In this section we present older “manuscripts” that had been written by Alex and published on the website

It is interesting to read these older works and see how much progress we have made in the last few years, both in awareness of the author and in planetary awareness. It is a good exercise to look back and observe the flowing of our increasing goals towards a higher dimensional existence.

The first manuscript was written in 2009, when Alex realized for the first time that staying quiet about what he knows wasn’t good enough: he had to give something back to the planet, sharing what he had learned from the higher dimensional Cosmic Masters. Alex has an out of body travel log in which he keeps the original records of the most relevant spiritual contacts from 1997 (when the most important spiritual contacts started) to the present.

Most of the contacts have occurred in a projected state during sleep, in which Alex can consciously communicate with higher dimensional beings from inside and outside the Solar System. Some communications can be similar to a normal conversation but using full telepathy, while others can be purely spiritual (i.e., sound, color and energy patterns associated with intuitive knowing).

The manuscripts are as follows:

View in PDF Manuscript One

This is an initial work that tried to help clarify some of the confusion regarding Ashtar Sheran and his mission which built up in the Internet era, when it became easy for anyone to start a blog and make whatever claims they liked. The awareness of the author was considerably lower at that stage, but the essence of the cosmic teachings are the same.

View in PDF Manuscript Two

This manuscript deals with the relationship between the American singer Louis Armstrong and the future colonization of the moon. Although Alex didn’t realize at the time of the writing, this information was received through reading the akashic records. We are unaware if such information regarding Louis Armstrong has been received elsewhere on the planet. The reason to share it is because we believe this information hints about the future, offering an important source of hope for those who are still taken by pessimistic thoughts.

View in PDF Manuscript Three

This manuscript is a progression from the work in manuscript one, portraying the views that the so called cosmic shift at the end of 2012 was actually associated with a maximum acceleration rate of spiritual energy received from the sun. This energy acceleration is a pre-requisite for the eventual dimensional shift into the 5th dimension.

View in PDF Manuscript Four

In this essay Alex brought into consideration the work of early contactee George King, founder of the Aetherius Society. As George King received the information that a new Avatar will arrive “shortly” on Earth in full cosmic aspect, the essay hypothesises whether Ashtar could be such avatar. To the present date this is still unclear, although Ashtar seems to be involved somehow. See section The Next Avatar for more updated information on this topic.

View in PDF Manuscript Five

This is the last of the older works in this section, in which an Open Letter is offered to Ashtar Sheran. Naturally, the real intention in that work was to help make people aware, in subtle ways, of how this refined energy source operates. Alex has direct spiritual contact with Ashtar and surely does not need a letter to communicate: their energy frequencies are spiritually in tune.