humanity to stop deviating from the cosmic law. Therefore we must also conclude that the matter is not about lack of proof at all. It is rather about the expectation of what proof should be.

There has been an altogether generalized global apathy and lack of interest for what has been right in front of our eyes for at least 70 years (1947-2017), largely due to the success of the “ridicule technique” of mental suppression discussed above.

Below we will give a brief example of how the extraterrestrials have been giving us physical evidence of not only their existence, but also of the authenticity of their message, often received via spiritual means.

We’ll use the impressive July 1952 Washington “buzz” coordinated by the space people for this brief case study. In our opinion this was probably the single most important coordinated effort ever made by the extraterrestrials in a publicly open and direct fashion to the present day.

The fact that the proof given hasn’t become “official” is certainly not the extraterrestrials’ fault. In our opinion they have done a remarkable job, under the framework of karmic limitation in which they are forced to operate.

This karmic condition is something we have unconsciously activated ourselves, because of our own self-limiting thoughts and actions that cannot be interfered with. As discussed earlier, the space people want to become known, but cannot force it to happen.

As we’ll show below, the extraterrestrials have given us the physical proof in 1952 in the exact measure we needed, and which could be given by karmic law. Their actions show how much they care about us, and how they only operate within the confines of spiritual law.

Our space brothers are only permitted to come down openly in two diametrically opposed cases: (a) if they have to stop a nuclear war (we are not permitted to destroy our planet under any circumstance) or (b) if people did the necessary spiritual preparation informing themselves, and a ‘sufficient’ number of awakened individuals unselfishly asked for their spiritual help, for the benefit of the world as a whole.

By ‘sufficient’ we mean large enough to balance the negative karma of the Earth, meaning more an energy principle than an arbitrary number of people. This would have to be done with purity of heart both in meditations and by practical global mobilization to freely invite the extraterrestrials to come down.

Other than the scenarios laid out above, the world will follow its course without open intervention no matter how dark and chaotic things might become. The fact that we are still in the dark in this day and age proves this point.

The reader is invited to study the facts below in connection to our case study, and make their own conclusions.  We believe the facts should speak for themselves, provided people know how to interpret them.


Washington, July 1952, the biggest UFO “buzz” in modern history

The month of July 1952 was probably the most significant of all times in modern recorded history in regards to extraterrestrials making an open approach towards earth governments.

In that month the extraterrestrials demonstrated to Washington and all major governments of the planet who they were, what their intentions were and also that they were serious about what they were saying.

The US government got profoundly nervous and worried by this open approach and its deep implications. At the same time, and quite predictably, the controlling forces that operate behind the scenes got even more determined to hide the truth at all costs.

We can imagine how tough it must have been for the government and those in power (especially the military) in those early days to deal with this new factor from space that came to “spoil” their plans and their vision for the world.

To be fair, we must remember that it’s not easy to govern, and that the human race as a whole wasn’t advanced enough for contact with space without at least an initial fairly vigorous adjustment.


The events in chronological order

6 April 1952

More than three months before the Washington ‘buzz’, an extraterrestrial called ‘Noma’, sent a voice transmission message to early contactee George Van Tassel ( to his reception room underneath Giant Rock in the California desert.

Van Tassel would later become one of the most prominent figures of the early UFO movement, together with George Adamski ( and a few others.

The message was received through telepathic rapport, and it stated that that group of extraterrestrials making contact with Van Tassel would give the globe a buzz with particular target at the US government, for reasons that the sequence of events below would clarify.

Below we show a copy of the original transcript as received by Van Tassel, with comments from him (annotated later) about the synchronicity regarding what happened three months after this initial message was received.

This voice transmission was one of the first messages ever received through telepathic rapport from an extraterrestrial source in modern history, as far as we know.

