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Please note: The diamond section offers a concise, 21-point summary of the core message from the higher dimensional extraterrestrials. That parte should be read before attempting to read the Q&A below. Questions of significant interest received from our readers are answered at the end of this section.

The questions and answers below are based on the active experiences and evolving awareness of the author, and as such they are far from flawless. They convey one of the many possible interpretations resulting from a direct contact with the higher cosmic dimensions (see section about us for further details). Importantly, the concepts here discussed are not mere theoretical speculation: they arise from actual experience which thoroughly validates all the previous teachings of the sacred metaphysical literature, available from people who have also contacted the higher dimensions over the centuries.

The concepts here discussed have the potential to help bring important pieces of the cosmic puzzle together, when diligently studied against the respective evidence and other contributions in the appropriate literature. Naturally, as in any field of research, real advancements can only occur through practical experience as well as intellectual reasoning uncluttered by dogmatic prejudice.

The most important publications from the many spiritual traditions and individuals that have inspired the author, confirming the validity of his cosmic contacts and laying out the foundation for the awareness presented in this work, are fully cited in the references section of the website. Please refer to that section for further research.

The readers are encouraged to use the diamond perspective explained on this website to be able to see that each question can have many different possible answers and/or ramifications, leading to several different scenarios. Hence, try to embrace the opportunity that this energy will give you to explore the many facets of cosmic phenomena. You should use your own fourth energy center, known as the heart chakra (‘where the light comes’), for guidance.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy the reading, and that it will help shift any paradigms of limitation.

Best wishes,
Alex Light

Introducing intelligent life in the Solar System

  1. Are we alone in the universe?

    No. On the contrary, the universe is fully inhabited by extremely intelligent life forms, including several different dimensions of life (or planes activated by states of consciousness) which encompass visible and invisible matter (i.e., invisible to our reference frame). From a higher metaphysical perspective, the universe itself can be regarded as a living organism in every sense of the word.

  2. Which planets in the solar system are inhabited by intelligent life?

    Virtually all planets and moons in our solar system are inhabited by highly advanced intelligent life, and that includes the sun itself. Amongst these, the Earth is the only planet which still experiences a sense of cosmic separation, existing on a lower rate of molecular-atomic vibration compared to the other planets. This differential in the atomic structure of the Earth and her inhabitants means that life on Earth is made of a much denser type of physical matter compared to the finer physical bodies of the inhabitants of other planets in the Solar System. It is very important to understand this difference from the beginning of the discussions, because the word “physical” becomes very relative. A solid rock is deemed to be physical in our dimension because its atomic structure vibrates in such a way that we can see it and touch it. However, a rock equally as physical and real, if existing in a higher dimension, would normally not be visible or touchable to our physical range. But that rock would still be perfectly real to any living beings whose physical structure has the same vibratory atomic rate as the rock itself. As will become evident throughout the discussions, this concept is fundamental if we are to try to understand other civilizations in the Solar System, because they basically exist in a different dimension (or plane of existence) promoted by a differential in the vibration rate of their cellular structure, similarly to the example of the rock given above.

  3. What do you mean by different dimensions of life?

    As discussed above, the concept of “dimension” employed here is a loose term associated with the rate of vibration of the molecular-atomic structures of all matter. Some people prefer to call it “planes of existence” or “energy levels” as found in the metaphysical literature, where matter exists in several different gradations of density from the subtle etheric realms to the gross physical. We normally think of our world as having three dimensions as well as time as a fourth dimension. However, as Quantum physics is starting to discover, the reality of these dimensions which we are accustomed to is only partial. We have learned from our cosmic extraterrestrial neighbors (as we will discuss) that depending on how quickly the atomic structure of physical matter vibrates the matter will acquire different properties, becoming finer and finer until it is basically invisible. However, the matter is still physical and real, but it loses its heavy dependency on time and space as normally described by classic physics, and becomes somehow unattached to the environment conditions felt in a three dimensional perspective. While we do not understand how these changes occur, we know without any shadow of any doubt that this is quite real. We also know that our neighbors in the Solar System can control the vibration rate of their cellular structure with the power of their own minds, so that they can basically jump from one plane into another at will. One important implication of this fact is that they can appear and disappear to us, if they so wish, “out of thin air” (including their spaceships).

    Please refer to section The 5th dimension for a brief discussion on the different meanings of dimensions and states of consciousness.

  4. Is it possible for Earth people to access the higher dimensions?

    The “veil of separation” in our dimension has been in place in order that human beings may evolve spiritually by their own efforts. The frequency of unconditional love is the only thing that passes freely through this veil. It is possible, when aligned fully with and totally surrendered to this frequency, for any human being to move beyond the veil. Every human being has the potential to shift his or her point of perspective, to see into the dimensions that lay beyond the veil. Unconditional love is the gateway, and one must learn to see with the heart as well as the inner eye of intuition. The heart perceives what the mind alone cannot.

  5. Can you scientifically prove that this concept of higher dimensions is correct, or perhaps verify it from other sources not supposedly coming from extraterrestrials?

    Unfortunately we do not really understand exactly how the connection between the different planes of existence unfolds, and even less so to what extent the classic laws of physics are to be modified once the molecular-atomic rate of vibration is sufficiently accelerated. Quantum physics is learning quite a lot about ‘dark matter’ and the importance of multidimensional theory to help explain certain anomalies observed in the gravitational field, but this is still insufficient to equip us with the right tools.

    If we are to follow the advice given by our cosmic neighbors of the Solar System, who are many millions of years more advanced than us (as we shall discuss), we should start investing more time in analyzing the problem from a different paradigm. Clearly we have been told that mathematics alone will not solve the puzzle. There are effective tools available right now in order to tune into these higher frequencies and learn a great deal from them.

    One of the aims of this website is to hopefully demonstrate that a very powerful tool to tap into this knowledge is the yogic metaphysical use of the human chakra system, as described by all sacred traditions of the Earth one way or another, and in particular the heart chakra (chakra number 4, predominant green color), which can express a partial aspect of the cosmic energy called love. This powerful energy, if properly employed and with the correct metaphysical knowledge, can allow us to project our consciousness out of the body and slowly start to communicate with the higher dimensions. Much of what is discussed on this website refers to information that has been received in such way.

    For those who are interested in the so called ‘occult literature’, this subject has already been dealt with in great detail, and as such the reality of higher planes and the invisibility of the finer matter in the Solar System are not new. In fact, great knowledge was already available before we started being contacted by extraterrestrials. See, for instance, ‘A Treatise on Cosmic Fire’ by Alice Bailey (1925) for a thorough discussion of the seven levels of physical matter available in our Solar System and the fact that all the other planets function mostly on a finer etheric level which is invisible to our dense dimensional perspective.

  6. Which planets in the Solar System are the most advanced?

    All planets in our Solar System are highly advanced both spiritually and technologically, and are fully integrated into the galactic council, except the Earth. Venus is a very advanced spiritual place, with highly developed arts and a fantastic system of spiritual healing and cosmic schools. Mars is highly developed in sciences and engineering, including spaceship design and robotics. Jupiter and Saturn have taken further cosmic responsibilities pertaining to the administration of our system. Saturn holds the administrative headquarters of our Solar System, and as such it can be regarded as the most advanced planet. Importantly, each planet gives his/her own contribution to the overall quality of the Solar System both via the logos of the planets (which are highly evolved intelligent lifestreams) and their inhabitants. The concept of what is meant by “advanced” is obviously relative. For instance, one can argue that the Earth is the most “advanced” planet in the art of ‘spiritual involution’ (if that were an advancement), which is a step chosen by certain lifestreams to experiment with the many negative consequences of selfishly using free will, with the inevitable promotion of disharmony (please refer to questions below for more details). We are the only species on our planet (and in the Solar System) that willfully causes suffering. We have polluted our planet, viewing it as a resource to be used for profit and killing off other species, even other human beings.

  7. How is the evolution of the universe coordinated?

    The evolution of the universe is coordinated in all senses by a collaborative interplanetary work to promote harmony, love and balance for all lifestreams. This work is wholly spiritual, and is organized as to be performed by the respective spiritual hierarchies of individual planets, solar systems and the galaxies. Naturally the collaborative spiritual work is also organized to coordinate energy exchange between the galaxies, but the spiritual administration of the Milky Way is our immediate concern in terms of present level of consciousness unfolding. The galactic council (or board of galactic administrators) refers to this highest instance of spiritual administration. Within a Solar System, the most advanced lifestream is the Solar Logos itself, which can be compared to a macrocosmic equivalent of a perfected microcosmic human being, as laid out by the secret doctrine of Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey (see references for reading suggestions).

  8. What do our friends from the other planets look like?

    The humanoid form is one of the advanced intelligent forms in the universe, particularly because of its design of the occult energy centres within the spinal cord, allowing for the cosmic potential of merging with the spiritual energies from the three higher chakras. Our cosmic neighbors from higher dimensions look humanoid in general terms, but they have mastered a complete control of the finer matter which they are made of. Hence, they can change their form at will using the power of the mind. It is important to stress this: they are physical as much as we are, but their physical is not the same physical, as explained earlier. Because of a much higher rate of atomic vibration their physical structure is much finer and seats entirely in a different space/time continuum where the classic laws of physics do not apply. We still do not have sufficient information to entirely understand how this vibratory differential operates, and even less so to understand how the laws of physics can change in a higher dimensional space. But we know for sure that this is real and that this ‘upgraded dimension’ is what makes space travel possible, and in particular at speeds much superior to the speed of light. Those who are seeking to fully understand this phenomenon from the perspective of conventional science will be disappointed, because in order to study this fascinating area it is necessary to have the right tools. Can you imagine describing all the properties of snow to a child who has never seen snow before?

  9. How far ahead from us are our cosmic neighbors from the Solar System?

    As discussed before, most of our neighbors are many millions of (our) years more advanced than us both spiritually and technologically. Most of the technical abilities they possess are only obtainable when the appropriate spiritual level is reached. Importantly, as time is only relative in the higher dimensions, the idea of using a time measurement to convey their level of advancement compared to ours is only partially accurate.

  10. Are our cosmic neighbors interested in us?

    Definitely! The ‘cosmic family’ (as I, and others, call them) has a great desire to see the Earth joining the aforementioned galactic council (through the respective representation of the Solar System), so that we could finally give our respective contribution to the spiritual administration of the galaxy. They have been doing everything they can to help us, always observing the Karmic law of non-interference in our internal affairs. As Earth has a very negative karmic balance, the amount of outside help that can be offered from higher dimensions is only limited.

  11. Karmic law and contact with our cosmic neighbors of the higher dimensions

  12. What is the karmic law?

    There is no single way to define this law. From a simple scientific approach it can be understood as a law of action and reaction. Any action brings an equivalent reaction, be it physical or energetically in the mind. As time is only a relative concept, it is difficult to measure the delayed response of this law in our dimension.

    Wrongdoing brings karmic limitation. It is because of wrongdoing that Earth’s humanity is currently facing significant limitations, and this is also why a more explicit help from space cannot be offered as yet (although it may be possible in a relatively short period of time into the future).

    See section Spirituality and Metaphysics for more details on Karmic law.

  13. Have we been contacted by our cosmic neighbors?

    Yes. People from Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and also from outside the Solar System have been contacting us for a long time. In recent history the most significant contacts started in the 1940s. But having said that the Earth has been visited for millions of years, noting the arrival of the Sanat Kumara (The Lord of the Flame from Venus) more than 18 million years ago.

  14. How has this contact been happening?

    Contact has been happening in many different ways, always obeying the restrictions of karmic law. Some contact has been physical while many others are mental/spiritual only. The latter is even harder to assess because it happens in an entirely different frequency which normally involves out of body experiences (i.e., when the consciousness projects, in this case, into a higher plane).

    As stated before, all our neighbors in the Solar System exist in a higher dimension which is invisible to our physical sight. Physical contact with them on their ships is only possible if they lower the molecular-atomic rate of vibration of their finer matter as to become visible in our dimension. This has been done a number of times, particularly involving certain carefully chosen individuals who had agreed to be exposed to this truth in order to share what they had seen with the hopes of slowly uplifting the consciousness and awareness of the planet as a whole. Please also note that on a deeper level there is no such thing as “chosen” ones. Nobody is more important than anyone else in the cosmic scheme of things, in as much as every cell of the body is equally important and performs a definite required function for the collective equilibrium of the system. In reality what happens is that people can spiritually choose their own level of contribution, rising above the apparent limitations of our dimension through unselfish cosmic service, which is the dawn of cosmic consciousness. The ones in direct contact with the cosmic hierarchy are not lucky chosen ones! – on the contrary, they have long time ago chosen a path of sacrifice through service, self control and restraint of their own free will, manifesting devotion to the collective wellbeing in a macro cosmic sense.

  15. Scientific proof of life in higher dimensions versus scientific proof of extraterrestrial life in lower dimensions similar to Earth

  16. Can we scientifically prove that our neighboring planets are inhabited?

    Not yet. It is only possible to prove this condition using a higher dimensional approach. As explained before, the higher dimensions have a higher rate of molecular-atomic vibration which makes the relationship between mass and energy more direct, rendering the matter invisible to us. Hence, it is not possible to directly study it using conventional tools. It should be relatively obvious to any thinking scientist that you can only successfully study a certain phenomenon if you have the right tools to tune into it. We have already explained before that the correct use of the seven energy centers of the human body, known as the chakra system, equips us quite well to be able to telepathically communicate with beings living in higher dimensions. From this perspective, in as much as we can say that it is not possible to prove this phenomenon using conventional scientific tools, it is quite possible to train people in the sacred arts of the correct activation of these energy centers so that more and more people would be contacting the higher dimensions. When we have a sufficient number of people doing so then one could say – problem solved, we have proved it. We do not need to wait until everyone on the planet has proven it for themselves to acquire this experience!

    At this stage, our science is still limited to the study of the way things work here behind the veil of separation. Only as our consciousness expands as a planetary race, will our science also expand. The very foundation of our science- the scientific method- ensures that “proof” is something physically verifiable. Mathematics gives us a bridge, as it is a language that allows us to see beyond our current understanding of what is “real” (hence the advancements of Quantum physics). Currently, only the mental process (thinking) is given credence. When we understand the power of heart-knowing, and submit our mental process to the wisdom of our hearts, our science will change dramatically.

  17. How can there be humanoid life on Venus if the surface is so hot?

    Again, as mentioned before, all our neighbors in the Solar System exist in a higher dimension. One of the consequences of this condition is that environmental conditions as we are able to detect in our present dimension are irrelevant for their existence. Venus has a gross matter component which can be detected by our instruments, but this is not “where” the Venusians live. Should we be able to increase our molecular-atomic vibration rate, we would easily be able to see a very highly developed civilization on the “surface” of planet Venus (with predominant green and pinkish hues and large crystal structures, as seen by the author). Some people are actually able to achieve this state while in an out of body state, and to communicate telepathically with those beings. The same principle is applicable to all other planets, including the gaseous planets.

