Spirituality and Metaphysics

Note: you may wish to read the questions from readers regarding why it is desirable to spiritually evolve, and the difference between a spiritual approach and a material approach, before reading the content of this section. For metaphysical background on the Post-Truth Era go here.

This work is not a manual of spiritual teachings, but we cannot talk about the higher dimensional extraterrestrials without using a spiritual/metaphysical approach. The teachings from the Cosmic Masters show that true spirituality as in cosmic brotherhood amongst all living beings within and outside the Earth is an exact science, being the recommended path to enhance our consciousness into a higher dimensional level of energy.

History will judge the degree of success of the present generations based on our uncompromising courage to promote what we know to be right and good, and the active steps we took to contribute towards a new age of greater harmony that we all* wish to see one way or another.

*By this we mean: even if you think that your life is perfect and your own world is perfect, anyone who is really honest must admit that we live in a world full of suffering. If we contemplate deeply into this condition, we can all at some point choose to assume some degree of responsibility for this global suffering, one way or another. Hence, something must be done (by each and every one of us) in order to improve the lives of millions of people.

We could use ‘cosmetic’ pathways to make things look more attractive, but we feel that the simplicity of the path recommended by the Cosmic Masters is the way to go. In other words, the more spiritually advanced extraterrestrials are our older brothers and sisters in a cosmic sense, and are inviting us to be receptive towards this realization in our hearts. They have a great respect for our suffering and struggles, and they look to the day in which we will re-unite as one family.

Spiritual energy and cosmic brotherhood are scientifically demonstrable. We have already mentioned elsewhere on this website that science has proven that we all share chemical elements originating from stars. The increased, multidimensional awareness is an energetic state which comes from the recognition of the unity of all things, opening doors for subtle forms of energies and inner perception to flow through the chakras from higher vibratory planes or dimensions, which are energy levels.

Is not science about energy? Quantum physics is already starting to make connections through multidimensional theory, suggesting that we need new links between the macro and the micro scales which are related to the invisible or dark matter portion of the universe. Spiritual energy is the same: we cannot see it, but it is there for us to tap into when we move beyond our five physical senses. We can feel it, and we can use it to gain enlightenment and improve life conditions!

The main problem with our western society (in these modern times) is that we have been trained to perceive the world only with the physical senses. Yet, the physical senses only give us a minor portion of the total frequencies or vibrations existing in the world. In order to perceive beyond the physical (and to grasp the spiritual) we need to connect with our inner selves. This requires a substantial inner re-education. Great spiritual teachers have taught that we must learn to look inside, getting to know ourselves beyond the grasp of the purely physical senses, if we are to understand the cosmos.

Do not be discouraged just because present science still focuses so much on the materialistic perception given by the physical senses. This is only so on the surface, because the many aspects of energy dealt with by science go much beyond the exclusively materialistic aspects of life. As a matter of fact, science is already studying spiritual things without recognizing it!

In our opinion the greatest breakthrough of our times will occur when etheric matter is “discovered” and the survival of consciousness after physical death as well as the laws of Karma and reincarnation are scientifically accepted based on irrefutable evidence. When those things are proven beyond any doubt, spirituality will take its rightful place, becoming an actual part of the sciences, in alignment with how this is viewed in the other planets in our system. This “discovery” will have many implications that will change the world forever, contributing to eliminate wars and hatred and reducing much of the suffering that we currently experience.

Many people are currently drawn away from spirituality because they associate it with organized religion. Luckily, if you have understood our message you will know that spirituality has nothing whatsoever to do with organized religion. In fact, some of the materialistic chaos that our world has fallen into has been precipitated by the lies and selfishly imposed mental slavery of many religious institutions, which have taken advantage of the prevailing ignorance in our world to gain power over others.

Spirituality is awareness and communication between the individual and the higher forces of the cosmos through inner knowledge. The outside cosmos is contained inside each and every one of us. This is the spirituality that we refer to, and this is also the very same spirituality associated with the higher dimensional extraterrestrials. This is an energy that frees and is all reasoning and intelligent discernment. It is like a sea of potential that links us all. We have repeatedly said that the higher dimensional extraterrestrials brought the message that we are all fragments of cosmic spiritual energy coming from the same source. Metaphysically speaking we are a form of crystallized sunlight.