For details of how this and many other messages were received, and the significance of Giant Rock as a natural amplifier for trance channeling of cosmic energies, the reader is referred to the link below as well as the books written by Van Tassel on the topic (

Page 20 of George Van Tassel’s “I Rode a Flying Saucer – The Mystery of the Flying Saucers Revealed”, by New Age Publishing, 1952 showing the 6 April 1952 transmission (

18 July 1952

The first known communication ever received in modern history from the being ‘Ashtar’ (today known as a cosmic Master under name-function Ashtar Sheran) is received by contactee George Van Tassel at Giant Rock.

In this communication it is explained that Ashtar had arrived in the Solar System for the first time, in order to join the fleet that was already stationed around planet Venus, and which had already been communicating with Van Tassel for a few months.

Ashtar introduces himself and explains the purpose of his coming to our system joining the local forces. Ashtar then requests that Van Tassel informs the US government of the 18 July 1952 transmission. Van Tassel posts a letter on the day after (19 July 1952), just prior to the evening in which the “buzz” would start (as we will see below).

According to Van Tassel’s writings that we could access, the letter was posted to the Air Force by registered mail containing a copy of the 18 July as well as the 6 April messages, with a return receipt requested.

The return receipt was mailed back from the Air Force Base on 22 July 1952 at 8:50am and signed “Air Technical Intelligence Com., by Junior Enches, Mail Clerk. A copy of the letter to the Air Force was also addressed to Ted Owens of the Los Angeles Mirror newspaper at the time.

The confirmation receipt by the Air Force and a copy of the original letter are key physical evidence that can prove that Van Tassel was telling the truth, and that he was given information about the “buzz” beforehand.

Those are not in public domain as yet, but we understand that there are copies available and that Van Tassel’s nephew Chad Meek, who is currently alive and working on a movie project about his uncle, will release these documents to the public when he feels it’s the right time (details about this movie project by Van Tassel’s nephew are given at the bottom of this page).

Interestingly, Ashtar clearly states in the message that the governments were already fully aware of the extraterrestrial presence, possibly referring to the constant visits by crafts from our neighboring planets since the late 1940s, as documented by Major Donald Keyhoe (see separate note on Donald Keyhoe below).

Additionally, Ashtar also states that the governments had also already determined that the UFOs were spacecraft operated by higher intelligence. Below we show a copy of the original transcript received via telepathic rapport on 18 July 1952 at Giant Rock, followed by a brief commentary by Van Tassel at the end.

Pages 30-32 of George Van Tassel’s “I Rode a Flying Saucer – The Mystery of the Flying Saucers Revealed”, by New Age Publishing, 1952 showing the 18 July 1952 transmission from Ashtar (

19 and 20 July 1952

The initial phase of the ‘buzz’ starts in Washington D.C. late at night on the 19th. Let’s recall that Van Tassel had posted the letter to the Air Force on that day containing a copy of Ashtar’s message of 18 July, as well as the warning transmission about the “buzz” of April 6th. Therefore, when the first phase of the “buzz” started, the letter was on its way to the Air Force.

The initial phase of the ‘buzz’ consisted of very significant UFO disturbance around Washington, with several UFOs spotted on the airport radar flying around the city. At some point several UFOs were flying directly over the White House simultaneously.

The UFOs were physically seen by airport operators as well as pilots in flight, and were confirmed by additional independent radar from a nearby Air Force base. Air Force jets were sent to chase them, but they disappeared from the radar with no trace before the jets could make visual contact. When the jets ran out of fuel and were forced to retreat the UFOs immediately re-appeared on the radar.

The phenomenon lasted until dawn.

We’ll let the readers read the Wikipedia description and find out more details, and also how the authorities handled the case and dismissed the event to the public as “thermal inversion”.,_D.C._UFO_incident 

22 July 1952

A return receipt is mailed from the Air Force to acknowledge that they had received the letter that Van Tassel sent on 19 July. As discussed earlier, copies of both the return receipt and of the original letter posted by Van Tassel prior to the “buzz” are in possession of a few people who knew Van Tassel. We hope they will become publicly available in the near future as physical evidence that Van Tassel spoke the truth.