  18. Apart from the higher dimensions, are there any other planets in our galaxy which are inhabited by intelligent humanoid life still vibrating in a low (3D) molecular-atomic frequency as we do?

    Yes, there are. But those worlds are a great minority compared to the lifestreams in higher dimensions. However, a few species from such worlds (outside the Solar System) have been working together with our governments for decades. This has been documented in many places and is hardly a secret to anyone who studies the subject, yet officially this reality doesn’t exist. This makes the problem of extraterrestrial life disclosure more complex, as it introduces a lower dimensional aspect on top of the higher dimensional reality discussed earlier.

    Beings from higher dimensions, which are spiritually evolved, would never work together with our governments in secrecy. They are only interested in the enlightenment of humanity as a whole, without manipulation or selfish agendas. Those beings attend to the welfare of galaxy as a whole, seeing it as one body that needs to unfold in harmony. Hence, all the ongoing secret projects and interactions with governments are not the actions and characteristic of illuminated worlds, even if they may bring some apparent technological benefits. Anyone wishing to study and understand life outside the Earth needs to consider those different realities, and in particular to develop the appropriate consciousness level to be able to tap into each reality, discerning their different properties and vibrations. The quality of the energies in those different realities is very different.

  19. If I understood correctly, you are saying that life on other planets in the Solar System exists in a higher dimension and cannot be proved using conventional tools, but at the same time we have had certain visitors from outside the Solar System who are not higher dimensional beings (i.e., exist in the same or similar physical dimension as us), and as such are not spiritually enlightened?

    This is exactly true.

  20. So, in principle, initial disclosure (and scientific proof) could easily happen if the governments revealed their interaction with such lower dimensional species?

    That is correct. However, such disclosure would be only partial and highly misleading if the reality of higher dimensions, which are the majority of the inhabited cosmos and ultimately our destiny, were to be ignored.

    Such partial disclosure brings the danger that people might be manipulated to see the universe as inhabited by a handful of species with their own selfish agendas, while nothing could be further from the truth. A full disclosure of the higher dimensions, which include the Cosmic Masters and the intrinsic galactic hierarchy mentioned above, with the respective hierarchies of each Solar System and each planet, is paramount for humanity to achieve a better appreciation of what is out there.

    This is so important because it is this knowledge that will guide people to decide with whom they wish to associate. Should we associate with Cosmic Masters and the galactic council? Or should we associate with lower dimensional beings that do not work to promote love and harmony in a galactic context? This decision is not to be made by any government. This decision will be made jointly by all the people of the Earth, based on a well informed, unselfish awareness.

  21. Introducing the galaxy and different aspects of cosmic service and also negative consequences of free will

  22. What do you mean by hierarchy in this context?

    Cosmic hierarchy, or spiritual hierarchy, is a spiritual measure of active service to promote love and harmony in all senses from both micro and macro perspectives. This is a work of great responsibility, which unfolds naturally according to the respective level of consciousness.

  23. Do we know anything about the spiritual hierarchy of the Earth?

    Yes, we have a great deal of information coming from incarnated avatars, the ancient yogic teachings in Sanskrit (dating many thousands of years before the birth of Christ), and the more recent works of those who have established contact with the higher dimensions. As examples, here we have the secret doctrine of Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey and the extensive works of the Aetherius Society founded by George King, which is still active nowadays and fully contributing in many ways towards activating spiritual energies on behalf of humanity (see question 53). The spiritual hierarchy of the Earth manifests in a higher dimension parallel to our own, and is comprised of many beings who have been well known on the planet from their works while incarnated.

  24. Are the lower dimensional visitors from other Solar Systems more advanced than us?

    It depends on how you measure advancement. Some of them, such as the visitors from the solar system Zeta Reticuli (about 39 light years from Earth), are much more advanced than us technologically. However, their spiritual progress is pending, and as such they cannot yet grasp how the higher dimensions operate despite all their technology. Perhaps we can say, from a metaphysical approach, that those beings have almost entirely lost the connection with their heart centre. This is one of the most unfortunate things that can happen to a lifestream. As the Earth is destined, by karmic law, to shift into a higher dimension, a collaborative work with those beings is not in our best interests. Why? Because it is not technology that we desperately need: we need spiritual maturity, i.e., to learn how to handle spiritual energy to promote balance and harmony for all.

  25. On the other hand, are there higher dimensional beings contacting us from outside the Solar System?

    Certainly! As stated before, the higher dimensional worlds, also known as ‘illuminated’ worlds, are by far the majority amongst all forms of intelligence in space. Higher dimensional visitors always work in complete harmony with the Cosmic Masters and the spiritual hierarchy of the galaxy.

  26. What is a Cosmic Master?

    There is no easy way to define it, but in general lines this word refers to a lifestream who has a significant cosmic record of service promoting love and harmony in the context of a solar system or, more likely, of several solar systems or galactic systems.

  27. You mentioned Zeta Reticuli as an example of a solar system where we have had visitors advanced in technology but quite poor in spiritual progress. Could you give an example of visitors from solar systems that are spiritually evolved, i.e., higher dimensional visitors from outside our Solar System?

    As stated before, higher dimensional beings comprise the majority of intelligent life in this and other galaxies. This is because love and harmony are the natural cosmic state, the very fabric of the cosmos itself.

    An example of close neighbors (i.e., from our immediate galactic neighborhood of the galactic sector) from higher dimensions who have been in touch with Earth people telepathically and working on spiritual ways are the visitors from Sirius, Pleiades, Lyra, Rigel, Aldebaran and Alpha Centauri. The list above includes star systems and constellations. There are many others.

  28. How many dimensions of life are there?

    The universe has infinite potential. Having said that, the seven different densities of physical matter and the seven major cosmic planes of the Solar System have been discussed in depth in the metaphysical literature (see for instance ‘A Treatise on Cosmic Fire’ by Alice Bailey, 1925).

    See section Spirituality and Metaphysics for more details on the spiritual planes of existence around and outside the Earth. See section The 5th Dimension for other usages of the word dimension, and the state of consciousness and vibratory concepts of the ‘emerging 5th dimension’ expression as used on this website.

  29. Are there good and bad extraterrestrials?

    Good and bad is a relative concept. Most lifestreams in the galaxy are organized as to be cooperative towards harmony, beauty and love. This is equivalent to saying that their spiritual development is very high. There are, however, lifestreams which have not, at this stage, re-evolved spiritually after their initial decision to experiment involution into dense matter. This temporary condition can result in local disharmony and lack of balance similar to what we currently experience on Earth.

  30. Divine spark and cosmic law

  31. What do you mean by spirit?

    Spirit is an energetic blueprint. It is a divine spark of intelligent energy which animates and directs all the remaining forces in the universe. On an individual level, this cosmic spark is what makes the play of life possible on all levels.

  32. What is meant by divine? Why use this word?

    This word is used to denote that spirit has the intrinsic quality of perfection and infinite potential.

  33. If spirit is already perfect, why is there such a thing as measuring the spiritual development?

    Lifestreams are free to manifest the energetic blueprint of the spirit the way they see fit, including a sharp decent into gross matter to such an extent that the initial connection with spirit becomes almost imperceptible (this being the exact case of what has happened on Earth). Spiritual development is the extent to which an individual (or a planetary system) is able to grasp and use this potential to promote further harmony and love.

  34. What is love?

    Love is a form of energy similar to a “glue” that binds the universe together on a micro-atomic scale as well as on a galactic scale. On Earth love is manifested as desire to become one. This is unity. Separation is the opposite of unity. Only a minor fraction of the total parts of the full energy called love has yet been disclosed on Earth.

  35. So, you’re saying that all planets in our Solar System are inhabited by intelligent life with a very high spiritual development, except the Earth?

    That is correct.

  36. Why has this happened?

    As mentioned before, certain lifestreams have to experience a diving into “darkness” so that they can eventually ascend to experience light through a greater understanding of cosmic law. To a certain extent this is also how the universe evolves in consciousness. Hence, the great interest of many extraterrestrial civilizations in closely observing how the present shift is unfolding on Earth.

  37. What can you say about cosmic law?

    Like it or not, all lifestreams are subject to cosmic law. If you do good to others, you attract good to yourself. You can’t change that. The most important cosmic law is the law of karma (action and reaction).

  38. Is there religion on other planets?

    As mentioned before, the concept of divinity is intrinsic to spiritual development. Hence, planets in higher dimensions actively manifest the highest religious concepts which on Earth remain only in writing and are seldom used, being regarded as utopia. Several avatars have incarnated on Earth and clearly shown how one could live in accordance to cosmic law in a very practical sense. If humanity had followed those teachings we would today be part of the galactic confederation without any doubt.

    Part of the reason humanity has failed to take on board the wisdom brought to us by these individuals is that we look at them, and worship them- instead of focusing on what was coming through them- the thing to which they were all pointing. This error has caused great division, war and heart-break.

  39. What is their approach to divinity?

    They promote cosmic law, and enhance harmony and love from a perspective of unity.

  40. Secrecy, manipulation and the primeval life-force

  41. You said that science can’t prove that our neighboring planets are inhabited because in order to make this possible we would require a higher dimensional approach. Is there any other way of proving it, perhaps indirectly?

    There is an overwhelming amount of literature and evidence on the subject. Our governments are aware of the higher dimensional beings and their spiritual appeal, although they haven’t been interested in their approach because this would mean the end of their power. This information has been withheld from the public at all costs for a number of reasons.

    It is possible for any individual to answer this question for themselves. By opening the heart and asking – by throwing away all expectations and desires regarding an answer- and simply leaving the question there, resting on the open heart. If this is done, the answer will come when the time is right, in a way that instills a deep inner knowing, which is felt as truth. This may seem foolish to some, but we should never lose sight that great yogic masters can, while in real meditation, find the answer to any cosmic problem via directly accessing the cosmic library of knowledge known as ‘akashic records’.

  42. What is the most important reason for this evidence being withheld from society as a whole?

    Seen from a modern perspective, the most important reason is financial.

    A long time ago humanity made the decision to give away personal power- to elect or assign certain individuals and groups to make decisions for us. Understandably, these individuals and groups wish to keep this power. We also decided to form an external currency, objects that possess a collective value well above their intrinsic value. Our system of money, our systems of government, are things we created to serve us, but we have ended up serving them. This dynamic happens every time a being gives away personal power. This is why we must be able to take full responsibility for ourselves on a personal and collective level before we can take our place at the cosmic table.

    The “dominant groups” have known all too well that, should the truth of higher dimensions be given, this very financial system would collapse. As a result, they would lose their power and control. Those groups have been primarily driven by certain forces in the lower astral of the earth who feed from the continuing ignorance and suffering in our world (refer to section Spirituality and Metaphysics for more details about what is meant by astral plane). From a metaphysical view point, these forces use our ignorance of the primeval life-force, also known from the Sanskrit works as kundaline, so that when this force is almost dormant the person can be trapped into a system of constant needs which are superficially gratified via sensory pleasures, or mental artifacts that convey the illusion of power.

    The financial system, together with many other current systems of belief and institutions, would collapse primarily because our neighbors from higher dimensional space are prepared to share with us how to tap into an infinite, free energy source equally available to everyone. In higher dimensions energy is infinitely abundant and readily available to anyone provided that they have sufficient spiritual knowledge to tap into it: there is no financial system and no competition based on personal profit. Our neighbors from the Solar System have stated quite categorically that they will freely share all this and much more with us the day we stop being a war-like race, abandoning all hostilities towards them and also domestically on Earth. This is also a requirement of Karmic law.

  43. You mentioned our ignorance of the primeval life force, and how a person can be trapped into materialism because of such ignorance. Can you be more specific?

    The primeval life-force is like electricity that flows within the body, helping manifest spiritual potential in the flesh. Without this force life as we know in the flesh would be impossible. In a state of enlightenment this force should flow freely amongst the seven chakras, which are energy centers around the physical body connected by a sophisticated network of nerves that transmit the energy upwards and downwards in a spiraling cyclic way. When this force reaches the top of the head empowered by the full connectivity of the chakra system, the person is in perfect balance and can manifest great wisdom. It is very hard to mislead such a person into a system of gratification based on needs, because such lifestream already has all the needs fulfilled directly by spiritual nectar that flows within the awakened kundaline.

    However, if the person has this energy in a near dormant state, the individual can then be easily targeted via certain vulnerabilities that are intrinsic to this energy system when not used in harmony. As the potent life fluid demands that this power is used one way or another, the person will need to experience some form of gratification. The materialistic system has been specially designed to target the emptiness left by this near dormant state, and is a direct result of our attempting to seek fulfillment from something outside ourselves. We have created the systems that have enslaved us because we have been looking outside – rather than inside. The system provides certain forms of gratification to keep people addicted to them. While such addiction can manifest via obvious desire to have power through satisfying sexual desire alone, or to have power through acquiring material goods, it can also manifest in more subtle ways in the realm of mind. In this dangerous state the person forgets to use the all balancing compassionate energies of the heart and becomes completely attached to the mind, drawing great power and gratification through intellectual stimulation alone. This is one of the most dangerous conditions on Earth, because many scientists trapped in this condition can be easily manipulated into causing great destruction and suffering while perfectly justifying their actions through poor judgment that lacks wisdom, insight and compassionate feeling for others.

  44. Is the concept of kundaline that you discussed a disguised name for sexual energy?

    Not really! This electromagnetic force is one of the important ways in which spirit manifests in the flesh. While obviously this energy is also associated with sexual impulse to express creativity (in its many senses) in the flesh, its origin is rather spiritual than sexual. However, the correct control of desires and needs is a key aspect of how a person can consciously move the energy upward the spinal cord towards the brain centers. For those who are interested in a more active work, all traditions of ancient yoga (and other sacred traditions who basically derive their knowledge from the same source) have laid out in one way or another how to acquire control of our desires, emotions and needs. Obviously we can’t expect everybody to become a cosmic adept and follow this path. However, a potent way of letting these qualities unfold naturally is to simply put ourselves in a position to unselfishly help those who are in need. As discussed before, this higher expression of love is an automatic catalyst to promote a perfect balance of all the powerful energies that circulate in the body with their potential for awakening. We emphasize that this knowledge, which has been transmitted via the Sanskrit works of antiquity, is the same that has been given more recently in contact with higher dimensional extraterrestrial beings. The reader is left to make the unavoidable conclusion that the source of all this knowledge (ancient or modern) is obviously the same.

  45. You have mentioned above that people can be more easily manipulated when their kundalines are near dormant, but you never mentioned why such force can be near dormant? Shouldn’t this force be correctly activated in a spontaneous way when the person reaches adulthood?

    Yes, indeed the arousal of this force should be spontaneous, but because of the very negative karmic balance of the Earth it is a cosmic requirement that people need to re-learn how to awaken this powerful energy via correctly using it through unselfish service. In other words, because of misusing this energy in the past we now have to re-learn how to employ it correctly. The Cosmic Masters have advised that there are many people on Earth trying to force the process of unlocking the full power of this primeval force, but that this path will not work unless the real aim is true compassion, unselfish service to others.