Another reason that keeps many people away from spirituality is the apparent lack of a more scientifically-designed set of instructions, i.e., the lack of a more robust theory other than the ‘new age embellishment’ which can have little substance and distorted material. Part of the problem is that the theories of the more advanced metaphysical principles have always been hidden from public knowledge (hence the term ‘occult or esoteric literature’). This was done for a very good reason, in order to protect sacred knowledge which can be very dangerous in the wrong hands (the atomic bomb is one such example of what can happen when a sensitive knowledge is wrongly used). This condition is being gradually reversed, as progressively more metaphysical knowledge is becoming available while the global consciousness improves. Surprisingly, some of the older references indicated in our reference section such as ‘Treatise on Cosmic Fire’ (1925) and ‘The Nine Freedoms’ (1963) contain advanced metaphysics which is still the state of the art spiritual knowledge available on the planet to this day.

So how can we learn about spirituality from a scientific or metaphysical approach, enhancing the consciousness from a sound cosmic method with actual results?  Unfortunately there is no single answer to this question, in as much as there is no perfect school in this regards. If there were, the world would be quite different from what it is.  It is not our job to say where you should go for this knowledge, except to point out that the key lies inwards, i.e., into techniques to learn to look inside. It is our greatest wish that with this website we have somehow achieved this task, in that the overall discussions and Q&A will give people food for thought, with the reference list acting as a starting point for those wishing to explore further so that they can discover their own truths and how to search inside themselves for answers.

We hope that these opening remarks can provide some guidance specially in pointing in the right direction for those who are still puzzled about what spirituality really is and what the connections between spiritual awareness and extraterrestrial life is. We also offer these introductory remarks to give a counter-balancing point of reference related to the topic extraterrestrials, particularly because there are several sources out there focusing exclusively on the lesser evolved sides of materialistic extraterrestrial visitors, which we have only briefly mentioned in the Q&A section. As such, we attempt to provide an anchor that will draw people out of pessimistic dwellings linked to words such as abductions, invasion, etc, in order to uplift and show what is available to work with when the consciousness is sufficiently raised.

Metaphysical Teachings

Metaphysics is the study of the visible and invisible forces of nature, including material and spiritual forces, to gain a better understanding of the universe based on direct inner experience. As such, metaphysics is concerned with the nature of reality, as opposed to the superficial understanding of only the material aspect perceived by the gross physical senses and intellect.

Metaphysical teachings given in ancient history

Certainly, there is a substantial amount of metaphysical knowledge from ancient texts from many different sacred traditions around the globe. Invariably we find that many traditions stem from ancient Egypt, which was in itself an inheritance from more ancient times back to the long gone Atlantis and Lemuria.

One of the most important metaphysical traditions from ancient Egypt is that of Hermes Trismegistus, associated with the Egyptian god Thoth. A more recent work (the Kyballion, 1912) has compiled some of these ancient axioms in modern phraseology, according to which there are seven cosmic principles (or metaphysical laws of creation).

These are more or less universal and independent of the dimensional framework. They are: 1. the principle of mentalism (the cosmos is all pervasive mind-energy, and as such is fully accessible by mind); 2. the principle of correspondence (as above, so below); 3. the principle of vibration (matter and spirit are the same substance in different degrees of vibration); 4. the principle of polarity (everything has two poles, has its opposite counterpart such as heat and cold, good or bad, etc, in an infinite scale where the inherent state is ever relative to its corresponding vibration which is all transmutable by mind); 5. the principle of rhythm (everything oscillates between its poles as in a tidal system); 6. the principle of cause and effect (the universal law of Karma); 7. the principle of gender (there is a male and female principle in everything, where ‘sex gender’ as we understand on Earth is just a small fraction of this principle in its densest manifestation).

Metaphysical teachings given by cosmic masters in modern times

Although there are several metaphysical teachings attributed to advanced extraterrestrial sources as part of the new age phenomenon, it has become increasingly hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. A sound metaphysical knowledge of the ancient laws (such as the Hermetic principles discussed above, and others) is a powerful tool to help discern. New teachings should not invalidate the ancient universal laws, but rather complement them and in some cases supersede some aspects of truth with more advanced concepts.