From the government’s perspective at the time, the letter certainly gave them proof that Ashtar was real, and that the space beings had the technological capability they said they had.

Of course the governments had determined that there was no other way that Van Tassel could possibly had known about the “buzz” in advance. The only acceptable conclusion, given the circumstances, was that Van Tassel had had some form of legitimate contact with the space intelligences behind the “buzz”.

As the next transmission received by Van Tassel shows, the extraterrestrials monitored the reaction that his letter had caused in the government.

25 July 1952

George Van Tassel at Giant Rock receives a new telepathic communication. The transmission informed that the letter that Van Tassel had mailed to the Air Force on 18 July had caused numerous materialists to stop and think for the first time in their mortal existence.  See below for the original transcript.

Page 33 of George Van Tassel’s “I Rode a Flying Saucer – The Mystery of the Flying Saucers Revealed”, by New Age Publishing, 1952 showing the 25 July 1952 transmission (

Later on Van Tassel was also telepathically informed that the US government had shared the 18 July 1952 communication from Ashtar with several other governments, likely Russia included, at very high levels of top-secret clearance channels. Therefore, we know that they acted on it!

26 and 27 July 1952

The Washington “buzz” takes place again, but this time it started earlier in the evening and was overall even more impressive and dramatic than the initial operation.

This second phase included several witnesses in commercial airplanes arriving into Washington airport seeing the UFOs. Different to the previous “buzz”, in this case the Air Force jets that were sent to intercept the phenomenon made direct visual contact with the UFOs. The UFOs vanished only when the jets were getting physically close.

The difference in how the space people handled being chased demonstrates a progression in their introduction almost in a playful way. As a note, we here at Where The Light Comes are convinced that our space brothers can have good sense of humor, as for example demonstrated by what Ashtar said regarding the Air Force trying to capture him (see a part of the 1 August message to Van Tassel that also appears on page 33 of his book shown above).

The disruption in Washington was so severe that even with the strong censorship that was already in place at the time the matter gained the front page of the newspapers the following morning.

Importantly, some reporters gained access to the control room of the airport tower and were shown the UFOs on the radar screen, but no photographs were permitted due to national security concerns. The buzz lasted the entire night, finishing before sunrise.

These are actual facts as occurred and witnessed by the highest caliber of professionally qualified witnesses at the time, such as radar operators and civilian and Air Force pilots.

To imply that all such mobilization occurred because of thermal inversion, as the authorities did at the time, is beyond ludicrous. It’s a profound lack of respect to the professional integrity and credentials of the people involved.

We can plainly see the mechanisms of censorship and manipulation using the “ridicule technique” at play. In our analysis this was the true beginning of a process that would lead to widespread degeneration of society, and to the ‘post-truth’ era of today.  See the links below for further details (more comments about the ‘post-truth’ era are given at the end of this section).,_D.C._UFO_incident


What do the facts prove?

The combined synchronicity of the above facts (i.e. Van Tassel at Giant Rock plus the Washington “buzz”) must have proved to the governments, beyond any doubt, that Ashtar is real.

The facts have also proved to the governments that complete and total disregard for the integrity of the planet in their ultimate search for power was not going to be allowed. Surely it was a hard lesson for those who thought they could do whatever they wanted.

Whether the governments have also accepted that the mission of Ashtar and our neighbors in the Solar System is truly peaceful, and whether the metaphysical logic of their spiritual warning for the human race is valid, is open for discussion.

We know that power leads to paranoia of losing power, to the point of complete blindness to the obvious. One can understand a message and still refuse to accept it, if it threatens their comfort zone and the status quo.

The space message itself and the facts, including the way the extraterrestrials have dealt with being chased, make it clear the space people are absolutely not interested in confrontation or willing to interfere in our internal affairs.  They were forced to make an approach because the atomic developments were posing a threat to the integrity of the planet as well as the nearby planets.

