ET Disclosure

UPDATING NOTE: Full moon of 29 Jan 2021

As we entered a new decade, a very significant renewed interest in UFOs and extra-terrestrials has occurred. We believe that the currently available public information, along with new documentaries and testimonies, now mean that disclosure has already happened. One doesn’t need a formal authority to state the obvious, when the obvious is already available for analysis in front of everyone. It is now up to people to study and inform themselves, getting rid of the many layers of deception and separating truth from intentional misinformation for mass manipulation. We hope that our overall contribution on the cosmic guide proposed on our website may contribute to pointing the keen seeker to the right direction of truth. Truth, of course, is only discernible within a statement of inner knowing and enlightenment. As they say, knowledge will set humanity free. We’re given free will to continue to bury our heads in the sand and reject the knowledge, or to embrace it with humility and open minded diligence. In this mean time, the environmental collapse continues, as our outdated technology continues to damage and pollute the Earth. We must make the choice and change. The Coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity to reset our ways and steer modern society in the constructive path of light and brotherhood, one of synergy with nature and the overall message from our space brothers from the cosmos. Refer to About this Website for updated documentaries and resources available.

Galactic Confederation Disclosure: as of the end of 2020 we have also seen for the first time a certain public interest in the term galactic confederation (note the term confederation as opposed to federation, as each solar system and each planet are fully independent in their own administration in this arrangement, as long as the great cosmic laws are obeyed for the common good of the cosmos). We can highly recommend the voice transmissions received by early contactee Richard Miller, which luckily have been preserved for analysis, as well as the transmissions of the Aetherius Society. The confederation of planets has a seat on one of the moons of Jupiter, for their representation in our solar system. The Supreme Tribunal of our system is located upon the planet Saturn.

In this section we will start addressing the matter of disclosure in a more practical way. A very significant move occurred in 2019 through the release of the documentary video about the Nimitz event, by members of the US navy. This is a well worth watching documentary ( It has surpassed a million views only a few days after release. This case is connected with our initial release of January 2018, which can be accessed below.

The working style will be via the gradual publication of ‘media release’ styled communications dealing with international developments regarding disclosure that merit our attention.

The ‘media releases’ will be dated and signed by us in PDF format in order to facilitate a prompt identification of its source and authenticity, and ease of distribution.

A note at the beginning of each release will indicate that, although the material is copyright, people are encouraged to share it amongst the community as long as the PDF document is not altered in any way.

As such, this section brings a more practical component directly based on social, political and religious developments, differently to the remaining of the website which relies primarily on information that ‘comes through’ the higher dimensional contacts that we, and others, have.

View in PDF Disclosure Release 1 (4 October 2015)

View in PDF Disclosure Release 2 (1 January 2018)

View in PDF Disclosure Release 3 (16 July 2018)

View in PDF Disclosure Release 4 (17 July 2021)