They Want a Sign From Us

Amongst hundreds of transmissions of interest received by Primary Mental Channel George King (1919 – 1997), we have attached the commentary from our neighbours from space on the topic “give us a sign”, as received in November 1956. This transmission has special significance to scientists, and all those who still don’t understand why the extraterrestrials won’t land openly. As the transmission clearly demonstrates, they have given us many signs, but they are now waiting for us to give them a sign. If a sign or gesture of good will by us towards them was extremely important in 1956 when the transmission was received, this has arguably become even more urgent and important now that we live in the Post Truth Era, and our environmental crisis is quickly reaching the point of no-return.

Will we give them a sign?

Pages 62 to 64 of Cosmic Voice Vol. 2, containing a transmission received by Primary Mental Channel George King on 24th November 1956 in deep samadhic trance. The transmission was given by Mars Sector 6 and the Master Aetherius (Venus). Available by the Aetherius Society.