Atomic explosions don’t stay confined to our dimension. They produce chain reactions in higher octaves unknown to our science, which will have an impact in both the astral and the etheric planes.


Interpretation and follow up

Historical facts prove that there were forces who didn’t want the extraterrestrial message known at the time, and that the same forces are still preventing the truth from coming out to this day, by the methods of manipulation earlier discussed.

The required task of separating the influence of the forces that infiltrated the UFO movement is complex. As the phenomenon is multi-dimensional, this task includes learning to discern astral delusion (related to out of body and psychic experiences mistaken for true extraterrestrial contact) and intentional interference implanted to confuse the public with its multiple expressions.

For the general public the sequence of facts as available today can help establish a pattern, and validate further research. These facts do not answer all the questions about the UFO phenomenon, but they were given in the exact measure that the human race needed so that we could study, learn and connect the dots through our own effort.

People often don’t realize that the necessity to connect the dots ourselves is a fundamental piece of the cosmic puzzle itself! Those in power at the time got what they needed to be convinced because the nuclear threat had to be dealt with as a matter of urgency, but from general society’s perspective it is our job to work hard enough to overcome the self-imposed mental blockage.

After one is convinced that the facts above may lead to the logical conclusion that the space message is authentic, connecting the remaining dots throughout the decades becomes relatively straightforward, but only when the spiritual and physical evidence are examined in synergy.

People really need to understand that the UFO phenomenon cannot be appropriately appreciated in isolation. In part, the vigorous secrecy and opposition to the phenomenon arise precisely because of the perceived implications for organized religion, societal status and governance assumptions, and the economy and energy production model based on profit.

One then starts to appreciate how the abduction phenomenon and the concept of extraterrestrials as a threat were later introduced as part of the “package” to keep people disempowered and in the dark.

This was done in order to create irrational fear against all space beings without further analysis, and to prevent people from having sufficient clarity of mind to examine the proper evidence and the actual message, and the warning of why they are here.

This was a “top-up package” to the “ridicule technique”, adding fear to the equation to make the manipulation more powerful.

We are not saying that there hasn’t been evidence of abductions and some possible hostility since 1952. The facts should be studied without bias, and one will find the two sides of the coin for this and every phenomenon. But we have no concrete evidence that contradicts the peaceful July 1952 message, and its tremendous metaphysical logic.

On the contrary, day-by-day the logic of the original message as given in 1952 becomes more self-evident, as the environmental degradation progresses further, and the selfish profit-based economy that benefits from war and hatred is exposed as the leading cause of our ultimate degeneration as a race.

The Ashtar message didn’t say, “we are the only ones” or there “there is no evil outside Earth”. This of course would be a logical and prudent caution to have. But if our leaders reject a genuine offer for spiritual help, and instead make alliances with alternative forces that they may have unintentionally invited with their own dark thought pattern to begin with, then what would we expect?

The metaphysical law is clear that whoever looks for evil shall find it. Ashtar cannot stop our own people from looking for evil, as the same free will principle applies. Conversely, he cannot stop evil from coming to our physical plane if invited by us, be it lower astral or extraterrestrial influences.

As we said at the introduction of the website, there is evidence that we have been visited by “gray” beings from Zeta Reticuli (39 light years from Earth), possibly starting with a crash in 1947. Higher dimensional craft don’t crash, so obviously that craft was of a different nature. Ashtar confirmed that these visitors are here, and we were instructed that this particular group is not spiritually enlightened.

To complicate things, we understand that the lower astral entities around and within the Earth and the moon are also capable of limited space flight (in astral matter), and can pretend to be space people and easily mislead those who don’t know how to use their heart chakra to distinguish the difference in vibration. Many people who think they were abducted, and so on, easily fall in the category of having astral experiences.