As the cosmic adepts have said, truth is often paradoxical. Based on this, we have chosen to include in this section only the teachings received via George King (1919-1997) from the Aetherius Society (www.aetherius.org) because he was a fully accomplished yogic master with remarkable knowledge of the ancient laws, full control of the kundaline and the only and ever human on Earth’s modern history to be called ‘primary mental channel’ by the cosmic masters themselves. This term is a reference to George King’s key role as a provider of the most accurate mental transmissions ever given on Earth. Our extensive studies and contacts here at Where The Light Comes confirm that this is so.

These teachings were received by George King in telepathic rapport with different intelligences from our neighboring planets, including the Cosmic Being that had incarnated on Earth as the Master Jesus. For a complete version of the teachings ‘Twelve Blessings’ and ‘Nine Freedoms’ please refer to the reference section for the respective citation of the full material published by the Aetherius Society.

It is important to note that, although the practice of telepathic rapport in self-induced trance has been tried with varying degrees of success throughout the world, in this specific case we are dealing with the life work of an advanced yogic master who had developed complete control of the latent fires of kundaline after decades of preparatory work of purification of body, emotions and mind. The result of the voice transmissions associated with the work of George King is truly remarkable, especially the transmissions “The Twelve Blessings” and “The Nine Freedoms” that we note here, containing several hours worth of advanced metaphysical instructions which are still relatively unknown even in the so-called new age community.

In here we simply give the ‘running title’ of each teaching as bullet points for our discussions, followed by a brief interpretation according to our understanding in our own words (the full publications contain much more material and explanations which we recommend that anyone interested in these metaphysical teachings should pursue). The aforementioned metaphysical society also safeguards the original tape recordings of the full voice transmission of each teaching (received by George King in a trance state), and makes these important documents publicly available.

We decided to add the instructions below because: 1) they were received by Cosmic Masters from our Solar System (hence from our immediate neighbors), 2) they enlarge upon ancient knowledge available in the occult metaphysical literature, 3) they are relatively little known around the world, 4) Alex Light was briefly contacted by one of the extraterrestrials who facilitated this information (see question number 75), and we believe that the teachings are true and accurate.

The Twelve Blessings (given by the cosmic intelligence known as Master Jesus)

  1. Blessed are They who work for peace
  2. Blessed are the wise ones
  3. Blessed are They who love
  4. Blessed are the Planetary Ones
  5. Blessed are the Thanksgivers
  6. Blessed are They who heal
  7. Blessed is the Mother Earth
  8. Blessed is the Mighty Sun (Blessed is the Solar Logos)
  9. Blessed are the Supreme Lords of Karma
  10. Blessed is the Great Being known as the Galaxy
  11. Blessed are the Supreme Lords of Creation
  12. Blessed is the Absolute

Interpretation: These teachings may look naive, but there is a lot of hidden metaphysics within their apparent simplicity. The blessings imply that the act of blessing (or energetically wishing well, or sending healing, towards other people or things) is capable of conveying energy (similarly to telepathy, or communication via electromagnetic waves, for instance), and that this energy can produce modifications into the vibrations of the receptor of this wave.

With the human body being capable of emitting significant frequencies of electromagnetic energies using the brain as a transmitter, here we have the scientific principle of using our mental power to produce certain pre-determined results. This is also the principle of ‘prayer’, in which a person can consciously or unconsciously send electromagnetic vibrations which, if potent enough, may be able to produce certain changes in the vibratory structure of the receiver. This process operates primarily into the subtle etheric matter in the astral bodies (or auras), and is similar to several experiments around the world in which ‘auras’ can be photographed at controlled conditions, showing that they are responsive to outside mental stimuli (a lot of such experiments have been conducted to study the vibration of water molecules, and how they can be modified by mental waves).

The first six blessings refer to people who are, one way or another, rendering important service to make this world a better place for all of humanity. If these people can receive help and blessings from others, the whole energetic principle of what they are trying to achieve will also be energized. Hence, the first half of these teachings is about recognizing where unselfish service is rendered trough different actions and qualities, doing whatever is possible to help and uplift.

Blessing number 2 is a reminder that wisdom is very important in order for humanity to evolve into a higher consciousness level, particularly the inner wisdom when the person is able to look inside and make the connection of cosmic brotherhood in that inner space. Blessing number 4 contains a teaching in disguise. It hints that there are beings from other planets that have incarnated on Earth in order to help uplift the planetary consciousness. Blessing number 5 reminds us that it is important to remain humble, and to be able to constantly give thanks for all the gifts we receive in our lives. The Cosmic Masters have stated that humility is the natural cosmic state, while egotism is a disease.

