It seems that we have entered a decisive planetary phase of dire conflict between light and darkness.

On one side we have people who are trapped in a selfish and stagnant mental pattern of hatred, fear, ignorance, delusion and separation. On the other side we have the awakened people who want a world of peace, tolerance, selfless service for others, respect for the Earth as a living being, compassion and truth.

The battle appears dramatic but probably not so much because of a supposed equilibrium of numbers that form each rank – people who support peace and enlightenment are probably much more numerous, but unfortunately the dark forces have gained partial control of the planet through their agents that at this time are in a position of power in key countries. Therefore the dark forces are much louder.

It is important to put in perspective that this apparent insurmountable darkness is a response to the growing light itself; it is part of all of us and it is part of the awakening process. As the planet approaches the 5th dimensional awareness the polarity of the mental plane has to temporarily increase by karmic law, and dark conditions that are part of the duality of human nature, that in the past remained hidden, are now forced to the surface in order to be transmuted. It’s like when you illuminate the basement of an old ship and suddenly all the rats go running like crazy. This is the madness we see now in society.

We hope that our work here has given sufficient directions and guidance for people to hold onto their inner light while this terrible but necessary planetary phase takes its natural course. It is our belief that this phase will be relatively short-lived but extremely dark, possibly much darker than what has already happened so far. Therefore people need to be prepared, and support each other with kindness, love, and truth. And note well that the Masters have said that those who hold their ground with the light of truth, during this time, will be rewarded.

Let us also not lose sight of what is at stake. The true and only battle is a battle for the minds of this humanity upon the surface. At the very bottom of the astral plane that envelops the planet and its very core, as known by all adepts of all traditions, lives a very degenerate astral force that is a byproduct of all the evil that has ever accumulated on our planet since life first became possible here.  These forces, although part of our very human nature, are the real and only enemies of our evolution. It is these forces, an aspect of our lower nature, that are controlling the puppets we have in power promoting fear and hatred.

The cosmic masters have always said that it is against these lower astral forces that they are really actively fighting against. As the battle can only be fought in a correct and lawful metaphysical way, it is by exerting a positive influence upon humanity, and encouraging humanity to transmute the darkness and selfishness that we all have inside ourselves as part of our basic existence in gross matter, that the battle can really be won.

For those who don’t believe in astral delusion, the Australian documentary ‘The Family Sect’ recently released was a very good reminder of how the process operates:

You have a group of people who were involved with some new age knowledge, but because of lack of purity and lack of spiritual discipline became easy preys to the nefarious astral influence, who they thought were true spiritual masters. In this particular case the cult leader got so deluded as to believe she was the reincarnation of the Master Jesus, thinking that her children were going to be taken by spacecraft and so on!

It would be easy to dismiss a phenomenon like this as pure mental delusion (i.e. a case of dementia) without further implications, but the student of metaphysics will know far too well, by even looking at the auras of those people as we did, that they were under lower astral control. When you look at some of the world leaders today you see the exact same aura pattern and exact same influence at play. The urgency of the current battle requires that people learn to recognize what true evil is, who is under the influence of such forces, and where it comes from.  We cannot fight what we cannot see!

This is not so easily done without proper metaphysical understanding, specially in a materialistic world where science is yet to recognize the fundamental laws of life and reincarnation, the surrounding planes of existence around the Earth and so on. But with a little common sense and intuition anyone is capable of perceiving the forces at play.

When we think about it, the polarity of the mental plane has increased so dramatically over the last year or so that it is now almost impossible not to recognize the forces at play and their strategies by what they are.  Perhaps when the Masters said that ‘mass manipulation won’t be allowed in the 5th dimension’ they meant exactly such a process whereby the playing force becomes so obvious that everyone will recognize it. Hence, we are approaching times in which we will not be able to hide the nature of our true intentions any longer!

The Masters have been silent as far as our contacts are concerned. We feel that we have already received most of the instructions that were meant to be given to us in preparation for this battle. Now people need to discover their power within and, via transmuting their own darkness, let the light shine and stand their ground as the battle unfolds. Our instructions are clear. We are not to attack the dark forces directly, because we could not win in this manner. Instead, we stand our ground as workers for light, for truth, for selfless service and for the science of the future and the Earth of the future. If we succeed in this role, the masters will be able to take care of things that we are unequipped to deal with.

Let’s be vigilant in times of change, especially not to allow our minds to be controlled by dark selfish thoughts. We already have quite loud puppets of darkness out there and we don’t need more of those. Let’s use all the weapons of enlightenment so that the basic and animalistic part of our nature can be transmuted, blocking the way so that evil cannot enter and opening the way so that light may flow from within.

Do not be afraid. However things unfold, we are held in the most powerful force of Love. We have only to choose it with each breath regardless of what is unfolding.

Alex Light
September 2017