  46. How can we naturally promote a healthy awakening of this powerful energy source; indeed so powerful, if what you are saying is correct, that it would be almost impossible to manipulate and deceive anyone who has mastered this condition?

    As explained above, through unselfish service for others this energy will be gradually awakened. When you forget your likes and dislikes, and channel your energy to be of service to others who are in need, you automatically create an energetic pattern that opens all the chakras to a natural energy flow, attracting a very positive cosmic balance which is perfectly aligned with the higher dimensional principles. Remember that at the beginning we had discussed about the higher dimensions, and that we need new paradigms in order to be able to understand them and contact the beings who inhabit them. The yogic instructions just given in the questions above offer a very efficient path to contact the higher dimensions. This way you can access this reality yourself without having to wait until every citizen of the planet is convinced of this condition.

  47. The energy of the moment

  48. Looking into the current affairs of our world, one might think that the higher dimension will still take a very long time to manifest?

    Certainly this is a logical conclusion. However, the initiates and prophets have seen that, also because of karmic law, time is now such that the Earth must ascend into a higher dimension. As a result, cosmic rays from the galactic centre, and from our sun, are quickly increasing the molecular-atomic vibration rate of all matter on the surface and also inside the planet. The inevitable consequence of this process is that the forces which oppose this liberation/ascension will be removed from the earth. This process is very dramatic in a sense that it is quite rapid by cosmic standards, with an evident acceleration of how we perceive time, a progressive shut-down of linear thinking with the equivalent change in paradigm, significant physical and climatic disturbances on the planet, as well as a very strong sense of urgency and anxiety felt by most people regardless of their socio economic background and level of education.

    It is because of this knowledge and the urgency of the moment that this very website has been designed. ‘Where the light comes’ is a reference to the 4th chakra, the heart center, which is the most effective tool that anyone on Earth can use to better prepare and adapt to this new reality. This energy center represents the use of “love glue” that is informed by a courageous awareness to provide the bridge between all aspects of our personal and social lives, abandoning the sense of isolation and excessive polarity in order to experience unity.

    This cosmic process is now (as of late 2013) very advanced, and, inevitably, there will be a further and more explicit clash of forces before the new awareness can finally unfold more fully. Please note that when we talk about ‘clash of forces’ we do so primarily as to refer to forces acting on planes that are not necessarily the dense physical. The most important clash here may well be interpreted as a battle between a human being’s lower and higher self. In a general sense the dense physical world is simply experiencing a somewhat lagged response to what happens on more subtle realms. In this sense people can often experience amazingly quick changes in the physical plane, as old institutions and life styles that do not support the higher frequency will simply collapse in an incredibly short period of time. Hence we point out that the real work to be done refers to the control of the mental spectrum, going inwards towards the source of all things. The dense material world is just a consequent reflection of these changes. This is not where the hardcore energy work is done – it is simply where matter acts and manifests accordingly.

    Our prophets have also seen that, when this final clash arrives (i.e., when the collective consciousness of humanity is ready to choose what limitations and responsibilities we wish to take on board), a new avatar will be given to the planet in full cosmic aspect (i.e., not incarnated).

    One could equally answer this question about how long it will take by saying “As long as it takes your own heart to open.” There are many who walk upon a new Earth already, with one foot in each world. One cannot underestimate the power of a single human heart surrendering to love in action for promoting the cosmic light.

  49. Can we find evidence of these instructions elsewhere?

    As mentioned earlier, these instructions are present to a degree in all ancient traditions – they are as old as life itself. We will also find the same teachings coming from all religions in their pristine, undistorted essence (i.e., as laid out by the original avatars) and in their mystical roots (see for instance the Kabbalah), as well as in the ancient Sanskrit works dealing with yoga and metaphysics dating, as mentioned before, of many thousands of years before Christ. More recently you can also find the same teachings through key players who have had direct contact with the spiritual hierarchy: e.g., the works contained in ‘Oahspe’, the secret doctrine of Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, the teachings of the Aetherius Society and several others which virtually laid out the foundations of the so called ‘new age’ movement. We must also emphasize the work of the yogic Masters from Tibet who started teaching in the west to prepare the world for the changes ahead, as well as the contactees receiving instructions from the higher dimensional exstraterrestrials of whom the most prominent were George Adamski, George King (Aetherius Society) and George Van Tassel (see question 53 for further details). We note that the author Alex Light is also such a “contactee”, and the material here presented reflects his understanding and level of consciousness which greatly benefited from the previous teachings of all the traditions laid out above. They are the foundation for the work here presented.

    The student of these realities will see that the message is the same regardless where it’s coming from. The logic and coherence of this indisputable historic fact will give a very powerful tool to help those people who require logic as the only tool to convince them of a certain reality.

    A further study of the aforementioned sources will also reveal that very advanced beings from Venus have been helping humanity of the Earth to evolve over more than 18 million years (for further studies please refer to Sanat Kumara, Shamballa and Maitreya).

  50. So, you’re saying that all knowledge recent and ancient on Earth is basically the same, and it all came from space?

    This is exactly true.

  51. Including the ancient yogic teachings?

    Yes, most definitely. Look for Lord Babaji for further studies into how yoga arrived on Earth many millions of years ago.

  52. When will space travel be possible?

    When all things mentioned above come to pass, i.e., when we have ceased to be a war like race and free energy is finally used. Alternatively, when humanity consciously chooses to value others as self, and to value others above any object including paper money. In other words, when compassion becomes the only viable currency!

  53. But haven’t we been to the moon?

    The military was told by the Masters of the Solar System, who use the moon as a base to help irradiate Earth with spiritual energies, that they would not be allowed to return unless they openly told everybody on Earth about what they had discovered.

    The moon will be colonized by us the day we learn to truly love our planet, living in peace. I have directly received this information by reading the Akashic records, in a state that can be achieved when the consciousness is sufficiently developed as to project itself into the appropriate higher plane where this spiritual library can be accessed (the akashic records are a type of cosmic library available to anyone who can achieve a certain state of meditation). Through such procedure I have seen that the lifestream once incarnated as Louis Armstrong (the American singer), is currently associated with a cosmic project to help prepare humanity to colonize the moon based on brotherly love (see manuscript section of the website). As mentioned above, I have read this information directly from the Akashic records, and have not seen this published from any other source so far.

  54. Abduction and undesirable visitors

  55. What can you tell us about abductions by extraterrestrials?

    Most of the negative extraterrestrial portrayal that we have seen particularly over the last decades has been a devised propaganda in order to keep to the original plan of non-disclosure of the very benign and helpful, enlightened nature of our neighbors. However, as mentioned before, a few unenlightened species have visited the Earth from outside the Solar System, attracted to the temporary low vibration which is now rapidly increasing. The dramatic increase in the molecular-atomic vibration currently experienced by the Earth also means that any visitors that cannot exist within a higher dimensional perspective will be removed from the Earth. The Cosmic Masters have commented on the matter, expressing that the best tool against undesirable visitors is simply to increase our spiritual awareness (our consciousness), as this will act as a natural barrier against negative influences. Furthermore, any tentative or direct attack from space visitors beyond our level of preparedness to defend ourselves would be immediately blocked and dealt with accordingly by the hierarchy of the Solar System. The masters of the Solar System have very effective tools to deal with undesirable energies from outside, always acting with compassion to promote harmony based on the Karmic law. Never lose sight that our Solar System is in a strategic position because it is located on the outskirts of the galaxy.

    From the perspective above one can clearly see that there is no need for us, at this stage, to worry about defense mechanisms based on technology. The frequency of compassion is the ultimate protection. The Solar System is very well defended indeed! What must be urgently done is a spiritual work of increasing the awareness and consciousness level (a very deep personal work), bringing a positive, bold expression of asserting our planetary maturity and adulthood so that we will eventually be invited to join the galactic forces. The time for working in secrecy with non-spiritual races will soon be over!

  56. If the Solar System is so well defended and prepared as stated above, why has its hierarchy permitted that undesirable visitors from outside this system visited the Earth?

    Because by Karmic law our vibration had reached such a low phase that it was not possible for the hierarchy of the Solar System to interfere. In other words, to a certain extent we had invited these undesirable visitors ourselves because of the way we have used our free will. However, should the visitors act outside the level of interference that could be allowed, they would then be definitely stopped.

  57. Intervention and divine intervention

  58. Can you exemplify what types of help we have been receiving from our higher dimensional cosmic neighbors?

    They have been cleaning our atmosphere from pollution, especially from radioactive experimentation. They have also been radiating spiritual energies to help clear our minds from manipulation. ‘Contactee’ George King (see question 53) was also given the information that a satellite (spacecraft) from Mars orbits Earth four times a year specifically to irradiate spiritual energies that can be used by humanity.

    The Cosmic Masters have also been contacting selected individuals who had volunteered (before birth) to help with uplifting the planetary consciousness. This is a fundamental part of their help, and the result can be clearly seen through an extensive network of “lightworkers” that has formed on Earth in only a few decades, despite all odds against it. This is a remarkable progress which should not be underestimated.

    Currently we have people who are aware of their missions, and of their contact with the galactic family, in every country and position on Earth from modest jobs to positions of power.

  59. You said that a more direct intervention was not permitted, but this indirect help via contacting many individuals who would then help build a network of “lightworkers” was allowed. Why?

    This action was allowed because it involves actual incarnated people doing most of the work, as opposed to a direct planetary intervention. Needless to say, our lightworkers involved in the process are doing this by free will, being urged by a great inner desire to re-unite the Earth with the galactic family. Many are working on a subconscious level, but will be activated shortly. Oppression and manipulation will be progressively removed from the Earth in a very short time frame for cosmic standards.

  60. And those who cannot live without oppression and manipulation? Don’t they deserve the same rights to exist as anyone else? Isn’t light all-inclusive?

    Yes, of course. The lifestreams who cannot accept living in a higher dimensional awareness will reincarnate on a different 3D planet and will be permitted to continue with their experimentation of manipulation, fear, hatred and war. There has been a suggestion from Cosmic Masters that a new planet in the Solar System, “which hasn’t been discovered yet”, has agreed to receive such lifestreams.

    Light is all-inclusive: it doesn’t judge not even the darkness. But by cosmic law only a certain vibratory thought frequency can be allowed in higher dimensions. As the Earth has to ascend, there is no other way but allow this cosmic separation to occur. This separation is an alchemical process in its true occult meaning.

  61. The early pioneers

  62. Is there any documentation publicly available about these contacts with enlightened extraterrestrials?

    Absolutely! Everything on this site is known by many, and is fully documented in several places. Even at the very beginning of the first contacts in modern history (i.e., the 1940s and 1950s) the early contactees already had a very good idea of all these connections. I can recommend three outstanding early players in this process: George Adamski, George Van Tassel and George King. They were all approached by Cosmic Masters and were given a specific task to contribute towards the process. Adamski contributed very highly from a perspective of simplicity of language appealing to all audiences using the language of the heart. Van Tassel contributed more towards a technical/scientific approach. King contributed very highly towards a more religious/metaphysical approach. King was also the only person on Earth to be ‘primary mental channel’ for cosmic contacts (a title given by the space beings themselves), directly chosen by the cosmic hierarchy to channel and document a great deal of information, including details that have only been given to him for logistic purposes (please refer back to question 13 for a higher cosmic interpretation of the misleading word “chosen”). Those three players have published extensively in the literature, offering a complementary perspective that covers virtually all aspects of the whole plan as far as our immediate future is concerned. Books from these three players are available to anyone interested in an in-depth research: see reference section of the website for a list of some of the most important works by them – works that have been of fundamental importance to help validate/clarify the cosmic contacts experienced by the author of this website, contributing to the awareness here presented.

  63. Why did we have the most important contacts occurring in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s?

    Because of the discovery of atomic energy on earth, and the serious implications for the balance of power and survival of the human race and the planet itself. If it wasn’t for that, contact would not have occurred so early, because humanity was not prepared. In a way, our destructive actions have literally forced the initial contacts to occur.

  64. Galactic intervention

  65. But you said that the masters of the Solar System were not allowed to directly interfere?

    That is correct. However, when it became clear that humanity was facing a serious risk of a nuclear war which could indeed destroy or completely upset the Earth, an emergency meeting was held in the galaxy. In this meeting an emergency intervention plan was approved to deal specifically with this circumstance. Even though karmic law would normally not allow a more direct approach, this galactic directive was fully approved for reasons that concerned more the Logos of the Earth than the actual human race.

  66. And what is this emergency galactic directive about?

    It was decided that humanity will not be permitted to destroy the Earth (or itself for that matter) under any circumstance, and that should a large scale nuclear war be started this would be stopped by the Masters of the Solar System with help from a type of cosmic police from the galaxy. In other words, if we were to start a nuclear war which could destroy the planet we would then lose our free will. As stated before, all major governments on Earth have knowledge of this condition.

  67. This looks like science fiction?

    Reality is actually much more interesting than science fiction!

  68. Do the governments really know about this galactic directive?

    Yes, they all do. They were informed in 1952 by the sudden arrival of a cosmic being who initially disclosed his identity (i.e., his cosmic function) as ‘Ashtar’, primarily via the early contactee George Van Tassel. In those days the military did everything they could to capture this great cosmic being. Ashtar, in great compassion for humanity, said that it would be easier to capture a person from inside a television rather than capturing him or any higher dimensional being for that matter.

  69. But as we speak, 2013, we still have nukes more than enough to destroy the Earth, and people actually threatening to use it.

    The forces that want us slaved in fear continue to play their games as if nothing had happened.

    There is something about empowerment here- when we root out these frequencies in our own hearts and release them – we change the collective. This is how we change this dynamic- by changing ourselves. Everyone reading this should know that they affect this dynamic greatly through their own choices, and the most powerful thing they can do is to release judgment from their hearts and embrace with compassion the shadows they wish to change.

  70. Is there any evidence whatsoever of this galactic intervention regarding nuclear weapons?

    Indeed there is. There has been some degree of media coverage, even in traditional media, after ex-military personnel have come out to state quite categorically that their nuclear facilities are constantly monitored by spacecraft, and also that their arsenal has been paralyzed on many occasions without any explanation.

  71. So we should be happy and relieved?

    Yes we should! But at the same time we should also be quite ashamed of ourselves as a planetary race, who as of 2013 still talks about nuclear war and the apparent need for nuclear weapons as if we haven’t learned anything in the last 60 years or so. This galactic intervention, while a blessing, is a reason for great shame upon the whole human race.

  72. “Space police”

  73. Who is the space police, and this being ‘Ashtar’ of this galactic Command of Light that you’ve spoken about?

    They are a group of high-dimensional beings from all parts of this galaxy who have united together to promote cosmic law and harmony galaxy-wide under the full authority of the Karmic Lords and the hierarchies of individual Solar Systems. As far as we understand, this command is not necessarily restricted to the Milky Way.