But note that Ashtar never said that we were in danger of attack at all, be it from the grays from Zeta Reticuli or anyone else. He simply advised against making alliances with these beings, clearly implying that we are in full control of our destiny.

Similar advice was given regarding the lower astral plane and the intelligences therein. Are we able to interpret and apply the advice with discernment and humility, and decide the future we want to give to our children?

To this day, we continue to be bombarded with new movies released with darker and darker concepts of extraterrestrial attacks. We even have evidence today that a potential weapon of the controlling forces is a simulated attack using secret earth-based technology, pretending to be space beings (see disclosure section for further details).

The film industry is clearly being manipulated to serve the very purpose of this weapon. When will people be freed from this pattern? Will people fall for this further manipulation without reasoning further?

The pure analysis of facts from 1952 should make it rather obvious that if our neighbors or Ashtar wanted to cause us harm they would have done that a long time ago, and we would have been completely helpless to defend ourselves.

The best protection we can have against lower astral forces, or unfriendly extraterrestrials, is via increasing our own vibrations through the spiritual quality of our thoughts and actions. This can easily be achieved through yoga and unselfish service to others, which are the foundation of the new age.


The Aetherius Society

About two years after the Washington “buzz”, a new phase of the extraterrestrial approach started. A Master from Venus, known as Aetherius, telepathically contacted a person called George King (another George!) in the United Kingdom.

This new George would be trained in advanced yoga, and gain the ability to establish telepathic rapport with extraterrestrials at will, with the kundalini fully lodged into the crown.

This was and remains unprecedented, as no other known UFO contactee in history has ever been able to establish rapport in such a way as far as we know.

Those who know yoga and metaphysics understand that the establishment of the telepathic rapport with the kundalini into the crown implies an enormous additional energy concentration.

This condition would allow for longer and more perfect voice and mental transmission, with very little chance of interference. Because of such circumstances, George King was named “Primary mental channel” by the extraterrestrials. He received hundreds of transmissions that continued almost until he died in 1997.

The nature of the transmissions received by George King confirmed everything that Ashtar had said in his July 1952 warning. The new transmissions provided further details about each of the planets in the Solar System, and how the Interplanetary Parliament (the practical aspect of the spiritual hierarchy administration of our system), operates.

George King was also given a substantial amount of really advanced metaphysical instructions. Some of the most advanced of those were the Twelve Blessings ( and the Nine Freedoms (

The depth of the metaphysical content in those works likely goes beyond the grasp of even the most advanced Earth adept of today. But anyone can assess the quality, and metaphysical validity, of such works based on their merit and practical application. Such verification can (and should) be used as further evidence to validate the cosmic source of the information. We have no doubt this will be done in the future.

Anyone with an open mind who ask themselves “why is the world in such a dreadful state of suffering” should investigate and listen to the original voice transmissions of those works as recorded (available from the links above). We believe it’s not difficult to realize that George King couldn’t possibly have fabricated these advanced transmissions in any way.

Of relevance for this section, the Master Aetherius delivered a transmission on 21 May 1956 that ended with a brief comment on Ashtar. This message was preceded by an introduction from a Martian known as Mars Sector 6 (who is a karmic Lord), making a dramatic appeal due to the dangers of nuclear weapon testing.

We reproduce these two transmissions in full below, hoping that this will help people put the extraterrestrial message regarding nuclear energy in context with the present day nuclear escalation.

We also hope that these transmissions will help clarify Ashtar’s identity from an independent and reliable source, and the fact that the cosmic Masters are all working together, both from within and outside the solar system.

The transmission also confirms that the earth governments had been approached and offered help (confirming the July 1952 approach), but had rejected it due to irrational pride and fear of losing their position of power.

How do we feel about this decision as a race? Are we comfortable to offer the future generations a degenerated ‘post-truth’ world that is a legacy of this terrible decision made on our behalf without further consultation?