The final six blessings offer some hints on the hierarchical organization of the cosmos. These instructions are not new in a sense that they were already present in the more ancient (occult) literature, but they give important confirmation that the higher dimensional extraterrestrials recognize the same principles taught in ancient times. As a matter of fact, it is very likely that the knowledge from the old Sanskrit works that brought these instructions thousands of years before Christ had been brought from outside the Earth in the first place.

Blessings 7 and 8 refer to the fact that the ‘soul principle’ (i.e., the logos) of the Earth and the Sun are intelligent living beings as much as we are, and that they are greater than us in the hierarchical cosmic scheme. The same is applicable to the galaxy (blessing number 10). This brings a sense of great respect, explaining that the ancient cultures on Earth knew what they were doing when they were worshiping (or blessing) the sun. They were not fools worshiping heat. On the contrary, they had an intuitive recognition of the logos behind the visible energy of the sun.

Blessing 9 refers to a group of beings well known in the metaphysical literature. The Lords of Karma are intelligences which oversee that the principle of action and reaction is well balanced in the cosmos. This of course has also to do with re-incarnation, as far as we are concerned on Earth. Our current level of consciousness would allow us to have only very minor glimpses of how these beings really operate, but we know that they exist.

It is also the working of these intelligences that explains why the higher dimensional extraterrestrials haven’t been able to appear openly as yet, as humanity needs to sincerely wish and deserve such intervention ‘with the heart’ (not ‘with the mind’, as explicitly stated by the Cosmic Masters). Then we have the Lords of Creation (blessing 11) which are related to the links between spiritual energy and all manifestation , and the Absolute (blessing 12) encompassing everything that exists in the cosmos, conceiving it as one intelligence (which some people call God).

For those who are interested to pursue the matter further, it is also interesting to note that the fuller text associated with the blessing number 12 (see references for the full citation) offers an advanced metaphysical definition of the word God as the cosmic beings themselves perceive such point of Union or Absolute Convergence.

As we can see, the teachings above are more than simple new age embellishment, as they contain advanced metaphysical knowledge informing about the actual structure of how the cosmos operates. Even though we can’t prove all these concepts scientifically as yet, we’re probably not too far from making new discoveries that will help put these principles in perspective. One of the difficulties is that there is still a perception that while a person is alive, a planet or a sun may not be. However, as research into consciousness and energy evolves, and in particular when the survival of consciousness after physical death is proven, it is possible that our perception of what is actually meant by life may dramatically change. In order to gain this knowledge we need to learn to look inwards, i.e., to have inner education.

The blessings also imply that while the first half of the points presented deals with human life, the second half deals with more advanced types of consciousness which are as alive as we are, and which actively contribute towards the harmonious evolution of the cosmos in greater ways than we do. It is very humbling to recognize that in the cosmic scheme we stand as little specks of dust. Yet, this dust is divine and full of inner potential.

The Nine Freedoms (given by the cosmic intelligence known as Mars Sector 6)

  1. Bravery
  2. Love
  3. Service
  4. Enlightenment
  5. Cosmic Consciousness
  6. Ascension
  7. Interplanetary existence
  8. Saturnian existence
  9. Solar existence

Interpretation: These teachings are even more advanced than the metaphysics behind the twelve blessings, and relatively less known on Earth. In fact, not even in Sanskrit texts that have been made available to the public so far can we find metaphysics of equivalent stature in what concerns the appraisal of how humans can evolve from the incarnation cycle of the Earth into becoming cosmic Masters. The Buddhist and Theosophical traditions have developed parts of these concepts, but they do not go all the way into interplanetary and Solar Existence.

Here the subject freedom refers to a type of cosmic responsibility which is very different to the human concept of free will. The freedoms do not imply that if we possess certain qualities then we are free to do whatever we wish. On the contrary, they imply that it is through self control and restraint that certain higher states can be achieved, in which the key note of service towards all living beings is the foundation of cosmic (and hence inner) development.

An example of such self control is meditation, in which the movement of the physical body and the activity of the mind are restrained so that a greater awareness (freedom) can be gained.

