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Alex Light

Alex Light

Alex Light is a seer of the new age, seeking all available opportunities to work for the spiritual evolution of the whole through the recognition that we are a cellular part of the cosmos, and that everything that we do with the right unselfish motive counts towards the whole, no matter how small.

With a strong background of spiritual experiences since early childhood, Alex is committed to disseminating truth, love and harmony wherever he goes. He has direct contact with the galactic hierarchy and puts himself entirely at their service, feeling a sense of duty and responsibility to improve conditions on Earth. Alex has had telepathic rapport with many extraterrestrials, receiving instructions from people from Venus, Jupiter, the solar systems Alpha Centauri and Sirius, and the constellation Lyra. Alex has read the Akashic records regarding the truth about the Apollo 11 mission and the required conditions, by cosmic law, for a future colonization of the moon. He has visited crystal cities on a guided projection into the higher planes on the surface of planet Venus, with several further out-of-body initiations inside and outside the Solar System, including a projection of close proximity to the star Alpha Centauri.

Alex is privileged to have been under the direct guidance of a Galactic Master known as Ashtar Sheran since 20th September 1998. As Alex explains in his short introductory video message to the community (released in the solstice of June 2014), he had never consciously sought contact, and had never attempted any channeling or other ‘new age’ practices. He was approached at age 22 by the initiative of the higher dimensional beings themselves during states known as (fully conscious) out of body projection, which have always occurred naturally to him since childhood. These contacts have literally forced Alex to deal with this very difficult and often isolating fact, forcing him to study and advance in both knowledge and consciousness until he could finally comprehend what the contacts meant and what was at stake.

Alex has a formal training in science and education, with a Doctorate degree and over 40 international articles published in the peer reviewed literature. It is his wishes and hope that this website will also be useful to help other scientists who will eventually identify the need to study the higher dimensions from a more serious approach, after noting that the reality of these energy frequencies is far from “new age garbage”. By sharing this information about both his contacts and his background in science, Alex believes that an encouragement is given for other scientists to also come forward and share what they know more openly, so that society as a whole can benefit from an unselfish approach. Alex strongly believes that honesty, unselfishness, and trust between communities are an essential approach if we are to solve the extremely complex problems that permeate all sectors of human society in this day and age.

Alex is also a student of sacred kundalini yoga as prescribed by Swami Sivananda Saraswati and Raja yoga as prescribed by Swami Vivekananda, focusing on a daily routine of specific exercises to enhance the energetic vibration of each chakra, promoting a smooth communication between the energy centers through the spine and transmuting the sacred life fluid into the higher brain centers. This work is mainly done through self control of the ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ intrinsic to the body and the emotional system, and through becoming a vessel for the light to flow through him by unselfish service to the world. Alex is also interested in mountain biking and bushwalks in national parks and visiting waterfalls in his spare time.

To Alex’s great surprise, he was contacted by new masters upon moving to New Zealand in February 2015, during an initiation while projected out of the body and fully conscious. In that occasion, Ashtar appeared and introduced Alex to the Master Morya, who materialized in front of him with a great etheric light, communicating his name telepathically. It was only later on that Alex realized that this is a great Earth Master who had helped give the secret doctrine to Madame Blavatsky. This life-changing event has proved to Alex, beyond any doubts, that all hierarchies (galactic, solar system and planetary) are working together in one concerted effort to help educate and uplift in this difficult time of transition. This collaboration effort shouldn’t really be a surprise, as this is similar to how we proceed on Earth when different layers of government (federal, state, municipality, etc.) are called upon to help a certain region in great need. Sometimes the complexity of the need is so great that it demands several layers of collaborative help – and clearly such is the case of the Earth. Alex has great hope that this approach of the Masters will help break barriers between different groups of people, organizations, countries and races, as to promote a more harmonious living based on unselfish collaboration and all-inclusiveness rather than promoting separation.

Alex was born in 1976 in Brazil, and currently lives with his male partner in New Zealand.

Andrew Light

Andrew Light

Andrew is Alex’s brother, born in 1979 in Brazil. While not subjected to the same range of higher dimensional experience as Alex, Andrew has become increasingly aware of the urgency of the moment, feeling an inner call to energetically participate in this project. Andrew has a Masters degree in Computer Science and runs his own business in southern Brazil. Andrew has designed most of the layout of this website, giving important support and input into how to organize the information the best possible way.

Brothers Alex Light (to the right of the photograph) and Andrew Light (to the left of the photograph), founders of WHERE THE LIGHT COMES and collaborators, joining forces on 21st October 2016 in southern Brazil to launch the special project ‘New Age Infographic’. The infographic gives a straightforward pathway to achieve lasting enlightenment and peace on Earth via learning to trust others and learning to collaborate. This can only be achieved if we have great courage to let go of ego, petty self-importance and petty selfishness. The environmental degradation and the international political scenario have reached unacceptable levels, and all people of light on this planet must join forces without delay. As Alex says, “it does not matter if we like it or not. It must be done, we must trust and collaborate at once”. Galactic Master ‘Ashtar Sheran’ (to the top left of the photograph) and Earth Master ‘Morya’ (to the top right of the photograph), as depicted by clairvoyant artist Celaya Winkler (circa 1981) have a special significance in this gesture. Ashtar and Morya are collaborating for the dawning of spirituality on Earth, representing the trust and unselfish action between greater cosmic and Earth-forces. We human beings are lower aspects of the Masters, as they are accessible within our higher selves. If two completely different Masters like this can collaborate why can’t humanity follow the example? If we do it now they will have permission to help us further, and eventually we will be able to make more open contact with them. At the top center we have the card-logo of wherethelightcomes with the purity of the diamond, and depicted between Alex and Andrew we have a powerful key for the way forward.