Inner Earth

Please note: this section refers to a spiritually advanced underground civilization living in higher dimensional awareness. It has nothing to do with the so called lower astral realm, which is a layer of dense astral matter that surrounds and interpenetrates the planet, formed by extremely evil forces which the Cosmic Masters and the Great White Brotherhood have been trying to transmute and clear as much as possible in preparation for the new age. The lower astral forces also have spacecraft of an astral matter normally invisible to the physical eyes and Earth-moon bound. Some perceived negative experiences thought to be associated with extraterrestrials are actually dealing with astral phenomena.

Although our main goal is to deal with extraterrestrial disclosure, this website would not be complete without mentioning the beings living inside the Earth.

We don’t have a lot of information about them, but we know that there is at least one major civilization living inside the Earth, and that they call themselves the people from ‘Agartha’.

The existence of this civilization has been confirmed by the higher dimensional extraterrestrials in touch with us, as well as by reliable contacts and evidence throughout history.

The modern-day medium Paulette Raymond (Switzerland), who is our collaborator and is in touch with Ashtar Sheran and many other multidimensional extraterrestrials, has recently started to receive instructions from a being from inside the Earth called ‘Rodon’.

This being describes himself as the ambassador of all higher dimensional beings living inside the Earth, noting that they indeed live in a higher dimensional framework.

Hence, they operate in a similar spiritual level as the extraterrestrials from our neighboring planets. Because of that, and the intrinsic dimensional difference in consciousness and molecular-atomic vibration, widespread contact with them is not possible as yet.

Below we present a short summary of the key points regarding the beings who live inside the Earth.

  1. The inner Earth inhabitants form a civilization called ‘Agartha’;
  2. They have a crystalline-based body (as opposed to carbon-based), as they are already in the fifth dimensional framework of higher atomic vibration;
  3. These people belong to the Earth, partially descending from ancient Lemuria;
  4. They went underground because of life-threatening conditions associated to the sinking of their continents, and remained underground to avoid an involutionary cycle into deep material density and lower consciousness that had to happen, by karmic law, on the surface of the planet. In doing so, they preserved their high spiritual awareness and connections;
  5. They are in touch with the galactic beings from outside the Earth and the spiritual hierarchy of the Earth and the Solar System, and have an active role in cooperating with the cosmic plan for our spiritual evolution;
  6. They can travel physically and spiritually to outside the Earth as well as outside the Solar System, and do so frequently;
  7. They are radiating spiritual energies to help with our spiritual evolution;
  8. They have a great desire to be able to work together with us based on mutual love and collaboration, and have stated that this will be reality when our consciousness increases to a fifth-dimensional perspective, allowing us to both look after the Earth and represent the Earth together;
  9. The boundaries between our world and their world will progressively dissolve as our consciousness becomes more fifth dimensional. At the moment this is not entirely possible because our vibrations are still too course;
  10. Those who are spiritually prepared, and have a sufficiently high vibration in their light bodies, are being progressively allowed to visit their cities under their guidance;
  11. They have a physical resemblance to some indigenous groups such as the Maori people;
  12. They live in an environment which would resemble our tropical conditions, and have a light source similar to the sun

In summary, it is clear that the beings living inside the Earth are highly spiritually evolved and extremely friendly.

When our consciousness finally evolves sufficiently as to establish fifth-dimensional awareness and extraterrestrial disclosure does occur, we will also be greeted (probably simultaneously) by the inner Earth people.

We can only conclude that in terms of spiritual quality and orientation we could not be better positioned, being surrounded by highly developed, unselfish and spiritually-minded beings both from our neighboring planets and from inside our own planet.

People who still cling to old paradigms of negative extraterrestrial influences and mass manipulation can use this fact as a contemplation/meditation to expand their perspective.