Cards and Logo


The cards below reflect the spirit and energy of our work. The upward triangle represents the transmutation of the base energies upwards into cosmic consciousness, which is gained through self-control, meditation and service.

This is reflected by the motto Stillness – Learning – Action, which gives the triangular support of the aforementioned energies. The triangle also represents the equilibrium or balanced geometry between forces, which is very much needed in these times.

Through triangulation it is possible to converge two completely different viewpoints into a third unique point which has elements of both views, representing a compromise towards good will, peace and service of the collective rather than the individual. The diamond represents the strength and purity inherent to the higher dimensions.

If you are drawn to this energy you would be mostly welcome to use these cards in any appropriate way you see fit in order to increase awareness, provided that you let us know what you are doing. For instance, some of our collaborators around the world are printing a few colored copies and leaving them in certain public spaces in case people might be interested.


We strongly believe that we cannot and should not try to enforce any type of knowledge or experience on other people. Sometimes a colorful card may be the perfect non-invasive way to let people look for this information by themselves.

If you have any questions or ideas, please send us a message.

We are also producing a limited amount of high resolution cards professionally printed, and may be able to send them to interested collaborators by request.