This is a very powerful concept that should be learned by all sentient beings before they are permitted to venture into the cosmos. Otherwise, imagine what a dreadful and dangerous place the universe would be, if the stronger were there to conquer the weaker, and if selfishness was the keynote. We are not saying of course that there are no dangers and no selfish beings out there. Yes, there are! But, the very fabric of galactic administration is that of service tempered by compassionate love in action.

While unselfish service is not enforced upon anyone, it is the privilege of every human being to choose to follow this path, going into greater freedoms because of their proven capacity for self-restraint, and the search for an inner knowledge which validates cosmic brotherhood in a very practical sense. A great example of such self-restraint is given by the very presence of the Cosmic Masters who have been helping the Earth in many active ways since the discovery of atomic energy without interfering in our internal affairs.

The first three freedoms give the fundamentals leading to a life of service. They can be interpreted, respectively, as freedom from fear (Bravery), freedom from hatred (love) and freedom from selfishness (service). When those are attained then we have freedom from ignorance (enlightenment), freedom from limitation (cosmic consciousness) and freedom from rebirth (ascension). Here we have important metaphysical concepts.

We first note that enlightenment doesn’t only refer to freedom from intellectual ignorance. It is much more than that, as it refers to freedom from spiritual ignorance in its wider sense. One can be very knowledgeable of mathematics or social sciences and still remain ignorant of how the cosmic laws operate.

In cosmic consciousness the sentient being can intuitively know that limitations as perceived by the physical senses in our three-dimensional word are an illusion (this is what is called the Maya principle in some Sanskrit works). This freedom is related to the ability to raise the lower mind into the realm of intuition (or the Buddhic plane), where the unity of all things and the illusion of duality are realized.

Finally, the freedom ascension refers to a state in which rebirth in the flesh is no longer necessary. We won’t go into detail here other than to say that when science discovers that life continues after death this area of research will then become really important, as people will start asking the question ‘where do we go after we die’, and more importantly ‘why’. Much of the current outlook in life will also change, as we will realize that what we do in this life will have an impact on what will happen in the next. Hence, people will start thinking twice before hurting others and will also start to appreciate why some people apparently have to go through more suffering than others.

Then we have the three last freedoms. Interplanetary existence refers to a state in which the lifestream is free to serve and learn in different planets throughout the galaxy. Imagine what a wonderful freedom this is, being able to attend different schools of learning in highly advanced worlds, and then being able to return and share what we learned with more backward planets that need this knowledge?  This freedom is intimately related to blessing number 4 (Blessed are the Planetary Ones).

Saturnian existence refers to an exalted state in which the lifestream can have access to one of the most advanced planets of our Solar System where the headquarters of the Masters of the Solar System sits. The last freedom refers to a path which is still inconceivable to us at this state of our evolution, but hints that the destiny of those who serve towards cosmic administration (again through inner spiritual development) is to eventually become a collaborator of the sun itself. Remember that in question number 2 we had indicated that the sun itself is also inhabited by intelligent beings.

Short Spiritual Glossary of terms used on this website

The short spiritual glossary presented below is not meant to be comprehensive. We are only offering basic glimpses into some of the major spiritual terms used on this website, with the aim of facilitating the interpretation of the discussions for readers who are not familiar with this terminology. The explanations are our own words arranged in the simplest possible way, and as such are only approximate and not intended to be rigorous in a formal sense. Please refer to treatises in the metaphysical/esoteric literature for more rigorous descriptions than the ones presented here.

Akashic records: This term refers to a type of “cosmic library” in which all knowledge (past and future) can be accessed through spiritual means. This concept is not easy to grasp, but such records exist in a very fine gradation of etheric matter into the higher planes (or finer energy levels). Normally a person will only be able to start accessing this information after the person has developed the faculty of meditation and can contact the Buddhic (or high intuition) plane which exist at a higher vibration than the mental plane.

Astral Plane: The astral plane is a more subtle energy level immediately above the dense physical in terms of vibration. Some of its properties are currently being studied by researchers who are investigating the many manifestations of aura of humans, animals and all materials. The astral body is also known as the emotional body in the metaphysical literature (related to the substance water in liquid form), which means that the aura or astral emanations of each person can change according to their emotional state. This plane is formed by etheric matter, which is normally invisible to the physical eye.

