Visitors from the Future

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The video above represents our collective wishes and views that, in the not so distant future, we’ll be working together with our brothers from space in a true spirit of cooperation. The acute need for collaboration is slowly permeating the awareness of the current generation. Day by day we see and hear more and more people from all walks of life joining forces, and collaborating towards a common goal. This is happening inside corporations, universities, government departments, and between countries. Our New Age Infographics attempted to capture the essence of collaboration in the New Age.

It is vitally important to keep a positive outlook into the future, regardless all the problems discussed in Armageddon and in The Post-Truth Era.

So how is humanity going to be further down the track? Of course we don’t know the answer, but the UFO phenomenon has given us a powerful hint!

We know that there are many extraterrestrial visitors around the Earth, and we also know that there are UFO visitors from the inner Earth and also from different dimensions within the Earth itself. The range of players witnessing our transition into adulthood as a species is indeed remarkably varied.

But how about visitors from the future? Do we know anything about them? Do we have any evidence that they even exist?

In terms of higher dimensional extraterrestrials, which most likely comprise the immense majority of UFO visitors, it doesn’t make much sense to think of them as potentially being “visitors from the future”. Higher dimensional inhabitants are more or less above time as understood by us. They can “see” time from a higher perspective as a continuum. Their “time” reference is not linear, and is somewhat independent than our own time. This comes about because the frequency of vibration of their molecular-atomic structure is extremely high.

However, these spiritually advanced civilizations are not our only visitors. Thanks to reliable information leaked from military sources who oppose the secrecy, we now have strong, virtually unequivocal evidence that we have also had “people from the future” amongst us. This revelation is vitally important to help put the pieces of the cosmic puzzle together!

The most important case that we are aware of is known as the Rendlesham forest incident, which is one of the most important UFO cases of all times. In this case, a triangular shaped spaceship came to visit our military installations, and “downloaded” a binary code into the mind of one of the witnesses who touched the landed craft. The event has been extremely well covered, so it’s not necessary for us to discuss it.

What we would like to do here is to add to the interpretation of this case, and make the point that it’s likely that the people from that craft were actually humans from our own future planet.

We have asked Ashtar Sheran about this case through our contact and collaborator in Switzerland Paulette Reymond. Let’s recall that Paulette is a confirmed true channel for Ashtar, and has published the most important work on Ashtar that has become available in the last few decades. Ashtar has said the following in regards to this case:

“Triangular craft shapes are quite common in the galaxy. This particular one came from people from your future. They belong to the illuminated worlds. They are not highly advanced, but just a step ahead than you are”

Transmission by Ashtar Sheran through Paulette Reymond on 7 May 2018, answering a question by Alex Light regarding the Rendlesham Forest case. Note that, at the time the question was asked, neither Alex nor Paulette were familiar with the binary code associated with this event (see below).

If our assumption that by ‘people from your future’ Ashtar means Earth people from another timeline (we explained before that our time concept doesn’t apply to more advanced, higher dimensional extraterrestrials), we can then safely deduct that we will have a much more advanced Earth based technology and spirituality in the near future.

As the decoding page for this case has revealed, the visitors wanted us to know that they came from the year 8,100. This may sound like a long time ahead, but it’s actually an extremely short period for a significant leap forward in a cosmic sense.

We strongly recommend those who are interested in this case to check the link above and do their own investigation, as there is a lot of material available. Amongst the very interesting things revealed in the code, are the expression “eyes of your eyes”, and a potential reference to the code “666” in relation to present humanity.

A metaphysical interpretation seems to suggest that our current timeline is the one that bears the “666 code”, which basically means the animalistic part of humanity ruling our society. The reference “eyes of your eyes” appears to be an obvious and very strong suggestion to the visitors being connected to us as a part of our higherselves, looking into this timeline of chaos from within our very soul, which is above time.

The way this case evolved, with the binary code leaking regardless of every attempt of the dark forces to stop the case going public, seems to suggest beyond any doubt that these people came on a pre-determined mission to help stimulate our consciousness, in preparation for the New Age.

Ashtar’s statement that “they belong to illuminated worlds” confirms this, implying that if the statement refers to people from Earth, our planet will be by then regarded as being fully integrated into the galactic community of worlds of light, even though still not very advanced of course, as Ashtar said.

This makes sense, as most of the other inhabitants in our Solar System are millions of years ahead of us from the viewpoint of our linear time (and even them can be regarded as not very advanced, compared to other sectors of the galaxy).

Hence, here we have a great hope for the future survival of humanity as an advancing spiritual civilization, transmuting its current 666 materialistic nature, which is ruling and stagnating the present timeline, into a more enlightened future of cooperation with our higherselves.

Alex Light, 4 July 2018