    The Commander in Chief is a human-looking lifestream with an undeniable record of cosmic service dating from the formation of the universe itself, which he helped develop (as many of the higher dimensional hierarchy have). He is a being of immense compassion and only works in complete harmony with the frequencies of the true and complete spectrum of the energy called love (of which we, on Earth, know only a very minor manifestation of). He oversees the galactic welfare not only via his command of millions of spacecraft, but also acting in the micro-cosmos through atomic manipulation. As above, so below.

  74. How can you be so sure?

    This great being has introduced him to me while I had my consciousness projected into the higher planes at a young age of 22, on 20th Sep 1998. I was participating in a cosmic class where I was teaching, and the experience ended up with my consciousness pulled by his energy field. At the beginning I tried to resist because I was scared, but my higher self received the intuitive knowledge that there was no danger of harm. He manifested his physical appearance into etheric form in front of me, starting to build his body from the crown downwards. The energy impulse conveyed by his eyes was so strong that it ‘shocked’ my system, producing an initiation which further woke up me spiritually, so to speak. When I asked who he was, a loud and clear cosmic voice inside my head said ‘Ashtar Sheran’. After many years of research I came to understand that this fuller name ‘Ashtar Sheran’ represents a further form of galactic service, which is an advancement of the primary function that this being exerted when he first arrived in 1952. ‘Sheran’ means ‘divine transmutation’. The full identity of this lifrestream represents his current and further function of helping our planet transmute into the 5th dimension free from negative manipulation and according to cosmic law, providing as much assistance as he is allowed to offer by Karmic Law.

    After the first meeting, I have consciously met this great being (always with my consciousness projected into the higher planes, and at the times in which he sees fit of which I know nothing in advance) eleven times, with the last meeting occurring on 25th October 2012. All my meetings with him and with other intelligent beings from inside and outside the Solar System are fully documented in my ‘out of body log book’. This document is available upon request.

    In summary, I know this great being personally and I have been working with him for many years. If necessary I would easily and quite comfortably put my own life at stake that this being is love in action serving the galaxy. Having said that, people should follow their hearts to draw their own conclusions guided by heart, intuition, logic and intellectual appraisal. This process can only result from thorough research of reliable sources, be it the Akashic records or the appropriate literature and evidence available upon the planet. It can be incredibly difficult to make an informed decision when facts and basic underlying concepts and experiences are missing.

    Even though I do not need external confirmation because I am in the fortunate position of working directly with this energy (as a few others are or have been), if I were an “outsider” I would certainly require further investigation to be able to make an informed judgment. This is becoming increasingly difficult with the amount of disinformation available, in times where appearances are highly deceiving (see question 65). It is fortunate (but not a coincidence!), as the diligent researcher will sooner or later find out, that George King has also confirmed the identity of this being (although he has not worked directly with him – see Cosmic Voice number 1, 1956, in the reference section of the website). As George King has published extensively on his work as primary mental channel, this information will offer an additional point of research for the future generations.

  75. What is the name of this Commander in Chief?

    As mentioned above, cosmic beings normally do not reveal their names. Instead, they employ words of power (identities) associated with their cosmic function. The aforementioned commander of light is known by the cosmic identity “Ashtar Sheran”, which in the present round means a “member of the inter-galactic command of light who is in service to help uplift a dense physical, three dimensional world into the fifth dimensional perspective, under full authority and cooperation of all spiritual hierarchies in the affected Solar System as well as in the galaxy”.

  76. A Google search revealed about 400,000 hits for “Ashtar Sheran”. While this name is on wikipedia and some sites look interesting, there seem to be significant discrepancies, with people even charging money to get answers from him and others saying that he is the devil, etc?

    Indeed. Two things are at play here. Firstly, Ashtar’s mission has been attacked by the same forces that try to deceive and manipulate. As they can’t silence his presence, they felt that it was easier to ridicule his image with a bombardment of confusion and distortion. The serious seeker is left no choice but to dig into proper bibliographical material produced since the times of George Van Tassel, who was his first contactee.
    The second aspect is that everybody is free to express whatever they feel is right on the Internet. This is seen by the Cosmic Masters as a positive step in that this over-information (and many times disinformation) forces us to learn to discern.

  77. But if we already have the Masters of the Solar System as you mentioned before, why do we need this Ashtar?

    In the galaxy, all the hierarchies work together in harmony towards a common goal.

  78. Is there anything else that could be said about this being ‘Ashtar’?

    Yes. There is a separate part of this website where we have included portraits painted by a couple of mediums: Brazilian artist Claudio Gianfardoni and American artist Celaya Winkler. During my meetings I have seen Ashtar in both forms depending on the type of work that was being done, so I can bear personal testimony that both psychic paintings are reasonably accurate (see section Ashtar Sheran).

  79. Apart from the early contactees, are there any other people currently alive who you could confirm to be in touch with Ashtar?

    It is not for me to say who is a farce and who is authentic: many people like to delude themselves because it gives them a sense of security that they desperately need. Cosmic energy and awareness flow in many different ways and are always progressing forward (inwards). Many people can even be in subtle contact with the higher planes without being fully aware of it. The fifth dimension brings a new awareness of our undeniable connectedness to the cosmos, this being the principle that will eventually lead to the scientific foundation of cosmic brotherhood! Such awareness does not promote judgment and condemnation (the separation of different vibrations occurs by natural law). Of people currently alive who have produced body of work in the main literature I can confirm that Paulette Reymond from Switzerland is in direct personal contact with the same being Ashtar: I know this intuitively, and also because Ashtar made contact while I was reading her book. Some of her works are cited in the reference section of the website, but unfortunately her full books are only available in German as yet. Paulette’s teachings have been a great inspiration to me and have greatly contributed to the building of my own awareness.

  80. Are there any other extraterrestrial forces that we should be aware of?

    Certainly! Apart from those discussed above, we have also been visited by representatives of several solar systems mainly from stars about a radius of 1,000 light years from Earth (but not limited to). We had given a short list in question 24. The immense majority of these representatives are here to cooperate with the ascension of Earth into a higher dimension, while some are mere observers.

  81. The fifth dimension

  82. You mentioned before that the Earth is migrating into a new higher dimension, which you called the 5th dimension. What is this exactly?

    As prophesied from early times, and confirmed in many ways in recent times, we have now started an ascending cycle into the next higher molecular-atomic vibration level, which is often referred to as the 5th dimension.

  83. Could you fully describe this dimension?

    Not yet. We will have to be there consciously (as a planetary race) to fully understand the change in paradigm. But we know for sure that the physical laws (e.g. the Newtonian laws) will be altered, especially laws referring to space and time. From a metaphysical approach we can describe a few properties of this dimension:

    • Cosmic Unity – The end of the feeling of separation and isolation, and the balancing/healing of the polarities (i.e., male/female; right/wrong; dark/light; etc);
    • Non-judgment – The end of condemnation and the dawn of inclusiveness, acceptance and tolerance for all spectrum of diversity of mental and physical expression of life (the social structures, laws and institutions will have to adapt to the new human being, not the other way around);
    • Cosmic Adulthood – The sense of taking responsibility for our actions;
    • Cosmic collaboration – The Earth will be fully integrated into the galactic council.

    Additionally, the point on which we choose to focus our attention will become our direct experience, manifesting quite rapidly in the physical plane.

    See section The 5th Dimension for further details on potential definitions of higher dimensions and a brief discussion of how this emerging awareness will improve life conditions on Earth.

  84. How will this new dimension take place?

    This is already happening. The lifting of the veil (or mass consciousness uplifting) will be sudden and will likely occur in the present generation or next – what we call disclosure of the higher dimensions. The furthering of the spiritual maturation will take longer (perhaps 1,000 years or more). This is incredibly quick on a cosmic scale.

  85. So, to summarize, could there be two different phases of disclosure?

    Exactly. There is the higher dimensional disclosure, which depends on Earth achieving a higher molecular-atomic vibration rate which is already happening, and there is the disclosure of a few lower dimensional races working in secrecy with governments, highly advanced in technology but spiritually backward.

  86. Which disclosure will occur first, the higher dimensional beings or the materialistic visitors?

    This is impossible to predict, but certainly the disclosure of the materialistic races could happen anytime as long as Earth governments decided to do it.

    The higher dimensional disclosure, on the other hand, is far more important and outreaching, but is dependent upon the spiritual preparedness of the planet as a whole. Every human being has the potential to realize this type of disclosure – right now – by looking inside themselves.

    In the perhaps likely scenario that disclosure type I (materialistic visitors) occurs first, it will be the duty of all lightworkers on Earth to try to enlarge the public views as to prepare people to embrace the much more enlightening reality of life in higher dimensions. You may think that I’m biased, and perhaps I am – but as the destiny of our planet is to become a beacon of light it is only natural, from this perspective, to embrace the higher dimensions as a much more desirable reality for our future.

    We don’t know how this will unfold, but it is possible that an imminent initial disclosure, even if not revealing greater truths about illuminated worlds, and even if generating fear and anxiety at the beginning, will eventually act as a catalyst to provide humanity with the momentum it needs to embrace the higher dimensions. This scenario is one of the potential options that we are working with, and is perhaps where the greatest contribution of this website lies, in as much as people will be anxious and disoriented, and will need spiritual stimulation to find their center.

    You can find all the answers you need from within your very heart.

    This is where the light comes!

  87. Apart from several publications with testimony by people who have been contacted by beings from the higher dimensions, is there any recorded voice message from extraterrestrials that you could confirm the authenticity?

    Yes. As far as we are aware, the Aetherius Society is the only organization in the world with possession of several records of voice transmissions given by extraterrestrials from the higher dimensions. I have studied most of their archive and I can confirm the authenticity beyond any doubt. The messages were transmitted through the actual vocal cords of early contactee George King in a self-induced meditative state. In their archives, the Aetherius Society safeguards extremely important voice transmissions primarily from beings from Venus and Mars. When time is right, this information will be of major interest to the world. It is absolutely essential that their archives are preserved and safeguarded intact for the future generations, even well after disclosure occurs. My confirmation of the authenticity of their recorded messages is not simply intuitive or intellectual. During the design of this website I was approached by one of the extraterrestrials who had actually given them many of their transmissions, making it absolutely obvious that they are authentic. In order to make this work complete, it is important that I bear testimony of this very important fact.

  88. Takeaway Message

  89. Is there a takeaway message that you could give to the world based on any words or instructions that Alex Light may have received directly from the higher dimensional extraterrestrials?

    Yes, there is indeed. On 12 June 2003 I had a long telepathic conversation with a female from planet Venus (see Cosmic Contacts Timeline). The answer that she gave to one of my questions was astounding. I asked her “what is the difference between you and us”, for what she replied: “I can turn my eyes inside out”. After replying to my question telepathically, she looked at me firmly into the eyes and manipulated her etheric body as to actually turn the eyes inside out (which was a little scary!), before returning to “normal”.

    It took me years to realize that this enigmatic answer conveyed a very profound spiritual teaching. By choosing to answer my question in this way, the Venusian was saying that there is no difference at all between them and us, except that they have developed inner education: They know how to project the consciousness inside themselves as to realize the cosmic connections of all things. This is what makes them a higher dimensional being, and what allows them to be able to completely control energy/matter with their own minds. This is what makes their vibration so high!

    This simple answer highlights the very same metaphysical teachings from our ancient yogic treatises that teach how a human being can raise their consciousness through many techniques dealing with the inner life force. This is how the elevated Yogis and Avatars can do things that can be perceived as “super-human”. The day we diligently start looking inside ourselves for answers, cosmic brotherhood as a universal foundation will become a profound realization, and we will learn to overcome our current limitations under the keynote of altruistic service for the betterment of all living beings.

    This Truth is so SIMPLE! Why is it that humanity feels the need to develop so many complications in life, as to only divert us further from the path?

    (Note: see also the new Samadhi section and the Samadhi movie released in March 2017 to further understand what the Venusian meant, i.e., that they have achieved a very advanced state of Samadhi that we can also one day achieve).

The 75 initial questions proposed for this work were finished in Melbourne, Australia, on 19 September 2013, with question 76 added on 26 March 2014.

Addressing questions of general interest received from our readers

  1. Has Alex Light been contacted by extraterrestrials because he does kundaline yoga?

    No. The main contacts started when I was 21, and I had never done any yoga, and didn’t even know what kundaline meant. However, I have recently discovered that I have achieved a certain control of the cosmic forces in previous lives, which could be one of the reasons why I have been chosen for certain types of contacts.

    The extraterrestrials can contact anyone they wish, and normally they would only do so if they know that there will be a pre-determined result which would be beneficial to the world.

    It is not healthy for me to dwell on my own personality (this being the lower nature), but it is possible that because of my relatively scientific type of mind the extraterrestrials felt that I was in the right place and right time in order to be used so that a beneficial result could be achieved.

    I have over the years been very lonely because of such contacts which I could not share with many people, until I realized that through this website I can safely share what I feel is right, without having to preach to anyone. People are tired of being told what they should or should not do.

  2. Does kundaline yoga imply that you use the sexual energy?

    The sexual energy is one vibratory frequency of the life giving energy stored in the human spine. Anyone dealing with kundaline will need to learn how to allow the cosmic potential to be transmuted from the lower centers into the higher centers (sometimes referred to as transmutation of mercury). However, other than that there is nothing really sexual about kundaline yoga.

    There is a great misconception, for instance, about the role of tantra in the western society. Tantra is a philosophy which instructs about the energies in the spine in order to promote a rise of consciousness. As such, this is a branch of the many philosophies that inform yoga.

    The yogic treatises as laid out by the Masters point out that while concentration may be placed upon the lower centers in certain tantric practices, the ultimate aim is actually to quieten them down, so that the energy can flow upwards after activation has occurred.

    I do not judge or condemn any tradition. The Masters have pointed out that only a genuine desire to serve humanity and the planet will lead to true enlightenment.

    It is well known in metaphysics that the sexual energy is a tool for spiritual enlightenment, providing a link between spirit and matter. I personally believe that this wondrous energy will become much more fluid and connected to the heart, and the healing and creative arts, in the emerging dimension. The study and transmutation of this energy is fundamental for the spiritual evolution of our planet.

  3. Is Alex Light linked to the Aetherius Society?

    No, I am not. My path requires me to communicate from a “neutral ground” to help people appreciate that metaphysical knowledge and spirituality can be scientifically understood, provided that the correct tools are employed. The aforementioned society is a metaphysical/religious organization in possession of fundamental voice transmissions and written material which was given by a very high initiate which I have personally met in the higher planes, in as much as I have also been contacted by a Master from Venus (Aetherius) who helped the society to take form in the 1950s. Because of the aforementioned facts I foresee that their records will need to be made public when extraterrestrial disclosure finally occurs – both because of the role of their founder and their metaphysical projects and because of the utmost importance of the documents in their possession, which are a gift to the whole of humanity.