Avatar: This word is used in connection to highly advanced beings that have incarnated on Earth in the past in order to render exceptional spiritual service for all humanity. This word can also be used to refer to Cosmic Masters from the higher dimensional planets that may come to Earth in various ways to render spiritual service, including the coming of the next Cosmic Master which is discussed on this website.

Black magic: This term refers to the act of using metaphysical knowledge of the occult forces of the cosmos for selfish reasons. The term “black” has nothing to do with a color per se, but it hints an intention to bring aggrandizement for itself. It refers to the manner in which the energy is utilized, which is similar to the absorption behavior of the color black. It also refers to the esoteric ‘lack of light’ where light is ‘cosmic consciousness’ or ‘awareness of the connection of all things’.

Buddhic Plane (or Plane of Intuition): This plane is one of the subtle realms vibrating above the mental plane. This is said to be the plane of intuition because it is where the higher aspects of mind can be contacted, including the Akashic Records. Every human being is capable of consciously projecting their energies to this plane, but in order to do so one must have mastered the astral and mental planes first.

Chakras: These are rotating energy vortices that exist in etheric matter around the physical body of every human being. There are seven main centers in total (refer to the metaphysical literature for details). They help to vitalize the physical body through the activation and circulation of prana that is received from the sun. When these centers are energetically activated with the energy of rising kundaline, they can allow conscious projection into the astral plane, and from there into more subtle realms of energy (i.e., mental, intuitional and higher spiritual planes). The chakras are associated with the endocrine glands, which produce the hormones that vitalize and balance the body. These energy centers are connected to additional senses other than the five physical senses, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, telepathy, and others which allow us to perceive and explore the world outside the small range of frequencies covered by the physical senses.

Cosmic Brotherhood: This is a scientifically demonstrable principle in which all living beings anywhere in the universe come from the same spiritual source. Hence, humanity as well as the extraterrestrials are all cosmic brothers and sisters experiencing different levels of consciousness. Cosmic brotherhood can be intuitively understood through inner knowledge, i.e., by looking inside ourselves to realize the ‘outside’ connection. The key to this awareness lies in the heart chakra.

Cosmic consciousness: This is a level of consciousness in which the person will have realized a unified awareness with everything that exists in the cosmos (as in cosmic brotherhood), being able to actively use the infinite potential dormant within the person through strict control of the mind, body, emotions and flow of kundaline through the chakras.

Cosmic hierarchy: This refers to the group of intelligences that help administer the spiritual evolution of the universe in its highest sense, ranging from planetary hierarchies to solar and galactic hierarchies.

Cosmic Masters: This word normally refers to highly advanced life streams who are consciously linked to the cosmic hierarchy, and who actively engage in many forms of spiritual service that aligns with the higher purposes of the respective hierarchies.

Etheric matter: Etheric matter is substance formed of a less dense type of molecular-atomic vibration compared to the three fundamental states of matter (i.e., solid, liquid and gaseous). Etheric matter is normally invisible to the physical eyes. There are several different gradations of etheric matter, this being the material that forms the human chakras. This is also the material that forms the physical constitution of most of the extraterrestrials in the Solar System, allowing them to consciously inhabit finer energy levels. It’s important to stress that terrestrial human beings also have an etheric body which is the blue print of the physical body, but they are not normally conscious of it and hence cannot experience it consciously or with full memory in the physical brain.  The extraterrestrials who live in their etheric bodies have developed continuity of consciousness on a much more subtle plane of matter, such as the ones existent on planet Venus where they live independent of the environmental conditions upon the denser planes which we can observe and measure with our physical instruments.

Galactic Centre at Sagittarius: This is the region where the spiritual source which animates the whole galaxy is found. It provides spiritual momentum and nurtures the whole galactic system, with the physical rotation of the galaxy around this center being the most obvious consequence of this animating principle.

Heart Chakra: This is the fourth energy center located in etheric matter close to the physical heart. The energy of the heart chakra is extremely important because it connects the lower chakras to the higher chakras, being the middle or equilibrium point. The heart chakra is associated with inner knowing (intuition), offering a portal into the higher dimensions when enhanced consciousness is cultivated (i.e., ‘light’ esoterically understood) through the combined multidimensional energy of love-wisdom.