Transcripts from voice transmission from Mars Sector 6 and the Master Aetherius received through Primary Mental Channel George King on 21 May 1956.  A commentary on Ashtar is made at the end of page 84. Available from the Aetherius Society (


An inconvenient Truth

George King passed away in 1997, and the society he initially founded, under the instruction of the cosmic Masters, continues to operate through an active board of directors ( They have staff and followers and are doing a tremendous amount of good for the Earth, regardless of the fact that none of them has direct contact with space people any longer (after their leader passed away) as far as we know.

In light of the fundamental importance of the facts discussed in this section, and our own contacts with Ashtar and the Master Aetherius and the responsibility that these have placed on our shoulders, we have approached the directors of the Aetherius Society most strongly requesting a gesture of collaboration with our approach from their end.

Today thanks to the relentless interference of the astral forces forces, most material relating to “Ashtar” has become mixed with false or deluded content. This makes it harder for people to find the truth, and so we need as much help as we can possibly get in order to educate. Ashtar has delegated this task to us directly – It is an energy impulse coming from the Master himself that has made Where The Light Comes possible.

So we have asked the directors to include a note of clarification about Ashtar on their website, based on their own cosmic transmissions. In our views, such gesture backed up by the records received through George King would not only be entirely logical and appropriate, but also urgently needed. The real urgency is to match the challenges of the ‘post-truth’ era, and the overall planetary moment, now that more information regarding historical extraterrestrial facts is becoming available.

Such initiative would benefit the combined efforts of the different Masters, taking advantage of the fact that the name Ashtar is already well known on the Internet. It is an additional effort to help defragment the correct information about space, and to help dissipate human ignorance of the combined extraterrestrial approach.

We have expressed to the directors that, because of the key position of the Aetherius Society as the only group on Earth safeguarding the cosmic transmissions received through George King for the future generations, they must also be prepared to scientifically analyze the actual implications of what they hold in their archives in line with wider historical facts.

To withhold the correct information about Ashtar, intentionally or unintentionally and for whatever reason, is in our opinion a grave karmic crime against humanity.

We have excellent relationships with some of their senior staff, and at least one director has been receptive and tried to help but was met with resistance from others. Unfortunately, we must conclude that Ashtar is an inconvenient truth for them. They probably feel embarrassed and uncomfortable to get involved because of the distortions and delusion surrounding the name. While we understand the concerns, their unwillingness to take up the Ashtar challenge is unfortunate.

The transmissions received by the Masters through Primary Mental Channel, founder of the Aetherius Society, are quite categorical that the new age requires that different metaphysical societies, adepts and people of light go out of their comfort zones in order to meet a common ground of collaboration based on cosmic logic. Such approach should be aimed to benefit the world as a whole, and should not come from one perspective only but instead from a combined approach.

This process is not easy. It requires very bold vision and leadership, humility and sacrifice. But nonetheless it must be done, and those who are working for light must be prepared to start it. We look forward to the time in which this will be possible on Earth, and have expressed some thoughts and suggestions about collaboration in the new age in our new age infographic section.


Major Donald Keyhoe

Major Keyhoe (1897-1988) was probably the most influential UFO researcher of all times, and the only person to ever have had official clearance to publish (USA) military UFO records, before the grip of censorship became too stringent.

The books by Major Donald Keyhoe contain one of the most comprehensive and impressive collections of UFO physical evidence from a source of indisputable integrity and proven access to facts. His material offers a thorough documentation of physical encounters and UFO facts coming from trained observers, including civil airline pilots and military pilots of the highest caliber.

In particular, his early book “The Flying Saucers are Real” published in 1950 sold over half a million copies at the time.

His 1950 book proves that Ashtar’s transmission to Van Tassel in July 1952 stating that the governments already knew that the UFO were real spacecraft operated by higher intelligence was telling the truth.