    My decision to remain on “neutral ground” as far as organizations are concerned should not be misinterpreted as a message for people to be isolated. It is more important than ever that spiritually inclined people should be able to “join their ship” (quoting the Master Aetherius from Venus). When people get together for a spiritual cause, and specially when receiving the correct instructions and correct metaphysical techniques a much greater work can be done compared to people working in isolation. When you join your ship you are much less vulnerable. Any of the metaphysical/Yogic organizations arising from the teachings of the masters referred in the reference section of our website (e.g. Dr. George King, Swami Sivananda Saraswati; Swami Vivekananda, Madame Blavatsky, etc) should at least be able to empower people with the more or less correct knowledge. If you’re after an organization that is perfect and flawless then I am afraid you would have to leave the Earth. Organizations are formed by people, and people are not flawless.

  4. Is there any evidence that the yogic Masters from the east have had contact with higher dimensional extraterrestrials?

    We have to remember that in the past the more advanced knowledge gained by the yogic Masters was secretly guarded from the public eyes because they recognized that the planet was not ready for it. Now we are slowly changing this condition. I am aware that the well known Yogic Master Swami Sivananda Saraswati (1887-1963) was contacted by people from Venus in his later years with a special request for him to travel to London (in a projected state) to give instructions to an early contactee, so that greater service could be performed for the benefit of humanity. Details of this operation have not been available because there was need for secrecy, probably to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings related to the work of this great Master. I believe that now it is safe to give this information. It is obvious that all hierarchies have been working in a concerted effort in order to help our backward planet.

  5. I don’t have time to read all the recommended references, and I don’t have much metaphysical knowledge. If you had to choose one book with a clear message from people in the Solar System explaining why they haven’t been able to land and how they are helping in their own words, what would you recommend?

    This is a tough question, but I would probably recommend the book “You are Responsible”, by George King. This book probably contains the most accurate and elucidating transcripts ever given to anyone on Earth, and is easily available from various sources including Amazon.

  6. You have spoken about Karma and reincarnation, etc. Where do we go after we die?

    There is no hard and fast rule. Most people will go into the mental realms, which exist on adjacent planes of consciousness around the surface of the Earth (with vibration slightly higher than the astral plane), inhabiting bodies made of etheric matter. In those planes the memory of life on “physical Earth” is retained, and learning and preparations for the next incarnation take place. After reaching a certain degree in the evolutionary scale physical incarnation becomes no longer necessary, and the lifestream could either choose to remain on Earth with an ascended body (which does not age) in order to perform service for the hierarchy, or to be incorporated into the life cycle of a higher dimensional planet where further experiences will be gained.

    This knowledge is not “my knowledge” or “my creation”, and is not new by any stretch. This has been quite well known in the metaphysical literature since ancient times. Much of the knowledge about karma and reincarnation has been intentionally hidden from major religions in order to keep people under control and in the dark. The extraterrestrials have offered complementary metaphysical teachings that significantly enlarge on the topic (see “The Nine Freedoms” by George King, also available by many sources).

  7. Can you give an example of information disclosed by the military in the early days?

    I recommend the book “Flying Saurcers from outer space” by Major Donald E. Keyhoe. This is a very good interview by him available on YouTube.

  8. How to learn metaphysics?

    It’s hard to answer this question, but I suggest that researching the literature proposed on this website together with a course of Yoga focusing on pranayama and meditation, or inner education techniques, would be a good start.

  9. Many of the references that you present are very old. Are they still relevant?

    When you study the older references it is easier to grasp the original truths before the greater distortions took place. Any scientist knows that if you really want to understand how to solve a problem you need to get to the bottom of it first. The wisdom contained in those works is universal, and I personally find it more enlightening than a lot of “new age rubbish” that we find these days on the Internet. But different people have different types of mind, and other people may find it easier to understand concepts from a different or milder approach. My approach and the running methodology of this website have been designed to appeal primarily to intellectual and scientific minds. See project VIII for instructions on how to identify personal biases and prejudices in early works.

  10. What is the best book on kundaline that you could recommend?

    I would say “The Serpent Power” by Arthur Avalon.

  11. Can I send you questions for you to ask the extraterrestrials?

    I’m sorry, but it doesn’t work this way. They contact me only when they wish (I am not informed in advance), and only if there is a certain work that will benefit the collective. It is not about me or my needs individually, or about curiosity for the sake of it.

    In summary, I cannot contact the Masters to ask questions, and even if I could I probably wouldn’t do that because this would be wrong. The answers to our questions can be found by learning to look inside ourselves. They are not in the “outside” world!

  12. If we are approaching a new era of enlightenment, why is it that the world only seems to be getting worse, with more stress, pollution, depression, high suicide rates, escalating violence in many countries, global warming, energy crises, etc?

    From my perspective, the answer I can offer is this: things are only getting worse in the external appearances because this is a symptom that internally people are starting to wake up. The Masters have said that the last few hours before the great change (esoterically understood) will have the apparent greatest darkness in the outside world, and that the galactic law itself makes an allowance for this. If things are looking increasingly chaotic, this might as well be a very good sign that the greatest change is nearer and nearer.

    My advice in times of world chaos and widespread dissatisfaction with politics, economics and governance is to withdraw into the still place that we can all find when the inner knowledge techniques start to be applied towards self control of body and mind, control of breathing and correct concentration/contemplation/meditation. This way a strong foundation can be built in times of chaos in the material world, and the safety net comes from stillness within. This stillness knows that our true self is immortal and cannot be affected in any way by material upheavals.

    Another good technique is to learn to “surf the wave”, developing flexibility of balance to adapt, letting ourselves to be guided by the cosmic wave of change. The change is here to improve life conditions of all inhabitants of our planet. To resist these changes because of fear or ignorance, albeit being a natural human reflex, would only cause further suffering.

    The Master Aetherius from Venus made the remark that if karmic law and the law of reincarnation were taught in schools we would almost immediately be able to transmute most of the suffering and hatred existent in this world.

    As for energy crises, I will quote early contactee George King: “there is only one energy crises, and this is the spiritual energy crises resulting from ignorance. Solve this energy and all other crises will be automatically solved”.

  13. Do the extraterrestrials believe in God?

    Words are really limiting, but the higher dimensional extraterrestrials recognize cosmic brotherhood and the unity of all things, regarding themselves as a cellular component of the galactic body, with the galactic body being a cellular component of a galactic cluster, and so forth indefinitely. They regard this whole cosmic structure as completely interlinked by mind substance with consciousness, serving a purpose of evolution of the smaller parts through love and service. To this WHOLE concept they have given the name of Absolute, which would be the nearest to the meaning of the word God on Earth. So for them their spirituality is a matter of knowing themselves and the cosmos through direct inner realization, rather than simply believing in something.

  14. Why don’t you talk about abduction and the “bad guys”? Are you just pretending that they don’t exist?

    It was my conscious choice in this project to emphasize the good rather than the bad. Other people have specialized in dealing with aspects of disclosure related to “the bad guys” and their workings with our governments in secrecy. But the reality (which many are trying to hide from us!) is that the overwhelming majority of our cosmic neighbors have a great love for us and a great desire to help us. Their advancement is proven by their life conditions, achievements and galactic service. Anyone who can read the Akashic records in meditation can prove this independently.

    Any Yogic Master on Earth, or any galactic Master outside the Earth, knows that the best protection against “dark” cosmic influences (i.e., against those who seek to enslave or take advantage of other life streams) is to raise our state of consciousness. This way humanity will be prepared to deal with any undesirable influences that may come out in the open after disclosure.

    We should also remember that most of the negative alien portrayal in Hollywood movies and media is a mass manipulation technique sponsored by the shadow government in order to keep people in fear inside their psychics and sub-consciousness. These groups know very well that if they keep the population in fear they will be able to delay disclosure, because by Karmic law our cosmic neighbors cannot approach us if we are not receptive. This strategy is directly targeting young people the most (for obvious reasons, as they are the ones who bring the seeds of change and the enhanced telepathic capacity), and people need to be educated and empowered in order to render these strategies ineffective.

  15. How can we be sure that your contacts are real, and how can you be sure that you are not deluding yourself or being manipulated?

    Recently my own brother Andrew (who is a partner on the website) said that there is so much online garbage regarding people making absurd claims that if he didn’t know myself personally he would probably believe that Ashtar Sheran would be a hoax. I guess this summarizes well that we have reached a state in which it is almost impossible to discern the wheat from the chaff by pure intellectual arguments, no matter how intelligent we are.

    My answer to your question is this: you can only be sure that my work is correct if my work resonates with your heart and with your own inner experience. What we are trying to do here is to point out how you can train yourself to do the necessary research and metaphysical practicing in order to have the inner experiences that will allow you to know the answer independently. As to the second question, the answer is the same. I know that I am not deluding myself and that I am not being manipulated because the work here presented as well as the instructions that I have received entirely resonate with my heart and inner education, and are in complete accordance with ancient metaphysical laws and the work done by all the great Avatars (e.g. Buddha, Jesus, etc). So it’s a combination of actual metaphysical experience, research, intelligent appraisal of facts and observation of the world, and cosmic logic guided by intuition.

  16. You said that the goal of your website is not to prove or disprove anything, and that others have specialized in doing that. Could you give an example of anyone who is seriously working on that, particularly in regards to material proof?

    There are many people working towards disclosure in several ways. These people are from all walks of life, from military and politicians who are not happy with how dangerous the big lie is becoming, to scientists, ecologists, writers, doctors, spiritual leaders, yogic masters, business people, and so on. I haven’t compiled a list of these people/organizations, but I can suggest the work of Dr. Steven Green who founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and The Disclosure Project ( and In there you will find a further list of individuals and organizations working for disclosure.

    I am not hugely familiar with all his works and connections, but it looks like they are on the right track, particularly in showing people why the “shadow government” (mainly represented by those who control the financial system, and who oppose the spiritual evolution of humanity) is so scared to let go of tight control after many centuries. With compassion, it is perfectly understandable that these people have difficulty to accept the inevitable loss of their tight grip, a realization which is bringing great suffering to them.

    We share the views that the big lie of extraterrestrial denial inherited from the 1950s has become so convoluted that it has become almost impossible for any politician to do anything about it. Hence, it is up to the population to get together, learn and act (or demand action). The three pillars of our project (Stillness – Learning – Action) contribute to this cause via pointing towards the right metaphysical tools that will empower people to learn, and then act. We must not forget that if a sufficient fraction of the population becomes well informed, and invites our cosmic neighbors with their open hearts without fear, it may then be possible for the higher dimensional beings to approach us more openly. Our direct experience with Ashtar Sheran strongly suggests that this possibility is definitely real.

  17. Dr. Steven Green and others believe that the military already have technology to allow space travel at speeds above the speed of light. Some people claim that this technology has partially been acquired via shooting down alien spacecraft and/or via interaction with some races. Some people also claim that a completely clean technology to solve all our environmental problems has been available for a long time, but that this has been kept locked away from mainstream society. What do you think of all this?

    These are difficult questions. I don’t know if this technology is available to some of the “controlling” groups, but I think this is quite possible and that Dr. Green and others have good evidence that this is the case. We must not forget that the technology to travel at speeds much superior to the speed of light is quite trivial in cosmic space. In fact this is a feature hardly worth of mention within the higher dimensional planets, for their capabilities are far greater than this. We know that the Venusians have been patrolling the galaxy, under the direction of the ‘Adepts of the Centre’, for at least 18 million years. Any extraterrestrial race who could visit the Earth would “obviously” have this technology.

    As to the question about how this technology could have been obtained by some groups which are still operating selfishly under the cloak of secrecy, I personally believe that they could not possibly have acquired it from any race from inside the Solar System. Our immediate neighbors are too advanced, and too spiritual, in order to be shot down via technology (even magnetic pulses weaponry). We know that the cosmic folks in the Solar System have had to deal with aggressive races much more advanced than us, and even then they have been able to take full precautions to make sure that their higher dimensional technology would never fall in the hands of those who would use it for selfish/materialistic gains.

    I suggest that if this technology indeed has been acquired it has been through beings from outside the Solar System which are not nearly as spiritually developed as our direct neighbors. In any case, even if certain groups may have this technology they will not be able to go too far with their new toys. Metaphysically speaking, as soon as you leave the atmosphere of the Earth you are immediately under jurisdiction of karmic law in a cosmic fashion very different to the non-interference area within the Earth. This means that any aggressive action or threat against the balance of the Solar System would immediately be dealt with by our cosmic neighbors. We can here evoke the classical example of the moon, in which the military have been forbidden to colonize it until they decide to tell us the truth and work with all humanity openly and towards unselfish peace.

    Obviously it is quite correct to say that this technology holds the key to solve all our energy and environmental problems, but if we are given the technology while remaining a war-like aggressive species than we would surely be bound to create even worse problems than those that we already have. The solution, as we advocate here (Where the Light Comes) is to empower people with the correct metaphysical knowledge and unselfish spirituality so that a widespread contact with the higher dimensions will be permitted. The required technology would naturally follow this step, for the moment we become a peaceful and spiritual humanity all doors of advanced knowledge will be open to us! This is true metaphysics – ‘as above so below’ in action!!

  18. What are Alex’s contacts exactly (including their appearance), and are they all benevolent? Do you have a list of known alien races?

    My main contacts, i.e., the ones I have logged and which have given me information about who they were are as follows. In the Solar System: Planets Venus (human looking) and Jupiter (humanoid). From races outside the Solar system: Alpha Centauri (Nordic/angelic/Athletic human looking), Lyra (I did not see their faces), Orion (Gray/non-human), Sirius (humanoid/ semi transparent/ very tall) and Antares (human looking, dark skin).

    All contacts were very benevolent and extremely kind. I have never ever felt threatened by any of them. In my experience, people who may feel threatened by their contacts with others beings are more likely to have been contacted by entities from the Astral plane around the Earth, as sometimes such entities can pretend that they are from outside the Earth.

    The beings from Venus and Jupiter have given me spiritual instructions. The beings from Alpha Centauri have assisted my higher self with energy work related to cosmic rays absorption, which are important for transmutation work. The beings from Lyra have given me a certain warning regarding imminent natural catastrophes due to our irresponsible actions damaging our environment. They said that we (humanity) are still very aggressive and war-oriented. Unfortunately, I have to agree with them! The contact with a being from Antares was very recent and only brief, but transmitted great inner peace and support towards our evolutionary process.

    The only beings that were of a different kind of energy were the ones from Orion, who were “grays”. They made a certain materialistic offer which I declined. But even then they were always polite and showed great respect during our contact, and went their way as soon as I requested. It is interesting that some races have given me the exact star name which allows us to track down very precisely where they are from (for instance Antares and Alpha Centauri). However, the contacts from Orion and Lyra have just indicated the name of their constellation. Obviously no further assumptions or generalizations can be made, as certainly there would be many other races living within those sectors and their respective star systems.

    In short, for those who are still drawn to the idea that there may be alien hostility towards us, I hope my experience can help encourage people to see that we are surrounded by friends that have a great respect for us, and that even those races who are more materialistic will not force humanity into any path that we do not wish to go into.

    As for a list of alien races, if I alone have been approached by so many races imagine what a huge list could be compiled for the whole planet! There are a number of people making such information progressively available, and probably some are more reliable than others. I tend to like the project Exopaedia by Manuel Lamiroy as the information seems relatively complete and more or less accurate based on my own experience (

  19. Why is it desirable to spiritually evolve, and why is it desirable to spiritually evolve now?

    I find this a very profound set of questions that can help put things in perspective.