Higher dimensional extraterrestrials: This expression refers to extraterrestrial beings who have achieved a greater level of cosmic (spiritual) awareness compared to us. As a result of their enhanced consciousness, these beings have a very high rate of molecular-atomic vibration which allows them to consciously operate in their etheric bodies into the higher planes. These beings would not normally appear in the dense physical plane (where we live), but they are capable of doing so if necessary. As they live in a higher form of combined consciousness-vibratory nature, their existence is not heavily constrained by the properties of the adjacent dense physical plane, allowing them to inhabit the planets which according to our standards would be uninhabitable.

Higher Dimensions: In Physics and mathematics, the basic dimensions normally refer to the measurable properties required to uniquely specify a certain coordinate in the space-time continuum (i.e., length, width, height and time), while the higher dimensions in physics arise from unifying theories attempting to combine certain aspects of gravitational theory and quantum physics. In the context of this website the term higher dimensions is used loosely to refer to a higher state of consciousness in which the individual (for instance a higher dimensional extraterrestrial being) would be able to consciously inhabit a higher plane of existence which is normally invisible to the regular physical senses (see The Fifth Dimension for further details).

Higher Planes: This expression refers to the more subtle realms (normally invisible to the five physical senses) in which consciousness can express itself through etheric matter in several different levels of density. The higher the vibration, the less dense are both the plane and the etheric matter associated with it. In our Solar System, the major planes above the physical (vibrationally speaking) are the astral plane, the mental plane, the buddhic plane (or plane of intuition) and further levels of purely spiritual planes.

Higher Planets: This refers to planets which have their most important activity in etheric matter into the higher planes, and which have all the inhabitants fully aware and actively linked to the cosmic hierarchies. In the Solar System these planets have been called by the metaphysical literature as ‘sacred planets’. The Earth is not one of them.

Higher Self: This expression refers to the higher spiritual consciousness of each person, as opposed to the lower aspects linked to the personality, the purely intellectual mind, and the emotional and physical bodies. The higher self can be contacted through Yogic practices, meditation and techniques of inner education, which will enhance the self control of the lower aspects and allow a transmutation of the lower energies into the higher planes.

Karmic Law: This is the great cosmic law of action and reaction which operates in all planes/dimensions and upon all forms of energy/consciousness. Although it is difficult to grasp this law in the three dimensional world because of the lack of consciousness in our limited physical space/time continuum, this principle hints that there is a cause behind much of the suffering found in this world. This same law also explains that the higher dimensional extraterrestrials will only be permitted to appear openly when we have acted in the correct karmic manner as to energetically deserve this intervention. Here we define this law in both its positive (good karma, or cosmic freedom) and negative (bad karma, or limitation) phases.

Karmic Lords: This word applies to these mysterious and divine beings that connect with the karmic principle as to guide all life streams to acquire the experiences that they need in order to gain cosmic consciousness of the unity of all things and beyond. These beings manifest the supreme guiding principle that allows the cosmos to evolve in an orderly fashion. The universe could not possibly exist without these beings, for it would become a self-destructive entity imploding under its own manifestation.

Kundaline: This name refers to the primeval life force which lies dormant (as a ‘coiled serpent’)  as an energy potential accumulated at the base of the spine, and which can rise up the spinal cord as the inner knowledge and consciousness evolve. When kundaline rises it activates each chakra, producing ever increasing psychic manifestations and awareness until complete inner cosmic realization is attained.

Logos: The logos can be thought of as the soul or governing principle of a planet or a star. It is the intelligent energy principle existing in the higher subtle realms behind the physical manifestation which produces the form of a planet and the light and heat of a star in the dense physical plane.

Lower Astral Realm: This refers to the densest part of the astral plane, where the vibration is lower yet there is more energy available. This is the place normally inhabited by intelligences with a low degree of spiritual advancement, who cannot withstand the subtle spiritual emanations from the higher planes. The lower astral is heavily connected with basic physical desires and desire for selfish power over others. This sub-plane exists in etheric matter around the Earth, and has been the battle ground of occult forces that would take control of the physical planet if so allowed. Depending on the karmic pattern some people will go to the lower astral realm after physical death in order to gain certain experiences, while others will go to the higher sub-planes of the astral planes or into the mental planes (or higher planes) which exist superposed onto each other around the physical planet.