The extensive works by Major Keyhoe, dedicating his life to the diligent study of the topic against all odds and the established secrecy, confirms that the immense majority of known cases of contacts with UFO archived by the US military contained no evidence at all of any hostility against us.


Extraterrestrial satellites and moon bases

Major Keyhoe was also responsible for releasing to the world in 1954 that the military had already tracked on radar, by accident, that there were at least two extraterrestrial-made, artificial satellites, in polar orbit of the Earth.

Unfortunately, this crucial information has been withheld from the public together with most of the truth about extraterrestrials.

Today thanks to the work of Primary mental channel George King (see Aetherius Society above) we know that there are at least three extraterrestrial satellites orbiting the Earth, after a third one was added in May 1955.

This third satellite was a metaphysical operation by the cosmic masters in order to help radiate spiritual energies from the solar Logos into the planet. The operating principle uses the spiritual thoughts of the human race itself (when so invoked by us), as a channel to amplify this energy pattern.

The operational aspect of the third satellite added in 1955 demonstrates the logic of having strict self-control of our own thought-pattern, in order to help with our own evolution. Is that spiritually illogical?

The proof of the extraterrestrial satellites in orbit of the Earth demonstrates once again how much the space people care about us.

Anyone is free to deduce that these satellites might have been installed in order to eventually conquer us if they prefer to make that assumption. But in order to make such deduction, one would need to reject all spiritual evidence combined from all early contactees including Van Tassel and George King. One would also have to reject all physical evidence that extraterrestrials pose no threat to us presented by the extensive research of major Keyhoe.

Thanks to Keyhoe we also know that by 1952 the military already had unequivocal proof of extraterrestrial bases on the moon, with large construction activity and spacecraft activity determined by secret telescope analysis.

A few scientists were involved outside of the military, and were silenced by various techniques. Similar analysis had also concluded that Mars was also inhabited underground.

Thanks to George King (Primary Mental Channel), we know that most of the moon bases were cleared a few years later in order to open the way for our own colonization when we’re ready. However, we were directly informed by cosmic sources that the permission for humanity to establish a colony on the moon is conditional upon the public being told the truth. A glorious future awaits the human race, but only after we and our leaders decide to embrace truth.

The aforementioned facts can be confirmed from various sources. They help explain what many people are already realizing: Isn’t it strange that with all technological advancement of many decades we haven’t actually been back to the moon? The answer is readily available for those who can spend the energy to find out why.


The Post-Truth era

‘Post-truth’ era is a loose term that started to progressively gain mainstream circulation in the last couple of years. The term primarily reflects the state of the modern world in which there is over-stimulation of conflicting views and information, and when those are actively employed for political gains with complete disregard for truth.

Some of the most powerful elected people on Earth at the time of this writing have little or no regard for truth in a completely open fashion, creating a surreal state which would have been unthinkable a few years ago. Some of the ‘post-truth’ techniques have a great appeal to a segment of society that feels excluded from scientific and intellectual achievements, and therefore feel greatly aroused by the opportunity to achieve some prominence as afforded by the ‘post-truth’ concept.

The ‘post-truth’ era is no doubt a reflection of the mental polarization of the race earlier discussed. But in ultimate analysis, we strongly believe that the real foundations for this behavior can be traced back to about 1947 (the year of the Roswell crash), when information about space started to be heavily suppressed from the public.

Lies and secrecy pertaining to a dramatically important subject such as this can only lead to the complete spiritual and mental degeneration of the human race. It slowly undermines all aspects of society, including science, governance, religion and even philosophy.

There is an unconscious mechanism in every human being in which we intuitively know when we have been lied to.

If the young generations are increasingly becoming detached from reality through addiction, violence and so on it is because their intuitive pointer has told them that the entire world they live in is a farce. And they feel completely powerless to change this condition.

It is true that manipulation and lies have always been a part of human society since the dawn of prehistory. But we strongly believe that the extraterrestrial suppression in modern history can easily be attributed as a leading cause that has been slowly corroding trust and undermining every sector of society, until arriving at the “post-truth” climax of 2017.