    We know from the metaphysical literature that we are all spiritual beings having an experience in gross matter, which really means an experience of reduced vibration and awareness.

    By definition, this experience takes us outside of who we are, only temporarily placing limitations on us. Spiritual evolution is a natural return to our original source of higher vibration and enhanced awareness of unity and interconnectedness. In other words, spiritual evolution is an increase in awareness and vibration, with a consequent reduction of limitation intrinsic to a three-dimensional environment dominated by gross (dense) matter.

    Hence, spiritual evolution is not only desirable but also unavoidable, as our consciousness, which is a fragment of the whole, gets “pulled back” by the cosmos in order for it to expand and evolve. When consciousness expands matter will respond accordingly, vibrating increasingly higher (on a molecular-atomic level) and becoming less and less dense and less and less constrained by physical gravity. That is, matter becomes more etheric or less subject to linear time and space constraints.

    To answer the second question, spiritual evolution is desirable now because the Solar System is being bombarded by cosmic rays that are naturally expanding our consciousness and accelerating the rate of vibration of each atom of every substance in the Earth.

    You can think of it as if we were part of a large pendulum, which is currently swinging in the direction of higher vibrations. If we consciously work towards the same direction as the pendulum is moving we will achieve a lot of accomplishments spending very little energy, but if we try to work in the opposite direction to where the pendulum is moving, suffering and limitation will occur.

    This is why projects that have to do with true unselfish sustainability of the world and ecosystems are becoming more and more prominent, while the traditional ways of business (including all sectors and activities of society) with old-fashion (linear) materialistic thinking are rapidly losing support.

    Sustainability, unselfish love for the Planet and for other people, and trust and collaboration between people and countries are the reflection of an energy which has higher vibration and enlarged awareness of interconnectivity, being fully supported by the cosmic rays that the Solar System is currently receiving.

  20. What is the difference between a materialistic approach and a spiritual approach?

    As mentioned in the answer to the previous question, the only fundamental difference between the spiritual and the materialistic approaches is consciousness/vibration and the respective degree of limitation.

    In gross matter the vibration is very slow, and you have the three dimensional physical laws of classic mechanics with the corresponding sense of limitation.

    In pure spiritual planes/dimensions you have energy that is highly conscious in an almost unlimited way, associated with very high molecular-atomic vibration. In this state, there is still a type of highly refined, subtle matter that is virtually weightless and unaffected by physical gravity, and consequently unconstrained by conventional space and time paradigms.

    A materialist approach works within the framework of the limitations imposed by three-dimensional matter, basing all life and existence on what can be grasped by the limited physical senses in that reality.

    A spiritual approach works with the quality behind the energy, rather than material appearances. It is a refinement of consciousness that comes about via recognizing that we are a part of the cosmos, and not separated from it.

  21. Are the cosmic beings from the higher dimensional planets also evolving?

    Yes, they definitely are. We have been told beyond any doubt that no matter how evolved a cosmic being might be, there is still a plan of spiritual evolution for them. Truly the cosmos has no boundaries of consciousness and is ever evolving. The constant birth and death of stars and galaxies, with ever changing patterns in the universe both in visible and dark matter (to use current scientific jargon) is a physical reflection of this process.

  22. Have the cosmic beings from other planets said that we should worship them because of their incredible advancement? Has Ashtar Sheran and the other space beings asked you to follow them in any way?

    Not at all! As a matter of fact, the more evolved a cosmic being is, the less they will try to convince anyone to follow them. It is up to us to learn and evolve according to our own inner vision, which (note this!) already gives us access to everything that exists in the cosmos through the human-mind connection with the Cosmic Mind (readers who are unfamiliar with the concept that the universe is a type of mind-energy should read the Kybalion).

    What the cosmic beings can do is to help enhance our consciousness through showing us how the cosmos operates in unison under rhythmic law, purpose (quality) and harmony, and what opportunities and potential lie within ourselves if we operate in unselfish ways according to cosmic law.

  23. Did the higher dimensional extraterrestrials say anything about climate change?

    They have said that both our consciousness and cosmic influences have the potential to affect the Earth’s climate.

    Although paradoxical, this doesn’t necessarily clash with current scientific understanding. The amount of greenhouse gases that has been released into the atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial revolution is simply a physical reflection of a change in human consciousness. We have to remember that those beings don’t think linearly as we do, and they are not constrained by the third-dimensional paradoxes as we are. The information comes from beings that reside in dimensions beyond time and space. Their job is not to spoon-feed us, but to give some fragmented hints so that we have to solve the puzzle ourselves, as our consciousness evolves into a fifth-dimensional framework.

    The cosmic beings have also said (since the early 1950s) that atomic experimentation can change the weather patterns in the long-term. They have specifically stated that a sharp decrease in sea ice extent would occur in the Northern Hemisphere, with a paradoxical increase in the Southern Hemisphere as a result of an imbalance caused by atomic experimentation. This information was given in the late 1950s (See The Council of the Seven Lights by George Van Tassel), exactly matching the trends that science is able to measure at present.

    The current scientific consensus is that ‘we don’t fully understand’ why the sea ice is changing in opposite ways between the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres.

    I was also shown by beings from the constellation of Lyra (See Cosmic Contacts Timeline, contacts on 25 August and 3 September 2011) that if we continue on our present course there will be significant environmental catastrophes. In particular, I was given insight into what might happen in terms of further Tsunamis destroying significant inhabited areas.

    For more details on the latest metaphysical developments related to climate change, and the environmental crisis as a whole, please refer to the new climate change section created in January 2016.

  24. Are you aware that there is a present-day medium supposedly in contact with a being from space, who is claiming that we are actually going into an ice age? Could this be related to solar activity and cosmic rays?

    I have briefly seen this material, but I cannot confirm if this contact is coming from a reliable source. What I can confirm beyond any doubt, from my own sources, research and contacts, is what I have just stated in the above response to the previous question.

    Present day scientific understanding suggests that global warming has the potential to partially shut down the thermohaline circulation in the ocean, which would cause localized cooling in some areas in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Recent research also shows that the solar activity is currently the lowest of the last 100 years (as of July 2015), and there are predictions that the sun will reach a minimum activity around 2030-2040 that could be comparable to the one observed in the 1600s, when the earth was experiencing a mini “ice-age”.

    The cosmic beings have consistently said that we are receiving a lot of energy from the sun (which is raising the vibration of all matter on and inside the Earth), but their metrics of what ‘energy’ is might be different than what we are able to measure as “solar activity”.

    Remarkably, science has determined that when the solar activity is low, as has been the case particularly since 2012, the actual amount of cosmic rays received by the Earth is significantly increased. This seems to coincide with what the cosmic beings have been trying to tell us about the energy elevation peaking after 2012 and lasting for several years, if we consider that they might be referring to actual energy being received through galactic cosmic rays.

  25. What do you think about geo-engineering and chemtrails? Have the extraterrestrials said anything about it? Do you think it’s possible that governments are poisoning the Earth?

    I personally believe that there is a lot of evidence that there is something going on which we don’t quite know what it is, except that there is widespread intuition that these programs have most likely not been unselfishly designed to benefit the planet and the people.

    I am not aware of any statements made by the higher dimensional extraterrestrials regarding this topic, except that they have made it clear that they perceive us as an extremely dangerous human-race, who is quite capable of destroying both our planet and ourselves. This statement includes both the inaction of good-willed people, who are not prepared to take responsibility personally and collectively, as well as a minority who would definitely enslave most of humanity if they could.

    As for the last question, one needs to only briefly examine our recent history to see that unfortunately the answer is yes. Having said that, we are not here to condemn and to point fingers at others, and even less to play innocent victims. The day that everybody starts taking responsibility for their evolution, as well as the evolution of the Earth, all manipulation projects would be rendered ineffective overnight.

    People in general don’t have the slightest idea of the power they will have once they ‘wake up’ from the materialistic illusion in which they are temporarily trapped. The core purpose of this very website ‘Where The light Comes’ is to hopefully act as a catalyst to help point out in the right direction, especially towards the personal efforts that have to be made before this state of increased awareness is brought about.

    The good thing is that the cosmic pendulum as mentioned in question 19 is strongly favoring this evolutionary process. The cosmic beings have clearly stated that ‘the evolution of the Earth into the 5th dimension cannot be stopped by any force whatsoever’, and that all forms of mass manipulation will no longer be possible when that awareness unfolds.

  26. What do you think about the Hollow-Earth theories?

    The cosmic beings have told us that the Earth is definitely inhabited by more advanced intelligences that live underground, in layers of inhabitable space that exist in a higher dimensional framework. A number of modern-day mediums are in contact with beings from inside the Earth, receiving instructions from them.

    We also know that it is normal for a ‘solid’ planet to be inhabited both on the surface and underground. For instance, we have known for decades that planet Mars is inhabited by beings living in etheric matter on the surface of the planet (hence vibrating too quickly and normally invisible to our physical range vision) as well as underground by beings in slightly denser physical bodies.

    Below I briefly summarize some of the important points that we know about the beings from inside the Earth:

    1. The inner Earth inhabitants form a civilization called ‘Agartha’;
    2. They have a crystalline-based body (as opposed to carbon-based), as they are already in the fifth dimensional framework of higher atomic vibration;
    3. These people belong to the Earth, partially descending from ancient Lemuria;
    4. They went underground because of life-threatening conditions associated to the sinking of their continents, and remained underground to avoid an involutionary cycle into deep material density and lower consciousness that had to happen, by karmic law, on the surface of the planet. In doing so, they preserved their high spiritual awareness and connections;
    5. They are in touch with the galactic beings from outside the Earth and the spiritual hierarchy of the Earth and the Solar System, and have an active role in cooperating with the cosmic plan for our spiritual evolution;
    6. They can travel physically and spiritually to outside the Earth as well as outside the Solar System, and do so frequently;
    7. They are radiating spiritual energies to help with our spiritual evolution;
    8. They have a great desire to be able to work together with us based on mutual love and collaboration, and have stated that this will be reality when our consciousness increases to a fifth-dimensional perspective, allowing us to both look after the Earth and represent the Earth together;
    9. The boundaries between our world and their world will progressively dissolve as our consciousness becomes more fifth dimensional. At the moment this is not entirely possible because our vibrations are still too course;
    10. Those who are spiritually prepared, and have a sufficiently high vibration in their light bodies, are being progressively allowed to visit their cities under their guidance;
    11. They have a physical resemblance to some indigenous groups such as the Maori people;
    12. They live in an environment which would resemble our tropical conditions, and have a light source similar to the sun

    A new section dealing specifically with Inner Earth, summarizing the answers here provided has also been added to the main site (see Inner Earth).

  27. You said that your site gives a scientific view, but science cannot prove any of the things you’re saying. What’s scientific about it then?

    By “scientific perspective” we mean the true study of cosmic law and phenomena unconstrained by the materialistic limitation provided by the physical instruments and physical senses. The study of Quantum physics is increasingly showing that we live in a multi-dimensional universe where our perception of rigidity or solidity, as well as space and time, is an illusion. This is an encouragement into the future, as long as we have the courage to pursue unprejudiced truth above anything else.

    The fact that current day scientific knowledge still doesn’t have the adequate tools to scientifically investigate out of body projections and telepathic rapport with extraterrestrials doesn’t in the least imply that these things are not or cannot be scientific. All it takes is the discovery of the right tools in order to be able to measure and quantify phenomenon that is not visible.

    These discoveries will come about primarily via the actual awareness, paradigm-shifts and inner education of individual scientists who will have the courage to think outside the box, to link science and spirituality, and to promote truth without fear of being ridiculed. A lot of scientists know about the extraterrestrials and higher dimensional life but are scared of saying anything for fear of losing funding and their careers, as they know very well that there is an unwritten intimidation mandate in place in order to keep things the status quo. Ultimately this is also an issue of selfishness.

    As we explain on the website, anyone who is capable of true meditation and fully conscious out of body projection can prove by themselves that what we teach is true. With the accelerated vibrations that the planet is experiencing, more and more people are rapidly approaching the threshold in which they will start experiencing these states, and hence we have the unavoidable consequence that this knowledge will become mainstream sooner or later.

    Science will not be able to afford much longer a complete denial of the cosmic energies that are beyond the three dimensional world. We want a science that is able to empower humanity based on truth. There is no excuse any longer for current day science to disregard the many millions of people who have had direct experience with the invisible world, one way or another. An interesting example is the phenomenon of crop circles, occurring right in front of our faces in several countries and remaining mostly ignored and unexplained. This is showing science that the ‘unexplainable’ will not go away if ignored, and that the way to go is to shift our paradigms within our own consciousness first.

    Regardless of how much the truth has been purposely suppressed from the population by the players who don’t want a shift in consciousness to occur, this shift is inevitable and is already happening. Science is ultimately made by people and for the wellbeing of the people and the Earth. It will take great courage and humility to admit our current state of limitation and move forward into an unbiased and unprejudiced search for truth, taking advantage of the full opportunities offered by this cycle for a renewal of methodologies and belief systems.

  28. Do you have any information on crop circles?

    A mentioned in my answer to the previous question, our understanding is that crop circles are part of a cosmic strategy to raise the consciousness level and shift the old paradigms. This is particularly important for the part of the population who still needs physical proof that we live in times of profound changes. As the cosmic hierarchy is not allowed to directly interfere with our free will and our karmic limitation, which requires that we make a concerted effort to learn by our own initiative, crop circles appear as a very effective way to inject more energy into the system, metaphorically speaking.

    The website below contains useful information on crop circles:

  29. What is the difference between ‘Ashtar’ and ‘Ashtar Sheran’?

    They are definitely a reference to the same intelligence. As this is a name-function (actual names of cosmic adepts cannot be revealed), it is possible that ‘Sheran’ is a complement that was added once the mission of this being on Earth entered its second phase. In the first contact with George Van Tassel in 1952 only Ashtar was given (in connection to stopping the development of atomic bombs), with the reference that soon they would be revealing a second reason for their coming. In 1959 the German medium Herbert Victor Speer was given the complement ‘Sheran’, which I believe has to do with the shift of our consciousness into the 5th dimension. In my own first contact on 20th Sep 1998 (see Cosmic Contact Timeline) I was definitely given the full ‘Ashtar Sheran’ in loud and clear voice announced inside my mind (not telepathy, but actual astral sound).

    We have recently discovered that the term Ashtar has also been mentioned in he secret Doctrine of Madame Blavatsky, as ‘Ashtar-Vidya’, a reference to the highest form of magical knowledge in the Hindu tradition inherited from very ancient times. Whether this is to imply that this actual space intelligence has been teaching on Earth in our ancient past (e.g., in times of Atlantis and Lemuria) remains open for debate. In the communication received by Van Tassel in 1952 Ashtar mentioned that he and his crew were arriving in our Solar System for the first time.