 Mantras: Mantra is a sacred sound (word) of power, which can be recited in a controlled and correct manner with great spiritual benefits for the person and for others provided that this is accompanied by the correct concentration. If a mantra is used for selfish purposes (in connection to black magic) it will bring grave karmic limitations to the person who recited it.

Mental Plane: The mental plane is a plane of subtle vibrations of etheric matter with a slightly finer structure than the astral plane. While the astral plane is mostly connected with the emotions (and the liquid element water), the mental plane is connected with mind processes and the gaseous substances in the dense physical plane. According to the metaphysical literature, most of humanity is currently learning to operate in this plane while at sleep (although still unconsciously for the most part).

Metaphysics: This is a philosophical science that studies the visible and invisible worlds using both conventional and unconventional methods to try to determine who we are, where we came from and how and why the cosmos operates the way it does. This includes concepts such as time and space, visible and invisible forms of energy and matter, and so forth. Metaphysics is also an inner practical knowledge that helps connect processes inside and outside ourselves, beyond the limited perception of the five physical senses.

Out of body projection: This refers to states in which the energy of the person can consciously escape the barrier of the physical body and project the awareness into higher planes which are not limited by the normal three dimensional space and time continuum of the gross physical plane. Such projections can occur into the astral, mental, buddhic (or intuitional) or higher spiritual planes according to the consciousness level of each person. Normally every person undergoes a form of projection at sleep, but the process is fully unconscious and as such cannot be retained by the physical brain. The terminology here refers to the more advanced stages in which the person can achieve this temporary liberation consciously, hence retaining full or partial memory of everything that was experienced upon the higher planes.

Prana: This expression refers to a form of energy or vitality which energizes the etheric bodies of all beings, and which is primarily received from the sun.

Psychic paintings: The expression refers to paintings that are done by highly psychic individuals who can contact the higher realms and receive impressions from the higher planes in order to express certain information into images or pictures. Examples of such paintings are the portraits of Ashtar Sheran presented on this website. The artists did not have contact with Ashtar, yet they could receive the impression of his energy from the higher planes such as the buddhic plane of intuition.

Service: In the context of spiritual work, service refers to all unselfish actions that are rendered in order to harmonize the collective energies of any group of people, race, planet, solar system, galaxy and beyond. Service promotes harmonious evolution of all energies involved, and is the keynote of how the cosmic hierarchy administers (i.e., takes responsibility for) the evolution of the universe in all senses. The person who looks inside in order to discover the cosmos for their own bliss and yet fails to recognize their responsibility to take active part in helping the ones who are in need of assistance has failed to grasp how the cosmos operates. A possible analogy would be to look inside our bodies to realize that all cells in the body act in concerted harmony to cooperate towards the well being of the whole body.

 Space Commander: This terminology refers to a cosmic being who is normally in charge of a large fleet of spacecraft on behalf of one or more spiritual hierarchies (e.g., a space commander serving the hierarchy of the Solar System or of the galactic system). The keynote of a space commander is to render help and spiritual service to less evolved beings who need assistance. The being Ashtar Sheran discussed on this website is an example of a space commander who is operating on behalf of the central spiritual sun of the galaxy.

Spiritual planes (or higher psychic planes): These planes have a higher vibration than the astral, mental and intuition planes, corresponding to the more subtle realms normally inhabited by the Cosmic Masters.

Subtle realms: This expression refers to the subtle planes (e.g., astral, mental, buddhic, spiritual, etc), where the energy vibration becomes progressively higher (yet more subtle as to only be perceptible by highly refined levels of consciousness).

Supreme Galactic council: This is a reference to the highest spiritual hierarchy of our galaxy, which sits at Sagittarius where the spiritually animating principle of the whole galaxy is given.

Third eye: This is one of the human chakras, located close to the forehead in etheric matter, where inner vision into the more subtle planes can be developed. This chakra is related to the faculty of clairvoyance, which means ‘clear vision’ of frequencies outside the limited range perceived by the physical senses.

Vibration: This refers to a molecular-atomic movement or frequency of all matter, energy and wave phenomena which characterizes their state and quality upon an infinite spectrum, forming the different cosmic planes of consciousness.

White Magic: As in Black Magic, but performed for altruistic reasons in order to render spiritual service. For other fundamental differences the specific literature should be consulted.