Ashtar Sheran by Herbert Victor Speer
Ashtar Sheran (By Herbert Victor Speer): Galactic Master Ashtar Sheran as seen by the medium Herbert Victor Speer (Germany), circa 1959, all rights reserved.
Ashtar Sheran by Celaya Winkler
Ashtar Sheran (By Celaya Winkler): Galactic Master Ashtar Sheran as seen by clairvoyant artist Celaya Winkler (USA), circa 1979, all rights reserved.
Ashtar Sheran by Claudio Gianfardoni
Ashtar Sheran (By Claudio Gianfardoni): Galactic Master Ashtar Sheran as seen by clairvoyant artist Claudio Gianfardoni (Brazil), circa 1993, all rights reserved.
Master Morya by Celaya Winkler
Master Morya (By Celaya Winkler): Master “Morya” (Great White Brotherhood, the Earth’s spiritual hierarchy) as seen by clairvoyant artist Celaya Winkler (USA), circa 1981, all rights reserved. This Indian man is an Earth Master, who is a prominent member of the ‘Great White Brotherhood’ (i.e., the Earth’s spiritual hierarchy) working in close association with the Master Koot Hoomi. The Master Morya works with the first ray of divine will power, particularly towards the establishment of divine governance on Earth. He is actively using the opportunity brought by the environmental crisis in order to facilitate the arrival of the new age, by showing humanity why unselfish living and the correct recognition of the relationship between humanity and the Earth is necessary in a very practical sense. The Master Morya has made contact with Alex Light, introduced by Galactic Master Ashtar Sheran, in February 2015 (see cosmic contacts timeline).
Madame Blavatsky
Madame Blavatsky: Madame Blavatsky (1831-1991) was a high initiate (member of the spiritual hierarchy of the Earth, the ‘Great White Brotherhood’) and the main responsible for bringing the ‘Secret Doctrine’ to the west in the late 19th Century. Blavatsky was the first person ever in modern history to make reference to the name ‘Ashtar’, via the ancient word ‘Ashtar Vidya’ from ancient Hindu texts. ‘Ashtar Vidya’ is a reference to the highest form of etheric energy.
Celaya Winkler
Celaya Winkler: Clairvoyant artist Celaya Winkler (1902-1986). Celaya was a highly clairvoyant artist who painted many Earth and Cosmic Masters between 1969 and the early 1980s, including the Galactic Master Ashtar Sheran. Celaya worked for the Walt Disney studios for some time as an artist. Later in life, she moved into the Californian desert near where prominent figures of the early UFO movement resided, such as George Van Tassel. A profound purity and humility are visible within her aura.
George Adamski
George Adamski: The world’s pioneer UFO contactee, who had many contacts with people from planet Venus (1891-1965).
George Van Tassel
George Van Tassel: Early UFO contactee, and the first person ever to receive a message from Galactic Master Ashtar Sheran in modern history (1910-1978).
George King
George King: Yogic Master and early UFO contactee (1919-1997), founder of the Aetherius Society ( George King was a high initiate, and the only person ever lived in modern history that could receive voice transmissions from a range of Cosmic Masters (sometimes for well over an hour without interruption), while in a self-induced (positive) yogic samadhic trance state. George King remains to this day the contactee who had the most extensive range of contacts with extraterrestrials within our neighboring planets in the Solar System. One of the only videos ever recorded live on television of George King going into trance state is given in the following link:
Herbert Victor Speer
Herbert Victor Speer: Early UFO contactee, and the first person ever to introduce Ashtar’s complete name function (‘Ashtar’ + ‘Sheran’) to the world (1902-1984).
Paulette Reymond
Paulette Reymond (currently residing in Switzerland): Paulette is a writer of the new age with extensive experience on the Earth’s and Cosmic spiritual hierarchies, including the inner Earth. She is the only new age medium alive who has published an entire book telepathically transmitted by Ashtar Sheran (2009), with her work far superseding what had been previously given by Ashtar through the early contactees ( Alex Light was approached by Ashtar, in one of his many contacts, with the confirmation that Paulette’s main work is the result of a true and authentic association with Ashtar. After years of extensive research on the published literature and Internet, where Ashtar seems to have attracted more charlatans and fake channelers than any other Cosmic or Earth Master has ever done, we consider the works of Mrs. Reymond to be one of the only available on the planet about Ashtar (produced in the last three decades) which can be regarded as being almost entirely consistent and accurate throughout.
Claudio Gianfardoni
Claudio Gianfardoni (currently residing in Brazil): Claudio is a highly clairvoyant artist who painted very accurate portraits of Galactic Master Ashtar Sheran, amongst other Masters (
Brothers Alex Light (to the right of the photograph) and Andrew Light (to the left of the photograph), founders of WHERE THE LIGHT COMES and collaborators, joining forces on 21st October 2016 in southern Brazil to launch the special project ‘New Age Infographic’. The infographic gives a straightforward pathway to achieve lasting enlightenment and peace on Earth via learning to trust others and learning to collaborate. This can only be achieved if we have great courage to let go of ego, petty self-importance and petty selfishness. The environmental degradation and the international political scenario have reached unacceptable levels, and all people of light on this planet must join forces without delay. As Alex says, “it does not matter if we like it or not. It must be done, we must trust and collaborate at once”. Galactic Master ‘Ashtar Sheran’ (to the top left of the photograph) and Earth Master ‘Morya’ (to the top right of the photograph), as depicted by clairvoyant artist Celaya Winkler (circa 1981) have a special significance in this gesture. Ashtar and Morya are collaborating for the dawning of spirituality on Earth, representing the trust and unselfish action between greater cosmic and Earth-forces. We human beings are lower aspects of the Masters, as they are accessible within our higher selves. If two completely different Masters like this can collaborate why can’t humanity follow the example? If we do it now they will have permission to help us further, and eventually we will be able to make more open contact with them. At the top center we have the card-logo of wherethelightcomes with the purity of the diamond, and depicted between Alex and Andrew we have a powerful key for the way forward.