Diamond Principle

The diamond is an important cosmic tool. It is used by higher dimensional beings for many purposes, including as a propulsion mechanism for their space craft. As we feel quite drawn to the energies of the diamond, we would like to offer this gift from the perspective that the diamond can guide you to find your own internal answers, and that there are different possible ways to tackle a problem or answer a question. We encourage people to see this through the many facets of a diamond, applying this principle to solve simple problems in their daily lives from a higher perspective.

This principle will help us to shift the current paradigm, facilitating the migration into a higher dimensional perspective anchored in the heart chakra.


Artwork by a collaborating artist (from Planet Earth) who has offered permission for us to use imagery from his “Diamond” painting series for this project.

The core message from higher dimensional extraterrestrials

The diamond also represents strength and purity, which are qualities inherent to the higher planes and naturally intrinsic to spiritual work. In this sense, the diamond can give support to the core message of cosmic brotherhood and truth that the higher dimensional extraterrestrials have conveyed to humanity.

Using this principle, we attempt below to summarize, to the best of our abilities and in the simplest possible form, what the core message of the higher dimensional extraterrestrials has been since the early contacts in the 1950s.

While we make this attempt in our own words, this awareness has only been possible thanks to the many people who have also received instructions from the higher dimensional extraterrestrials, and who have transmitted it to the world according to their own awareness (refer to references for a short list of suggested reading).

Please note that the terminology “higher planets” used below is a term that refers to the higher dimensions, and is equivalent to the concept of “higher planes” or “higher self” within a human being. This also implies a state of consciousness that can be reached by any person if sufficient work is done in this direction, as discussed in some metaphysical works. This term is imperfect, but is used for the lack of a better expression in written language.

  1. To alert us for the serious dangers related to using atomic energy for destructive purposes;
  2. To remind us that this condition of dangerous atomic experimentation has happened on Earth before, even though this is not in our history books;
  3. To inform that our free will is always going be respected, with the exception that we will not be permitted to destroy the Earth, if we by any reason follow into that path;
  4. To clarify that because of galactic law the higher dimensional extraterrestrials are not permitted to contact us openly (as yet), but that this can easily change after we have undertaken certain preparations, with a concerted effort to re-gain the ability to look inwards in order to manifest greater wisdom and enlightenment;
  5. To clarify that cosmic brotherhood is scientifically demonstrable; that we have all come from the same source, and that we share energy in all senses spiritually and materially;
  6. To clarify that some of our Avatars (e.g., Buddha, Christ and others) were sent from the higher planes in order to show us how life can be best lived based on cosmic brotherhood, and in harmony with spiritual law; and that generally organized religion on Earth has intentionally hidden and distorted the original teachings in order to gain power and control over humanity, preventing people from spiritually evolving;
  7. To inform that the major governments of the Earth were approached by representatives from the higher planets and offered help based on the principles of unselfish cosmic brotherhood, and that such offer for assistance was rejected because of fear and pride;
  8. To clarify that the Earth is a lower dimensional planet surrounded by higher dimensional space (in the Solar System), and that our apparent isolation and difficulty to find extraterrestrial life around us with conventional scientific methods arises from this condition;
  9. To inform that true spirituality, resulting from the ability to look inwards and to act informed by this knowledge in the “outside” world is the very fabric of wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment on the higher dimensional planets. For them this process is always in the form of a direct inner realization of the unity of all things, between the individual and the cosmos;
  10. To impart further instructions on the spiritual-hierarchical organization of the Solar System and of the galaxy, which enlarges information from some of our metaphysical texts, including ancient Sanskrit works;
  11. To inform that the Earth is starting a transmutation in which it will progressively become a higher dimensional planet, and that this change comes about by spiritual directives from the galactic centre at Sagittarius;
  12. To assure us that representatives from the higher planets are witnessing and supporting the dimensional shift the best they can, always respecting our free will;
  13. To convey that the higher dimensional extraterrestrials have a great respect for our struggles, and that they await in great joy for the moment in which the Earth will join the galactic council;
  14. To clarify a few points about other extraterrestrial beings who are not from the higher planes, noting that we will have important choices to make after the veil of deception has been lifted;
  15. To explain that, although there are forces who oppose the evolution of the Earth from a lower planet into a higher dimensional planet, the evolution cannot be stopped;
  16. To inform that a new Avatar will be coming to Earth in the near future, and that this time the procedure will be very different in comparison to what we have experienced in the past;
  17. To inform that a large number of higher dimensional spacecraft are in operation in and around the Earth to radiate spiritual energies and help counteract further environmental contamination that would have resulted from decades of atomic experimentation;
  18. To inform that our moon has been used by higher dimensional beings as a strategic point to radiate certain types of vitally needed spiritual energy into the Earth, and that our colonization of the moon will only be allowed when we have learned to live in peace and with great respect for the Earth;
  19. To inform that telepathy is the main form of communication in the higher planets, allowing for a much greater understanding in comparison to what is achievable via written and spoken words;
  20. To clarify that the classic laws of physics involving space and time do not apply in higher dimensional space, and that space travel within and even outside the galaxy is common place in the higher planets;
  21. To inform that there is no such thing as energy shortage in the higher planes, and that we will be supported to fully tap into clean forms of energy presently unknown to us after we have adequately spiritually prepared ourselves in order to use this power.

For further analysis of the extraterrestrial message, we strongly recommend a study of the full, uncensored ‘1977 alien broadcast’. This broadcast contains an extremely important message, and is one of the few rare instances in which we potentially have a direct extraterrestrial communication, without a person (‘contactee’) acting as intermediate.