  30. What does the original teaching of Madame Blavatsky say about extraterrestrials?

    The teaching of the secret doctrine expounds a complicated system of globes, which really means that there are parallel Earths existing in higher dimensions or consciousness levels, and that the same is valid for all other planets. They make it clear that all planets in the solar system are inhabited, and if we cannot find life with physical instruments on a certain globe life will definitely be found in a parallel dimension of that globe which is invisible to us. Hence, the original teachings of the Secret Doctrine completely verify the concepts we’re discussing here.

  31. The more orthodox Theosophists, based on the original teachings of Madame Blavatsky, are claiming that ascended Masters are an invention of the new age movement, and that the only trustworthy information of a cosmic nature was given by Blavatsky in the Secret Doctrine. They also claim that they were informed in the Mahatma Letters that the Masters are only allowed to give new cosmic teachings to humanity in the last 25 years of each century. Hence, if they are correct, all the information about extraterrestrials received in the mid-twentieth century could not possibly have anything to do with cosmic masters.
    They also claim that the next Avatar will not come for thousands of years, when the current Kali Yuga (dark age) will finish. As you cite the secret doctrine of Blavatsky as one of the reliable sources of information for cosmic knowledge, how can you explain this discrepancy?

    These multi-questions are profound, and we need to bear in mind that truth is often paradoxical.

    The Secret Doctrine was given to Madame Blavatsky primarily by the Master Koot Hoomi and the Master Morya, who are linked to the spiritual hierarchy of the Earth through the Himalaya branch. These Masters, according to their own description in the Mahatma Letters and the Secret Doctrine, live in physical bodies of a more refined type than ours, often surviving for hundreds or even thousands of years until they may need to occupy a new body without having to reincarnate as a helpless baby. They have achieved this exalted state through self-sacrifice and unselfish service for humanity during countless incarnations. Hence, they are obviously outside the normal incarnation cycle, and it is precisely this condition that we refer to as “ascended”.

    The best (modern-day) definition of ascension, and more importantly of how to actually achieve it, has been given by extraterrestrials of the Solar System to primary mental channel George King, through a set of metaphysical instructions called ‘The Nine Freedoms’. As our cosmic neighbors are more advanced than the Masters of the Earth, the information received by the true contactees of the 1950s is actually superior in consciousness expansion to the initial information given in the Secret Doctrine.

    My research shows that there is no contradiction whatsoever between the metaphysical teachings from the space beings and those of the Secret Doctrine, as indeed should be the case of all true cosmic teachings. The methodologies and approaches are different, but they contribute to enrich and expand each another. When orthodoxy comes into the equation and people start to promote a teacher/Master in particular it is often easy to lose sight of the big picture, and of the fact that truth is often given in a fragmented way through different people and different perspectives.

    It is up to us to make the links between different traditions in the most constructive way, rather than promoting criticism and separation. The illusion of separation is incompatible with the new dimension of consciousness, where all paradoxes will have to be reconciled by intelligent application of non-linear intuitive thinking accompanied by love and compassion. Unfortunately what we still see is that many people in the current day esoteric societies stick to their truth while unconsciously promoting separation via attacking others. This is perhaps not surprising, as we know that the true adepts in this day and age are not to be found within the main esoteric societies of the world.

    As for new cosmic teachings only being allowed in the last quarter of each century, this was an statement of the Masters Morya and Koot Hoomi most likely indicating their own operations to date (as of the closing the 19th century) to Madame Blavatsky. The extraterrestrial contactees of the 1950s were used to channel a consciousness uplift that superseded any efforts done by the hierarchy of the Masters of the Himalaya. As we have pointed out, this galactic intervention, although premature in a sense that it met a highly unprepared world, was deeply necessary to respond to our destructive actions caused by the threat of the atomic bombs (see Diamond Principle). So again there is no contradiction, but rather the evolution of the cosmic plan.

    The very fact that Ashtar Sheran has recently introduced me to the Master Morya (see cosmic contact timeline, entry of 17th Feb 2015) proves to me beyond any doubt that the Earth Masters and the different cosmic hierarchical levels (galactic/Solar System) are all operating together in one concerted approach. It is our ignorance and prejudice that create the sense of separation and widespread criticism between the different traditions/societies that safeguard the teachings of their original adepts.

    The information that Madame Blavatsky gave out about the next Avatar (which is equivalent to the Buddhist teachings of the coming of Maitreya) was based on extremely long cosmic cycles in which the Earth receives different degrees of spiritualization. She made it clear that the times and duration of these cycles could never be known for sure, and were only approximations mostly dealing with the ancient Hindu calendar. It is a consensus in all sacred traditions that the next avatar (or Maitreya) will arrive at the end of the current age of dark materialism.

    Based on the collective wisdom that we have learned from our galactic neighbors from the higher dimensional planets we have very good reasons to believe that the inevitable consciousness shift into the 5th dimension means that the period of spiritual darkness is already finishing, and quite rapidly. If that weren’t the case, it would be unreasonable for the Earth to be attracting so much attention from the cosmic community right now.

    It is worth reminding ourselves that one possible rationale used by the ancient traditions in connection to ‘ages’ as regarding different levels of spiritual influences on our planet was based on the astronomical fact of the precession of the Equinoxes, which is caused by the wobbling of the Earth’s orbit due to differential gravitational pull in a cycle of approximately 26,000 years. Within this cycle, the relative position of the sun in relation to the zodiacal constellations change, but what is really being implied is that during some periods the Earth may “point” more directly towards the galactic center than other periods.

    These cosmic contacts have told us consistently and very strongly that the shift into a higher octave of energy vibration is already happening in the whole Solar System (not just the Earth) as a result of cosmic rays from the galactic center retransmitted via our sun. Whether this information is related to the precession cycle and the ‘apparent alignment’ of the December solstice sun with an area in Sagittarius nearby the galactic center in the current era, or whether this is due to something else, still remains to be fully understood. But whatever the reason for this energy acceleration might be, wouldn’t it be foolish and arrogant to discard the advice received by our neighbors from space, and all their efforts and approach with us, just because we don’t fully understand the intricacies of the cosmic cycles?

    If I alone have been contacted by so many races from within and without the Solar System (see cosmic contacts timeline), imagine what a true disclosure would not be able to reveal! We know that all these intelligences are definitely not here for leisure or because they enjoy coming here or contacting myself or others – they are contacting us moved by an imperative cosmic duty under karmic law to prepare our consciousness for the shift that is already happening. I personally think that if this shift was thousands of years away the cosmic beings would not be pressing as strongly as they are for us to come out of our apathy.

    In summary, I don’t see any real contradictions as asked, but rather the obvious need to study the different teachings and traditions through a holistic and all-inclusive approach always keeping in mind that the paradoxical nature of certain details can be reconciled by the appreciation that time and space constraints become less rigid as we move into higher energy levels – that dates and cycles cannot be expressed by three-dimensional linear timelines.

    The cyclic nature of spiritual unfolding is like a cosmic clockwork, but future events cannot be predicted by linear thinking. One of the core reasons for this very project ‘Where The Light Comes’ is to empower people to realize that we have an immense inner potential to completely interact with this wave of change, and help build the new age in a very short period of time, eventually opening the way (under karmic law) for the next avatar. Let us then do our best to research and understand the ancient traditions, reconciling all apparent paradoxes in the teachings of the adepts modern and old – as long as we never lose sight that all the present-day contacts with people from space bring responsibility – and that the need to act unselfishly for disclosure of cosmic truth is upon us now, and not in thousands of years ahead! The future generations will thank us for that.

  32. By contacting people like you, what is Ashtar trying to implement on Earth? It cannot change anything unless there is some sort of spiritual change in the population internally.

    I think there is a more or less clear understanding amongst those who have been directly contacted by this intelligence, and who have studied the literature, that Ashtar is trying to help humanity go through the inevitable transition into a higher dimension of consciousness free from manipulation and interference from the forces that oppose our evolution, so that we can make our own informed choices.

    If we’re left in the dark we cannot truly choose how we want our future to be. By contacting people like me, who are willing to unselfishly sacrifice their time and to withstand abuse undeterred, the Cosmic Masters can probably see a higher chance of speeding up this consciousness uplift.

    As correctly pointed out by the reader, things will only change if there is an internal spiritual change within each and everyone of us. Although the world as a whole is in a dreadful state, this process of inner spiritual changes is already happening everywhere, in varying degrees.

    Ashtar’s presence reminds us that it is time to look inside ourselves and have great courage to promote these inner changes. He said that the energy acceleration coming from the center of the galaxy is unstoppable, and they are here to support this very painful but necessary transition, which will ultimately lead us into a much better and more evolved world.

  33. I have read in many places that those who are prepared will ascend in a few years. Do they disappear all of a sudden?

    Unfortunately there are many misconceptions about ascension, and what this might mean. Ascension is not about disappearing like magic into another dimension. Equally, ascension is not necessarily related to the shift into a higher octave of vibration that the Earth is experiencing, as some new age thinkers believe.

    The true metaphysical meaning of this term is freedom from reincarnation, the result of countless lives of unselfish service to others. The best description I have seen of ascension, and how to achieve this state of being, is given in the book “The nine Freedoms” by George King (

    The immense majority of the Earth’s population is still many lives away from ascension, regardless of the imminent planetary transition into a higher octave of energy vibration. Freedom from reincarnation requires a lot of hard unselfish work and has to be earned karmically.

    After ascension, the lifestream can choose to remain on Earth as an ‘ascended master’ to teach humanity or move on and be incorporated into the life cycle of other planets in the solar system (where the person is to be transferred as a full adult with a body that suits the dimensional framework of the respective planet).

  34. Although you have a section called projects I don’t find any clarity in it. What do you intend to do? Do you have any global projects?

    I believe that the most important feature of the projects is the energy principle behind them. In order to change the world we need to change our mentalities first. We don’t have any formal global institutional organization behind those projects, but ‘Where The Light Comes’ is the global center where people have the tools to help point them in the right direction, so that they can make the connections and respective inner changes themselves. In this sense all projects are global, because they all deal with consciousness.

    Importantly, these are not “my” projects. They are projects for all of humanity to be working on. If we all work together we can make these projects a reality. An update is now available at the end of each project with a few suggestions of how people can help.

    So what do we do? We take every possible opportunity to energize, communicate and live the actual concepts in each project in all our daily activities both within and without the website, in our personal and professional lives, acting as a compass to show people which alternatives are available to those who want to help.

    We must remember that we are working on subtle energy principles to promote internal changes in our consciousness. When this has been accomplished the external material world will change almost effortlessly. The collapse of old rigid structures and paradigms is already showing that the projects are working because people are starting to think differently.

    With the planetary shift into a higher octave of energy the time of gurus is over -each person will need to take responsibility for their own evolution.

  35. What is the meaning of the 12:12 code?

    As we understand it, this code is an activation related to how we are integrating the higher energy vibration at a soul level. This code is more advanced than the 11:11 code, which is a portal that leads into this higher awareness, eventually making 12:12 possible. If 12:12 is appearing in your life, consider it as a blessing and a privilege, and remember that responsibility to act comes with it.

    Many people from all walks of life and backgrounds have been seeing these codes appearing to them under the most diverse circumstances. We recommend that you pay strong attention. If you are seeing these codes this means that your higher self is trying to communicate with you about your own role in facilitating the shift of consciousness, as the 5th dimensional planetary awareness advances more and more. These codes are beyond linear time and space constraints, and are preparing and training people to raise themselves above time and develop the faculty of intuition.

  36. How do you think extraterrestrial life disclosure could improve life on Earth?

    In light of scientific achievements, we have got to a stage in which we are ready to expand our consciousness. Our technology has allowed us to photograph Pluto’s heart, but with current three-dimensional technology we will always remain limited, unless we expand our old paradigms. At the same time, an enormous amount of people live under the oppression of poverty, war, dictatorships, and the fanaticism of religion and manipulative doctrines. On top of that, the world is now connected by a myriad of social and environmental problems that require serious joint efforts from all people in all countries.

    As we observe daily, there is a huge impediment to solving these global problems because of selfishness, vested interests and lack of trust between people, governments, countries and races in all levels. Parts of this lack of trust steam from the fact that people know that those in power lie and manipulate. This deep wound needs to be transmuted before we can achieve a concerted planetary effort, and solve our energy crisis and environmental problems.

    Extraterrestrial life disclosure would force people to both expand their consciousness and deal with lack of trust at the same time. People would learn more about how they were manipulated, and why. This could temporarily generate unrest, and make the wound grow bigger, but ultimately this issue has to be dealt with from a constructive and compassionate framework. Many other issues deeply ingrained in our psyches would be brought to light, and in dealing with those wounds the world would grow tremendously.

    Humanity would have a chance to let loose a little its sense of self-centeredness and self-importance, consequently relaxing and becoming more tolerant of its own cultural differences. Countries that still oppress and kill in the name of religion would suddenly realize that unless they change, their own oppressed people would then have courage to break free and take control of their own evolution.

    Disclosure would offer the chance of a new beginning, with the pursuit of truth and unselfish planetary cooperation for the well being of the Earth and of all the people. This would be easier to achieve because of the new paradigms, enlarged consciousness and new technologies we would be working with.

  37. How can we fight terrorism while keeping all civil liberties and access to information and technology?

    I was approached by an old man in the streets of Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. He looked at me straight in the eyes and said that he had a problem for me to solve, and then formulated the above question before walking away. Probably this man, who could have been mistaken for a beggar, was a “master” working for the spiritual hierarchy. So now by karmic law I’m bound to try to answer this difficult question.

    To go straight to the point, I believe that terrorism is not intrinsic to human nature or ethnicity. There is plenty of evidence that terrorism as seen in modern times has been cleverly designed by the “shadow government” (see Disclosure section for a loose definition of this term), in order to advance their agenda of using fear and hatred as a weapon.

    But how can we fight that which is obscure, invisible and largely unacknowledged, when appearances are deceiving and do not show what the real root of the problem is?

    I propose that the best way to fight this condition is through the correct recognition of the energies that are behind it (hence the urgent need for inner education techniques that will lead to real discernment power), and the employment of their metaphysical opposite as a counter-weapon, namely the employment of love and unity.

    Note that the term unity employed here must recognize that we are one planetary race inhabiting one world under one spiritual hierarchy, and that the apparent sense of separation between people, families, cultures and countries are an illusion.

    As love and unity have a frequency much superior to fear/hatred and separation, the employment of these forces is bound to meet with success in the long-term. This is the wise application of the science of metaphysics, and not a vague (useless) new age concept as some might think. The readers can refer to the Spirituality and Metaphysics section for further instructions and practical advice on metaphysical techniques.

    By observing the unfolding of recent world events, we can see that the majority of people are already unconsciously using this strategy by refusing to indulge in fear and hatred. This sends a clear message to all students of the new age that the consciousness of humanity is transmuting, and people are slowly re-claiming their personal power.

    Politicians, who traditionally have only known the power of fear, will have to adapt as the human race evolves and new paradigms are presented to the world.