If this sad suppression about such a fundamental topic for human life is not dealt with and stopped soon, it is possible that all sectors of society, and the human race as a whole, might lose touch with reality so profoundly that we could see an almost irreversible degeneration of the race for many generations to come.

We appeal to those who know the extraterrestrial truth, and who are in a position of power, to think about this for the sake of the future generations, and to use this truth to help mitigate the disastrous effects of the ‘post-truth’ era before a more serious social collapse becomes unavoidable.


Giant Rock the Movie

As discussed earlier, one of the relatives of early contactee George Van Tassel currently alive (his Nephew Chad Meek) is trying to gather funds to produce a movie called ‘Giant Rock the Movie’.  The movie would be about the UFO channeling that was being done at Giant Rock, and the life of George Van Tassel.

As we understand, the movie would bring to light some historical facts and the key message from the extraterrestrials, but without attempting to be too accurate or restricted to facts. So the project would be a mixture of facts and fiction.

We wish Mr. Meek well in this project. Even if the final product turns out not to be too accurate in terms of facts, we hope that it will help spread the true extraterrestrial message to a large audience.  See below for details and an interview with Mr. Meek.


Final points

  • The July 1952 Washington “buzz” was a grave warning by space people against our deviation from the spiritual law, and atomic weaponry developments;
  • Their message was clear and unequivocal, and made those in power very nervous;
  • The space warnings were ignored;
  • 65 years later, its cosmic logic becomes more self-evident as human civilization self-implodes in lies and chaos;
  • The 2017 degenerated “post-truth” society is the price we pay for the rejection of the space message and the arrogance of our leaders;
  • The warning is as valid today as it was in 1952;
  • There is not a single problem of modern society, from climate change to nuclear escalation and environmental degradation, terrorism, hatred, poverty and inequality, ignorance or suffering of any kind that hasn’t been affected one way or another by the fact that the space people’s warning and offer were rejected without consultation with the public;
  • The longer it takes us to accept reality and change, the more the human race will degenerate;
  • An eventual acceptance of the space message would lead to our integration into the reality of the Solar System, and immediately and almost automatically start dissolving all the human crises and suffering listed above;
  • It’s not too late as yet, but we’re running out of time.


Is this religion?

There is only one possible religion, and that is truth. Because of that, science and religion are simply different perspectives of the same truth. When truth is given, experienced, and realized in practice (via gnostic realization), spirituality emerges. In the higher planes science and religion as defined above are always unified. Science without spirituality is extremely dangerous and will invariably lead to self-destruction. Spirituality without science is impossible because the urge to study and understand life is spiritual.

The apparent coincidence between the space message and some religious concepts as understood on Earth is because the space people bring the same truths brought by the original Avatars, who inspired all religions on Earth, before they got corrupted.

Truth will always shine because truth is power itself – even in the ‘post-truth’ era.


Nuclear war

As stated in our case study, the space people are pledged to openly intervene if there is a nuclear war that may compromise the integrity of the planet.  We are not permitted, under any circumstance, to destroy the Earth by galactic authority.

Such an intervention would be extremely disruptive. We hope that humanity will not fall so low, as to force an activation of this procedure. Instead, we hope that by transmutation of our selfish animalistic nature the human race will gradually re-gain understanding of cosmic unity, and gradually invite the space people to come down. When this finally happens, the positive aspect of the galactic law will then allow for an open landing.


Wellington, New Zealand, 11 November 2017

Alex Light
Founder, Where The Light Comes

A brief cosmic guide for extraterrestrial life disclosure in the emerging 5th dimension

Launched in September 2013 as practical demonstration of cooperation with the Cosmic Masters from space, as was required from us.

The present section was launched in November 2017 as a cosmic manipulation to counter-balance the effects of the so-called ‘post-truth’ era.