    The strategy laid out above is only the first recommended approach to the problem. As soon as the mass consciousness has reached a sufficient level of understanding of how the true power of love and unity operates as a transmutation agent, we should then be capable of shifting into a second approach, which will be the use of truth, and the prompt recognition of that which is wrong in the fabric of western society and needs to be corrected.

    The most obvious reflection of the carelessness of the current (so-called) selfish western model of materialistic living (based on competition) is given by the absurdity of the global environmental degradation it has produced over a very short period of time.

    As we discussed under the climate change section, the environmental crisis is already forcing all countries of the Earth to eventually realize that if we wish to remain sustainable as a species we will have to change. This means a re-evaluation of our roles as planetary citizens, re-designing a way of life that promotes adequate wealth for all inhabitants of the planet while respecting the needs of the Earth as a living being itself.

    When this transformation comes about, a great healing will occur deeply in the psychic of the mass consciousness, with such healing neutralizing the last remaining roots of hatred and fear that still exist.

    The sooner extraterrestrial disclosure is officially acknowledged the better for this approach, because disclosure will enlarge our cosmic perspective, showing that all races and countries are connected by a brotherhood both inside and outside the Earth.

    At the same time, disclosure will also promote a great universal healing by the recognition that lies have been told for too long, even if the original intention had a valid component of postponing a certain level of unavoidable, temporary public instability, until humanity was better prepared to deal with this awareness.

    Humanity will then start pondering more about the power of truth, and how this power can be used to create healing peace and trust amongst all races and ideologies of people sharing one common planet.

    When we finally get to that stage (and all indicators tell us that we’re not too far despite seemingly opposite outer appearances!) no further “terrorism” will ever be possible on this planet, and then the prophetic words of the cosmic Masters that “those who can’t let go of fear and hatred as a tool of power to manipulate others will have to reincarnate in less advanced worlds in order to continue to experience those frequencies somewhere else” will become an established fact.

  38. You use the term ‘initiate’ throughout the website. What is an initiate exactly, and how can a person become one?

    The term ‘initiate’ is employed to refer to those who have developed at least some degree of clairvoyance and effective intuition (via direct soul-control over the mind and physical brain) by means of service, wisdom/enlightenment and inner understanding of the ONE spiritual source that connects everything in the cosmos based on direct practical experience (cosmic consciousness).

    The terms ‘Master’ and ‘Adept’ are normally employed to refer to the more advanced stages of a person who has already become an initiate, with the prefix ‘cosmic’ being used to refer to Masters and adepts from outside the Earth.

    For an appraisal of different levels of initiation we recommend that the readers refer to the Secret Doctrine of Madame Blavatsky, and ramifications.

    I can provide a brief outline (in no particular order) of some of the energy awareness that a true mystical/metaphysical initiate should have in order to be regarded as such:

    1. The ability to project out of the body in full consciousness, either completely at will or indirectly at sleep (but still in full consciousness);
    2. The ability to direct the consciousness into the mental planes and above, and to control the motion of the light body through the power of thought;
    3. The ability to effectively tap into the faculty of intuition;
    4. The ability to “fight for the light” into the lower astral plane;
    5. The ability to raise the kundaline at least up to the throat chakra.

    There is no magic formula or prescription to become an initiate. The yoga of unselfish spiritual living/service, and inner education techniques as prescribed by ancient yogic traditions, leading to the correct mental poise and eventual contemplation/meditation after the necessary level of purity is reached, are the best strategies in order to facilitate the awakening of the inner spiritual forces (please refer to Project VI for more information).

    Note that the level of progress is inexorably linked to the karmic pattern of each person and the stage of advancement of the soul. Humanity is used to think that you can buy almost everything, but none of the new age “services” and “activation packages” available either by countless new age charlatans or through well-intentioned people can provide anyone with any true initiation whatsoever from a true metaphysical perspective.

    Initiation is a natural unfolding that comes about by sustained efforts of the soul through countless incarnations in the Earth’s physical plane. Hence, only souls who have done sufficient work in previous lives can actually enjoy the privileges of clairvoyance and conscious out of body travelling.

    Some drugs can induce trance-states and out-of-body experiences but those are forced, uncontrolled expressions and do not make anyone an initiate. These induced states may be valid in some instances, and no judgment is here implied.

    Hence, in order to become an initiate one needs to have done significant spiritual work in previous lives, and then eventually awaken the spiritual consciousness during the natural cycle of incarnation in one given life by sustained spiritual effort techniques such as the ones mentioned above.

    Please also note that ‘ascension’ is a type of initiation that implies that the soul has reached a stage in which it is permanently free from the need for reincarnation upon the Earth’s physical plane. This is a very specific state and extremely hard to achieve, requiring a very significant range of soul experience through successful spiritual service aligned with the highest purposes established by the soul/spirit aspect during countless lives.

    This personal metaphysical ascension should not be confused with the new age jargon referring to the “Earth’s ascension”, which deals with the energy acceleration that the planet and all matter within the planet are currently experiencing. As we have discussed extensively on this website, this is a cosmic process which will lead us into a higher octave of energy vibration (see Fifth Dimension).

    It is important to note that the emerging 5th dimensional consciousness does not imply in any way that people will not need to reincarnate in the Earth’s physical plane any longer. This misconception is probably one of the greatest mistakes of many new age thinkers.

    For more information about the processes leading to ascension as a personal initiation, please see The Nine Freedoms, under Spirituality and Metaphysics.

  39. Ashtar said that the world would be destroyed if the hydrogen bomb were exploded; yet this has already happened since 1952 and we are still here. How do you explain this?

    This is a common misconception.

    Ashtar said that “when they explode the hydrogen atom, they shall extinguish life on this planet” (I Rode a Flying Saucer, 1952, page31, by George Van Tassel, transmission received on 18 July 1952). It is clear that he was referring to the pure fusion of the hydrogen atom, not an indirect fusion of an isotope of hydrogen.

    When the first “hydrogen bomb” (so-called) was tested in November 1952, less than four months after the transmission above was received by George Van Tassel, Ashtar gave a new transmission: “Despite recent misinformation disseminated among the people of the planet Shan, the explosion reported to the people of your country is false in part. We are withholding certain information for a specific reason; however, we shall inform you that an isotope is not an atomic element. I am Ashtar. Discontinue” (I Rode a Flying Saucer, 1952, page 44, by George Van Tassel, transmission received on 14 November 1952).

    Pure fusion of the hydrogen atom (not isotope) has never been achieved, precisely as Ashtar said it would be. To quote Wikipedia, “despite the many millions of dollars spent by the US between 1952 and 1992 to produce a pure fusion weapon, no measurable success was ever achieved (

    In the same aforementioned book containing the original transmissions received by George Van Tassel, the reader can easily find that Ashtar clearly stated that the development of pure fusion bombs is not to be allowed by decree of karmic law upon the Earth’s jurisdiction:

    “Rest assured that they shall cease to explode life giving atoms, or we shall eliminate all projects connected with such. Our missions are peaceful, but this condition occurred before in this solar system and the planet Lucifer was torn to bits. We are determined that it shall not happen again. The governments of the planet Shan have conceded that we are of a higher intelligence. They must concede also that we are of a higher authority. We do not have to enter their buildings to know what they are doing. We have the formula they would like to use. It is not meant for destruction” (transmission received on 18 July 1952).

    Note: In the original transmissions Ashtar referred to our planet as ‘planet Schan’.

  40. How do you know that the current ‘Ashtar Sheran’ is the same as the original and true ‘Ashtar’ received by George Van Tassel in 1952?

    The original ‘Ashtar’ stated to George Van Tassel that he was later going to reveal the second phase of his mission, clearly indicating that his transmissions to George Van Tassel were only the initial phase of his overall task. “When the governments decide that they shall abandon their development of nuclear destruction through the use of the element hydrogen, we shall then inform them of the other object of our interest in this planet Schan” (I Rode a Flying Saucer, 1952, page 35, by George Van Tassel, transmission received on 10 August 1952).

    In 1959, the well-respected German medium Herbert Victor Speer published the following transmission from the then Ashtar Sheran: “We have already addressed you many times with messages that are as true as the universe. Today I initiate the second phase of our mission, which is called ‘Veritas Vincit’ (i.e., Truth Prevails).” (Die grosse UFO-Botschaft von Ashtar Sheran, Kommandant der Weltraumflotte, Veritas Vincit, Herbert Victor Speer, M.K.F., Berlin, 1959). In the same book, Ashtar further reveals that the enlargement of his name refers to a cosmic function, as indeed this is not his actual name: “My name is of no importance. Our identification refers to our mission”.

    Although by then the governments had not stopped trying to develop the pure fusion hydrogen atom bomb, the communication received by the German medium in 1959 (year of publication, actual transmission date unknown) clearly hints that the second phase of Ashtar’s mission deals with establishing truth on Earth, which implies a transmutation of a dark condition existent upon our planet that goes much beyond the matter of atomic bombs (hence the later invocation of the full function-name “Ashtar Sheran”).

    In 2009, Paulette Reymond (currently alive and in our opinion the most accurate channeler of Ashtar in modern times) published the book Ashtar Sheran – Willkommen in der Kosmischen Familie (, in which Ashtar further states that “his current mission is to guarantee that humanity will experience the transition of the Earth into the fifth dimension free from interference from the dark forces, both terrestrial (lower astral realms) and extraterrestrial”.

    Hence, via the study of the literature and the experience of our own contact with ‘Ashtar Sheran’, in which his name was also given in full to Alex Light, there is no doubt that we are dealing with the same spiritual source or intelligence.

  41. What is the Council of the Seven Lights received by George Van Tassel in 1952? Is Ashtar from Venus?

    In his introductory statement on 18 July 1952 Ashtar transmitted to George Van Tassel that the actual reception of his messages “comes from the authority and inspiration of the Council of the Seven Lights”. We don’t know exactly what was meant by this, but we can assume that this is a reference to the seven lights or seven rays mentioned in all ancient and sacred metaphysical literature available on the planet, including the Theosophical interpretation of the seven rays or seven emanations/qualities from the divine cosmic energy (these are in a way related to the seven primary chakras in the human body).

    Seeing from this angle, the most likely interpretation is that Ashtar was referring to a universal origin that includes all potentialities of the divine spiritual emanations of force qualities, which would include a range of cosmic beings in several different dimensions and densities of life.

    In fact, Ashtar specifically stated that: “I am not from Venus, but have excellent relations and collaboration with the Venusians” in his contact with the medium Herbert Victor Speer (reference to publication mentioned in question 40). This was confirmed by the yogic Master George King (Aetherius Society), who received a transmission from a master from Venus (Aetherius) in which it was stated that their ends are the same to Ashtar’s. Furthermore, Ashtar stated to Paulette Reymond in 2009 (her book is cited in question 40) that ‘he belongs to the original matrix of the universe’ and that ‘the Ashtar command of light is a collaboration effort to promote the spiritual light and strengthen all free worlds of spirituality based on the love principle that emanates from each galactic center’.

    Hence, the ‘Ashtar Command’ term is not a reference to the being ‘Ashtar’. Rather, it is a reference to the principle of promoting spiritual light under the inspiration of each galactic center. We know from the metaphysical literature that this is a reference to the supreme deities known as ‘Lords of Creation’, which is how spiritual potential comes into active manifestation.

  42. I heard that the shadow government is preparing a hoax alien attack. Is this correct?

    Yes, unfortunately there is significant evidence that this has long been within the list of possible things that they might do in order to promote further fear, militarization and paranoia, which is what gives them power as we all know. This technique would be very similar to September 11, but far more refined especially considering that secret technology would be used. Over decades we have been bombarded by so many alien invasion movies particularly coming from a certain country, and does anyone know why? This has been specifically designed (i.e. commissioned and funded) to brainwash the masses so that they would fall for this trap if this strategy were ever used.

    As a result of this severe brainwashing, and together with the suppression of true information about space, there is a very high likelihood that a large proportion of the population, including scientists and politicians in a position of power, would fall for it. Luckily the global spiritual awareness is rapidly increasing, and anyone familiar with our website or with the teachings of the cosmic masters propagated through many different channels will know that the chance of a genuine alien attack is absolutely zero. Even though there are dark extraterrestrial forces (as governments well know), the Earth is completely protected by the forces of light, and surrounded by a very friendly neighborhood that is nurturing and protecting our transition into the 5th dimensional awareness without interference from outside. We have also addressed this important issue in our briefing of October 2015.

  43. Is it dangerous to send messages into space alerting that the Earth is inhabited?

    As a rule of thumb this is probably not advisable (I believe that advanced worlds do not do this), but in our case this is of course irrelevant. The entire solar system and most of the galactic neighbors know that we are here. We are well known for being a quite savage and primitive race still in its spiritual infancy, and severely blinded by arrogance and hunger for power. Unfortunately our galactic reputation is not the best! In fact our neighbors know much more about our world and our ancient history than we do, as they have full access to the akashic records. The best way to protect ourselves from undesirable visitors is to improve the quality of our own thoughts and actions. It was precisely the stupidity of the atomic explosions from 1945 onwards that attracted several undesirable races to the Earth, who came here hoping to use our own greed and stupidity to their advantage. If it wasn’t for the love and protection of the galactic masters and the Supreme Lords of Karma who will allow humanity to shift into the 5th dimensional awareness free from outside interference we would have been in deep trouble indeed. The Aetherius Society ( has access to one of the best sources of information ever given to Earth regarding how much invisible help we have received from the cosmic Masters to guarantee that our free will is respected while we are not evolved enough to protect ourselves.

  44. What are the laws of creation?

    It is not for us to answer such a broad question. We believe that cosmic concepts need to be experienced via inner education (i.e., direct realization) rather than empty words.

    In the section spirituality and methaphysics we offer some hints on some of the most important laws of creation that are more or less universal, with emphasis on teachings that were given by cosmic masters in recent times which complement and supersede what had been given by ancient teachings.

    We can say this: amongst all laws applicable to our dimensional framework, the one that needs most urgent planetary understanding is the law of Karma and rebirth. The fact that the Catholic Church has purposely hidden this law from its followers in order to gain power has caused a dramatic spiritual impoverishment across the Earth. As the true nature of the cosmos becomes revealed, this will have to be corrected. In fact, this type of basic knowledge is almost a planetary pre-requisite before contact with cosmic beings can be done more openly.

  45. Do the extraterrestrials have diseases?

    Yes, diseases have occurred and do occur on more advanced planets. However, our neighbouring planets are so spiritually evolved that they have completely overcome virtually all forms of disease via the correct understanding of cosmic/metaphysical law and the correct employment of spiritual healing. Their higher dimensional bodies will age eventually, but they will then break the molecular structure in meditation and build a new body when and if required. Death as we know it does not exist. They have ascended from (i.e., evolved beyond) the incarnation cycle that goes into gross matter such as we have on Earth and other lower dimensional planets. This is applicable even to planet Mars, which is the least advanced planet in the Solar System after the Earth. This can give an idea of how incredibly more advanced than us our immediate neighbours are.

    The readers might also be interested to read our new project about transmutation of cancer.

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